Cuba Attractions: Top 25

Cuba Attractions: Top 25< /p>

What to see in Cuba? This question is primarily of interest to people who decide to go on a trip to an island nation located on the Caribbean coast. The sights of Cuba are presented for every taste, each has its own interesting history.

What to see in Cuba first of all?

Life on the island at all times was seething with passions, in full swing. To make your acquaintance with sunny Cuba exciting and memorable, it makes sense to familiarize yourself with the best sights of the island nation in advance.

1. Grand Theater of Havana

Cuba Attractions: Top 25

Grand Theater of Havana on Paseo del Prado < p>On the territory of the republic, this object of cultural heritage is one of the main ones. It was founded in 1838, but after almost a century, the first example of the building was demolished, and a new one, even more beautiful and larger, appeared in its place. The theater received its current name in 1985, and it was built in 1915. Today this building is the home stage of the national ballet in Cuba. The hall can accommodate 1500 guests, so it is one of the largest theaters. This landmark of Cuba attracts tourists with its interior, it is simply magnificent.

Official website:http://www.balletcuba.cult.

2. Museum of the Revolution

Cuba Attractions: Top 25

Self-propelled artillery in front of the Paul Mannix Revolution Museum

This place in Havana is one of those must-see places. The building is not only a historical, but also an architectural monument. At one time it was used as a presidential palace, it is not difficult to guess how beautiful it is. There are more than 300 museums in Cuba, but this one is one of the main attractions. The palace was designed and built 30 years before the revolution, after the overthrow of the Batista regime, it was turned into a museum. Now, about 9 thousand exhibits are presented to the attention of guests in 30 halls.

3. Capitol

Cuba Attractions: Top 25

Capitol – the majestic landmark of Havana

Looking for something to see in Cuba from architecture? An excellent option is the government palace, built on the site of a former swamp that has been dried up and replaced with a botanical garden. The result was an impressive building, personifying a free state. Massive doors, as well as a huge statue, cannot but attract attention. From the description you can learn that in the central hall the floor is made of marble, the highlight is a huge star, decorated with a large precious stone in a platinum frame. Since 1959, parliamentarians have not sat there, so everyone is allowed inside.

4. National Museum of Fine Arts

Cuba Attractions: Top 25

The building of the largest art museum in Cuba Christopher Lancaster

On the territory of the country – this is the main center of art and painting, and not only on a national scale, but throughout the world. All because his funds are rich and amazing. Just imagine, the museum has more than 47,000 unique exhibits. Still thinking about what to see in Cuba in 1 day? You should definitely visit the Palace of Fine Arts, geographically it is located in the very center of Havana, namely on Trocadero Street. The modern building was erected at the end of the 20th century, it stands out among the ancient majestic palaces in the area, but at the same time fits perfectly into the architecture of the street.

5. Havana Cathedral

Cuba Attractions: Top 25

Ciénaga Square and Saint Christopher Cathedral

In the capital and at the same time the largest city of the Republic of Cuba, there are a lot of interesting places that you want to visit all at once. One of these is the Cathedral of St. Christopher, in which the ashes of the Spanish navigator were kept. It is an unusual-looking baroque colonial building. At one time it was built of hewn stone slabs. Together with the surrounding area, the object was included in the UNESCO List. Today it is one of the Roman Catholic churches operating on the island.

6. Ernest Hemingway House-Museum

Cuba Attractions: Top 25

A room in Ernest Hemingway's house-museum in Cuba Gorupdebesanez

Another attraction of Cuba is a two-story house located in a large garden. It was acquired by a famous American writer, where he created a work called “The Old Man and the Sea.” The opening of the museum took place after his death. According to the official version, Ernest's wife voluntarily handed over the house to the local government, and with all the contents. Guides in Cuba are often invited to visit “Hemingway places”. These include not only the mansion where the author of the most interesting works lived, but also the fishing village of Cojimar, a bar-restaurant (from there the popularization of mojitos began), a hotel where the writer lived before buying “House with a View”.

See beautiful views Cubes in this breathtaking video!

7. Havana Club Rum Museum

Cuba Attractions: Top 25

Rum Museum Bar “Havana Club” Chris

Not the last place in the ranking is the museum, opened in 2000, in the old part of the capital. The initiator of its creation was a large company engaged in the manufacture of rum, which is by far the best-selling one. The building has 2 floors above ground and one below it. On the first one there is a workshop, where special barrels made of solid oak were born, later they are used for aging a strong drink. Rum production has been reconstructed upstairs. In the museum you can take interesting photos as a keepsake, for example, a wagon used at one time to transport sugar cane is a unique exhibit. The museum also has a separate exhibition of models of various rum-producing factories.

Official website:

8. The Malecon

Cuba Attractions: Top 25

Promenade along the Malecon

This landmark of Cuba is a cult place where the February carnivals are organized every year. There are collected several monuments, which are among the most significant. Walking along the embankment, you can learn almost the entire history of the capital. From the reviews of experienced travelers, you can find out that the Malecon looks best during sunset. At this time of day, the facades of buildings are beautifully illuminated by the sun, and the benches and parapet are full of couples in love. A feature of the embankment is that it is not too high above the water, so in windy weather the promenade is flooded with water.

