Costa Dorada in July: golden time for a beach holiday

The Costa Dorada in July meets the expectations of those who are looking for new experiences. Tourists and locals appreciate the time spent here: the level of satisfaction with holidays on the coast is higher than in the rest of continental Spain.

Gold Coast — it is not only a beautiful natural landscape, but also a diverse culture, a pleasant climate, which allow you to enjoy day and night. It is an ideal place for a family holiday with facilities adapted to the needs of children. No wonder the resorts of Salou, Cambrils, La Pineda, Calafell and others are certified as family tourism destinations. What to do in the midst of the tourist season on the Costa Dorada, read further in the article from Kidpassage.

Costa Dorada in July: the golden time for a beach holiday

Rest on the Costa Dorada in July: many pluses and few minuses

The Costa Dorada is known as a good place to relax among families who enjoy spending school holidays by the sea. The busiest (and noisiest) holiday destination is the city of Salou, where there are no impressive sights, but a very developed entertainment industry, designed to satisfy the needs of tourists of all ages. Half of all vacationers are Spaniards themselves, followed by the French, British, Germans and other nationalities.

Due to the popularity of the Costa Dorada as a tourist destination, there are quite a few accommodation options, from a hotel, an apartment to a campsite. Moreover, campsites are very popular because of the good weather and seaside location: almost three times more people live in them than in private apartments. For a good family vacation, three- and four-star hotels are suitable, offering a decent level of service, children's and adult animation.

Beach vacation spots, although crowded with tourists, are neat and clean, because utilities work on this daily. The only drawback of the Costa Dorada is that there are not many green areas to hide from the sun.

Let's highlight the following plusesrest:

  • the sea heats up to high temperatures;
  • clear, sunny, dry weather;
  • long daylight hours;
  • large selection of entertainment;
  • holidays and outdoor festivals are constantly organized;
  • a wide selection of fresh seasonal fruits;
  • < li>middle of the beach season and the season of activities on the water.

Cons, presented below, are constant companions of the high tourist season and summer weather:

  • extremely busy amusement parks with tourists, a large number of people on the beaches;
  • high price levels;
  • long summer siestas;
  • high levels of solar activity;
  • heat can make sightseeing tours uncomfortable.

In this region, according to reviews, there are cities in which it is pleasant to relax and have fun, and not just sightseeing. The most suitable for this purpose are the resorts of Salou and La Pineda. In addition to comfort, there are reasonable prices for accommodation and meals. Reviews about holidays on the Costa Dorada in July from families with children are full of positive emotions received from the sea, beaches, parks, local atmosphere.

The weather on the Costa Dorada in July

The weather in July typical of the dry and hot summer of Tarragona: there is a minimum amount of precipitation, high day and night air temperatures, clear and sunny days. In August it gets even hotter, but the likelihood of summer thunderstorms increases. The temperature of the water in the sea reaches its maximum.

The weather in early July meets travelers with moderate heat and cloudiness. A light wind blows from the south or east. During the day, the temperature on the Costa Dorada in mid-July rises to +31 ° C. Nights colder than +22 °C are extremely rare.

At the end of July, the weather on the Costa Dorada maintains the established trend at the beginning of the month, that is, it is still hot, dry, cloudy. A single thunderstorm may pass at night.

Air and water temperatures

The temperature on the Costa Dorada in July stays above +27 °C throughout the month. The upper temperature extreme for this month is +36 °C. The Mediterranean climate of the coast in summer is characterized not only by high temperatures, but also by high levels of humidity. The Pyrenees and the Catalan Mountains protect the Costa Dorada from the invasion of strong winds and cyclones.

Air temperature on the Costa Dorada in July

The average air temperature in the coastal resorts was +28.4°29.7°C for the day and +21.1°22.4°C for the night. Half of the days of the month at noon, the thermometer shows a temperature above +30 °C.

The temperature of the sea water on the Costa Dorada in July

The average water temperature of the Balearic sea ​​in the resorts of the Costa Dorada in July is +24.3…25.6°C. The sea warms up best in the resort of Peniscola, half a degree colder in Salou, Cambrils, Reus, La Pineda, Tarragona.


July is one of the driest months of the year. The average rainfall, depending on the city, varies in the range of 17.6-31.4 mm, which guarantees one or two rainy days.

Sunny, cloudy and overcast days< /h3>

Three weeks of the month the sky of Spain is cloudy and for another week — clear. Overcast is extremely rare, travelers enjoy fine days. The average number of hours per day during which direct sunlight reaches the surface of the earth exceeds 14 hours.

Beach holidays

Costa Dorada in July: the golden time for a beach holiday

The swimming season on the Costa Dorada in July is in full swing, and there are always a lot of vacationers on the coast. Beaches in the largest resort cities of Salou, Tarragona and La Pineda — wide, long, mostly public, with all the amenities that Europe can offer.