9. Prado Boulevard

Cuba Attractions: Top 25

Architecture of houses on Prado boulevard

Where to go in Cuba, being in the capital? Its main avenue, which acts as a kind of border between old and very old Havana, deserves attention. On its sides there is a wedding palace, a beautiful hotel, the Bolshoi Theater, the local Capitol. Nearby is Central Park. This is a place where it is always noisy and crowded, on the boulevard on weekends you can buy paintings by local artists. There is another attraction of Cuba on the Prado, this is a monument to the hero of the revolution, Manuel de la Cruz.

10. Plaza de Armas

Cuba Attractions: Top 25

La Fuerza Havana Fortress at Plaza de Armas

This is the oldest square in the capital, it was founded by the Spaniards in 1519 and used for military drills, as well as for celebrations. Once the colonialists could not live without them. Behind the square, the Cubans, known for their love of freedom, created a small square with a monument to the famous fighter for the independence of the island, Manuel Cespedes. Many excursions in Cuba start from Plaza de Armas, because no matter which way you go from the square, you can reach many attractions within a few minutes.

11. Jose Marti Memorial

< p>Cuba Attractions: Top 25

Panorama of the José Marti Memorial Leandro Neumann Ciuffo

What to visit in Cuba? A powerful monument in the form of a mausoleum with a guard of honor, dedicated to an outstanding personality, deserves attention. José was an apostle of independence, a singer of freedom, and even a progenitor of modernism in Cuban literature. The Havana complex cannot but delight. It is an imposing structure, including a 110 m high vertical arrow and a sculpture of the hero himself. The highlight of the building is the presence of an observation deck inside the archive of the writer's works.

12. Revolution Square

Cuba Attractions: Top 25

Top view of Revolution Square Marcel601

This landmark of Cuba is located in the northwestern part of the capital. Once its name was Republic Square, but after the revolutionaries occupied the buildings on it, everything changed. By the way, the Jose Marti memorial described above is located right there, opposite the building of the Central Committee (the tallest building in the capital of the state). In the review of the square, I would also like to say that the Ministry of the Interior is located opposite it. One of its walls is decorated with a portrait of Che Guevara; at night, illumination provides visibility.

13. Che Guevara Mausoleum

Cuba Attractions: Top 25

The tomb of the great and beloved by Cubans revolutionary Che Guevara

There is a small town in Cuba called Santa Clara. Traveling in that direction, be sure to get acquainted with the attraction, which is a 3 in 1. This is a monument, a museum and a mausoleum built in honor of the famous Cuban hero named Ernest Che Guevara. He was a famous statesman during the Cuban Revolution. The complex, which cannot but inspire awe, is located on a hilltop, so the 7-meter statue of a man who greatly influenced the course of the revolution is clearly visible from any point.

14. La Cabaña Fortress and El Morro

Cuba Attractions: Top 25

The fortresses of La Cabaña and El Morro protect the entrance to the bay of Havana

The purpose of the construction of these structures was to protect the main city of Cuba from frequent raids by enemy fleets, pirates. They were erected at different times, despite this they became bright and popular historical monuments. If you manage to get acquainted with these sights of Cuba, keep in mind that, according to the laws of wartime, a large number of people who betrayed their homeland and freedom were executed there. For those not in the know, La Cabaña was built to strengthen the defensive power of El Moro.

15. Fortress of San Pedro de la Roca

Cuba Attractions: Top 25

Coastal view lines of the Caribbean from the walls of the bastion of San Pedro de la Roca

This is a famous historical object, which is a building of the XII century, erected for defensive purposes for the city bay. The project was created in 1637, and construction work was carried out for 42 years. Now many guests of the country tend to go on a trip to this place, because this is a great opportunity to see the ancient architecture with their own eyes, as well as to feel the historical spirit that pervades the entire fortress. Its current condition is assessed as excellent, so it is considered one of the best preserved.

16. La Real Fuerza

Cuba Attractions: Top 25

Gate of the oldest stone fortress of La Real Fuersa

What to see in Cuba? An excellent option is the oldest defensive structure in Havana, located just a few steps from the center of the capital. Of all the port fords, this fortification is the best preserved. In ancient times, the fortress protected the city from raids from the sea, but today the Maritime Museum is open inside. One of the main expositions is a copy of the ship Santisima-Trinidad, 4 m long. In the 18th century, the ship was considered the largest. Literally, the name of the fortress is translated as “the castle of the power of the king.”

17. Alexander Humboldt National Park

Cuba Attractions: Top 25

Corner of the Alexander Humboldt National Park

This attraction got its name in honor of the German scientist who was the first to visit the island of Liberty, which happened in 1800. There is little information about this place in history, it is only known that it once served as a haven for runaway slaves. As for tourism, it began to develop there at the end of the 20th century, then it was decided to unite the territory and add it to the list of protected areas. The described attraction of Cuba is interesting in that the local relief is quite diverse, and the flora and fauna are incredibly rich in unique representatives.