There are children's and sports grounds, marine water parks, there are green spaces that provide shade. Service is not available on small secluded beaches where cars cannot drive up and in nudist areas.

In the middle and end of summer, the sea warms up best, so you can swim for a long time. In early July, the water can still be cool in the morning, and in some places the undercurrents change the water temperature, so sometimes it's worth walking along the beach in search of a better place.

In mid-July begins golden time for a beach holiday, which will last about two months.

The gentle entrance to the sea and the fairly wide shallow water of the coast are suitable for families with children, and rolling waves do not raise stones from the bottom , as it happens on rocky coasts. Soft, clean, crumbling golden sand is great for children's creativity. 

On some days, big waves and wind rise on the sea, but then everything returns to normal again. After the past storm, the water can cool significantly or bloom. During the hottest hours (from 13:00 to 16:00) it is very difficult to be on the beach in the sun, so tourists leave or hide in the shade.

For this purpose, you can buy or rent a beach umbrella, but here You shouldn't go outside without sunscreen. In the evenings, the neon lights of the beach bars create a romantic atmosphere against the background of the sunset.


Costa Dorada in July: golden time for a beach holiday

The water stations of the Costa Dorada provide opportunities for practicing various water sports along the entire coast with a length of more than 90 km. Among them are paddle surfing, catamaran, sailboat, water skiing and diving.

The richness of the underwater life of the Mediterranean Sea is best revealed in May, June, September and October, but a huge number of shipwrecks in the Tarragona Underwater Park is a year-round interest among divers.

In summer, the Costa Dorada, with its small waves, is suitable for families who want to teach their children how to ride a board. The real waves come here in the winter months, from October to April. Sea kayaking is practiced in the calm waters of the Costa Dorada (Salou, Cambrils). Adventure sports (climbing, canyoning, rafting, horse riding, riding, quad bike tours) are in great demand due to the mountains and hills located here.

Two in one — water park and amusement park — this is the famous Port Aventura, where all tourists flock to the south and east of Spain. During the “white nights” on some summer Saturdays, the park is transformed: thematic shows and bright fireworks are added to the traditional attractions. Water park and dolphinarium united Aquopolis — habitat for dolphins and sea lions. In Salou, you can find the ropes course for beginners Bosc Aventura, and in Cambrils — stunning “Jumpland”.

Excursion rest

Costa Dorada in July: the golden time for a beach holiday

The area that is part of the coastline of the province of Tarragona has been influenced by Iberian, Roman, Muslim, Jewish and Christian cultures. All this was reflected in historical monuments, for example,Roman Tarraco (now — Tarragona), Cistercian monasteries, modernist buildings Reusand other towns along the coast, as well as the Carthusian Skala Monasteryin the Priorat region.

When choosing excursions to museums and monasteries in the summer, expect that it will be impossible to get there during the day due to the famous Spanish siesta. In addition, there are prohibitions on free visits (without a guide) to some monasteries. At noon, the July heat in urban conditions pesters both sightseers and guides: red-hot stones and open areas of squares, excavations, amphitheatres do not protect from overheating. To avoid dehydration, you can drink water from public drinking fountains.

  • Things to do with children on the Costa Dorada

It's all right take a trip to the Ebro Delta, the second largest wetland in the Western Mediterranean. There are fresh and salt water lagoons, impressive dunes, spacious bays and patches of coastal forests. Traveling around the area can be combined with a boat trip to see how the river merges with the sea.

Hiking trails in the area of ​​Montsant and Prades will lead to cool caves and gorges. Nature is distinguished not only by picturesque beauty, but also by a wide variety of flora and fauna. The routes are marked with signs, maps and booklets have been created according to them, but for hiking in the mountains, hikers must be in good physical shape and have the necessary equipment.

Mountain villages in the summer are not deprived of the attention of visitors: in cafes, in parking lots, many places are occupied, and queues gather at Christian shrines.  At the end of July, when tourists who cannot stand the intense heat leave the Costa Dorada, there may be fewer queues for sightseeing objects.

Children's routes in Tarragona can be diversified by visiting museums such as:

  • Archaeological Museum
  • Port Museum
  • Modern Art Museum

Holidays, events and festivals

Holidays on the Costa Dorada in July support the Spanish tradition of an unceasing cycle of spectacles and fun, no matter what the occasion is: a religious date, an old legend, food or nature itself.

In early July, local fishermen continue celebrate your professional holiday and honor St. Peter (commemoration day — 29 June). Habanera festivals, folklore and gastronomic events take place on the coast, old traditions are reproduced, such as throwing the nets of St. Peter. The festival is held on a large scale in the cities of Cambrils and Salou.