18. Bellamar Cave

Cuba Attractions : Top 25

Bizarre shapes of the Bellamar cave paul bica

Without exaggeration, we can say that this is one of the main wonders of Cuba, its treasure. The cave was discovered quite by accident. In 1850, shepherds in search of a lost sheep stumbled upon the entrance to the bowels of the earth. In the old days, people were very superstitious, so for a century it was a taboo for most people to go to the cave. Its detailed study began only after the 1950s. Before it was seen in all its glory, many tons of water and limestone had to be removed from there. The main decorations of the dungeon are stalagmites, stalactites and crystals of incredible beauty.

Official website:

19. Baconao National Park

Cuba Attractions: Top 25

Dinosaur sculptures in the prehistoric valley of Baconao Park rdmazo

Excellent recommendations has an original place in the described country, designed for entertainment with the whole family. This is a park area, stretching for 50 km between the mountains and the Caribbean Sea. Its main highlights are Baconao Lagoon, Sculpture Meadow, Prehistoric Valley. The park covers an area of ​​11 hectares, on which more than 200 representatives of the fauna of the Stone Age fit in. These are dinosaurs, and mammoths, and even ancient people. They are all life-sized.

20. Viñales Valley

Cuba Attractions: Top 25

Magnificent panorama of the Viñales Valley

The view from above of this landmark of Cuba cannot but bewitch. She made the province of Pinar del Rio famous, glorifying it all over the world. Here, tourists are waiting for stunning landscapes, a variety of landscape options, a large-scale water system with a high saturation with minerals, caves. The described area is unique because of unusual rock formations, traces of human settlements of prehistoric times, vast plantations where black tobacco grows. The highlight of the valley is a prehistoric fresco. We are talking about a sheer cliff 120 m high, on which prehistoric representatives of mankind and animals are depicted in bright colors. The author of the original idea was Seli Sanchez, and a representative of Cuban art made it a reality.

Sights of Cuba: what else to visit in Cuba?

Going on a trip to a new country for yourself, it will not be superfluous to find out what hotels are in Cuba, what is the cost of rooms. In order not to waste time searching for a place to stay upon arrival, it is wiser to take care of it in advance by booking a hotel room. For this, numerous convenient special-purpose services are used.

Continuing the main topic, what else to see in Cuba?

21. Bakunayagua Bridge

Cuba Attractions: Top 25

Bakunayagua Bridge across the picturesque Yumuri Valley

On the entire island, it is considered the highest, it is not surprising that it has an observation deck that offers a magnificent view of the island state, namely the Yumuri Valley. The construction was stretched at a height of 110 m, and it began to be built in 1957. It rests on columns in the amount of 40 pieces. It took 2 years to complete everything, and the result was a bridge more than 300 m long and about 2 m wide. Those who had to drive on it note that while driving at medium speed, a feeling of flight is created.

22 Colon Cemetery

Cuba Attractions: Top 25

Chapel on the territory of the cemetery. Christopher Columbus

What to see in Cuba? Definitely not a burial place, you might think. But in vain, the Colon cemetery deserves attention, because there you can see a lot of beautiful, quite interesting tomb sculptures, there are even whole memorials. It was opened in the 19th century, namely in the second half. Famous politicians, important people, cultural and sports figures were buried on the territory of almost 60 hectares. Tourists are free to enter here, but if you want to book a tour, you will have to pay. Colon cemetery closes at 5 pm

23. Tropicana Cabaret

Cuba Attractions: Top 25

Cuba's main dance show – Tropicana Cabaret Christian Córdova

It gained great fame about 10 years after its appearance, at that time Cuba was literally in the hands of the United States. Gambling was legalized in the cabaret of that time, and 2 shows were shown every night, the cost of each of which reached 75 thousand US dollars. In summer, the number of visitors every day reaches 500 people, and in winter the institution is completely filled. Today, cabaret performances gather a large number of spectators, and from different countries of the world.

Official website: https://www.cabaret-tropicana.

24. Varadero

Cuba Attractions: Top 25

Varadero – the realm of white sand and azure sea

What to see in Cuba? Stop by the Cuban city, which is a continuous beach. The coastal zone there stretches for 20 km, along it there is a whole string of hotels. It cannot be said that Cuba is spoiled by the benefits of civilization, however, despite this, the inhabitants of our country have chosen this place as a paradise. The described city is visited by about 10 thousand tourists, and at various times of the year. The local population is 27 thousand.

25. Villa Dupont

Cuba Attractions: Top 25

Dupont Villa or Xanadu Mansion Laslovarga

Dupont Villa. What to see in Cuba in the end? The attention of all, without exception, guests of the island state is attracted by a luxurious mansion that once belonged to an American multimillionaire.

Official website: http://www.varaderogolfclub.

A properly organized trip is the key to a great pastime in an unfamiliar country.

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