In early July, the International Fireworks Competition takes place in Tarragonawhose roots go back to 1990. This traditional summer event of the Costa Dorada annually attracts tens of thousands of tourists and guests to the city. The best pyrotechnic companies from all over the world participate in it. For several days after dark, the sky of Tarragona is lit up with millions of flashes of all kinds of colors and shades. Colorful shows can be watched directly from the Miracle beach.

July 10, the city of Cunit celebrates Saint Cristobal Day, and on July 16, Cambrils, Torredembarra, La Ampolla, Calafell, Alcanar , San Carlos de la Rapita and other towns and villages hold events in honor of the Virgin Mary of Carmel. At this time, you can see amazing sea processions on boats and boats, and L’Amella de Mar hosts a great feast for gourmets who appreciate the taste of seafood. 

On July 25, special honorations to St. James are paid by the residents of San Carlos de la Rapita and La Pineda. On this day in Reus, in the park of Sant Jordi, you have the opportunity to taste the delights of the local cuisine, and you can also see horses on the streets.

During the summer, cycles of band performances, theatrical performances, comic shows, classical and organ music competitions, international music festivals.

In Tarragona, the Festival d’Estiu de Tarragonasummer open-air concert program runs from July to September. The summer festivities in La Pineda include horse races, processions of giants in colorful costumes, performances by folk art groups and impressive fireworks displays. And those who want to listen to heavy music can go to Barcelona Beach Festival.

At the end of this month and the beginning of the next, Cambrils hosts a International Music Festival for all tastes, styles and, of course, ages. The choice of music that is included in the program has only improved over the years, so with each new release the event gathers huge crowds of listeners.

Rest prices

Costa Dorada in July: the golden time for a beach holiday

Prices on the Costa Dorada in July rise so much that you can't call a cheap Spanish vacation. For food, they are kept at an acceptable level and are comparable with other European countries, but rental housing and travel agency services are not cheap. During the holiday season, it is in these categories that the tourist incurs the maximum expenses.


July is the peak of summer holidays, when prices reach their maximum. In the second month of summer, on average, you need to pay twice as much for a weekly trip than at the beginning of summer. The average price of a package holiday in July is 430 euros for two people in a room.


July — not the most expensive month to stay during the summer season. In August, prices may rise by another 10–15%. On average, a hotel room in resort towns costs almost 150 euros per day, taking into account both the most expensive and luxurious rooms and the most budget apartments.

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The average airfare in July is not much different from other summer months: flying in June is slightly more expensive, and in August &mdash ; 1–2% cheaper. The most budgetary period for flights — it's september — November, when tickets can be purchased at a 5–10% discount compared to summer prices. 


Costa Dorada in July: the golden time for a beach holiday

A hearty continental breakfast in a cafe or restaurant costs from 10 euros, lunches — from 15 to 25 euros. Dinners remain the most expensive item in the diet and cost from 20 euros, but if you only need to order one main course and a glass of wine as dinner, then you can find an offer for 15 euros.  

Public transport costs up to 2 euros per trip, while tourist buses charge 30 euros for 2 days of travel. The cost of group tours starts from 20 euros per person and reaches several hundred euros for individual tours.

Recommendations for families with children

At the peak of the season on the Costa Dorada, you can find hotels with equipped children's areas and swimming pools, and in the cities themselves there are playgrounds. On the beaches there are often special slides for children. In catering establishments, even if there is no children's menu, you can always choose a suitable dish, but it will never be superfluous to find out how spicy it is. The quality of drinking water is good. There is no problem shopping in supermarkets that offer a wide range of products without a siesta break.

  • Holidays with children in the Costa Dorada: Kid Passage tips

The level of security on the coast is high, the Spaniards are tolerant of people of a different nationality, race or color, and they are especially friendly to children. Unfortunately, the number of street thefts, including on the beaches, and thefts from cars is on the rise. Therefore, it is better not to carry valuables and original documents with you.

Keep children away from direct sunlight and dehydration. The variety of beaches allows you to move from the busiest of them to the more secluded ones. Using this method, you can relax not only actively, but also passively.

Be sure to go to the famous Port Aventura Park by buying a ticket for two days or for the White Night ;.

For children, there is a separate themed area that can captivate for the whole day. In water parks, to avoid queues, rent inflatable rings for descent (at least one single and one double).

Only summer things will come in handy on a trip, and rain umbrellas will definitely be superfluous. To save money, you can take with you or buy on the spot beach mats and sun umbrellas. Don't forget your hats and sunscreen.

In the summer on the Costa Dorada you will spend unforgettable days: children and adults are immersed in a carefree and joyful atmosphere. Despite the peak season, you can find great prices to relax with the whole family, and the weather and the sea are getting better every day. Read articles about other resorts and seasons on the Kidpassage website and choose the best for you and your children.


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