Costa Dorada in August: the best time for a beach holiday

Costa Dorada in August — it is much more than sun, sea and sand. The coast offers its visitors a wide range of leisure options, cultural events, natural and historical sites to visit in an ideal environment of relaxation and tranquility suitable for family holidays.

In this article, Kidpassage will tell you everything you need to know, so that nothing catches you by surprise during your summer vacation in Spain.

Costa Dorada in August: the best time for a beach holiday

< h2>Holidays on the Costa Dorada in August: the advantages and disadvantages of the Gold Coast

Costa Dorada — a popular place not only among foreign tourists, but also among locals who often gather with the whole family to spend sunny days on the beach. In addition to being a favorite place for swimming, there are other reasons why this part of Catalonia is so visited and loved by tourists.

Spain, in general, is considered a more accessible country compared to the Nordic countries. This is one of the many reasons why it is in high demand among European students and tourists on a budget. The lowest prices are observed in La Ampolla and Cunit, where for an overnight stay they ask from €30 per room.

Visitors with high expectations will find not only beautiful beaches on the Costa Dorada, but also luxurious apartments and hotels with private pools, spas and trendy restaurants.

Popular cities for family travel — Salou, Cambrils, Calafell, in summer the number of visitors here is several times higher than the number of local residents.

The Gold Coast is famous for its entertainment and nightlife. Local markets with fresh seafood, fruits, olive oil, jamon and cheeses amaze with summer variety. Food in restaurants — always fresh and tasty, you can find places with a reasonable balance between quality and price. And a bonus to the rest in the Costa Dorada — the best beaches in Catalonia for free!

The main advantagesof the resort in August include the following:

  • the most warm and calm sea;
  • good time for outdoor activities on the water;
  • a large number of active amusement parks and attractions, both on the coast and in neighboring Barcelona;
  • discounts during summer sales, reaching their maximum;
  • various cultural programs that allow you to have fun all day long.

Disadvantages of the resort indicate its great popularity among tourists:

  • high rental prices;
  • large number of tourists, holiday season for locals;
  • the need to carefully choose the time for excursions.

Reviews about holidays on the Costa Dorada in August add up to a motley picture of sensations: queues and crowds of people interfere with someone to fully relax, and someone does not pay attention to this is no attention, because the main thing — this is the saturation of tourist life, the warm sea, nature and parks.

The weather on the Costa Dorada in August

The weather in August on the Costa Dorada gives tourists hot days and very warm nights, summer thunderstorms often pass. In September it gets cooler and the amount of precipitation increases.  

The weather in early August at the seaside resorts of the coast is characterized by increased air temperature, which in the afternoon forces you to leave the beach and areas open to the sun. The hottest is usually the second week of the month. The temperature on the Costa Dorada in mid-August rises to +37 °C, and at night it can drop to +20 °C. Rapid rains are torrential.

At the end of August, the weather on the Costa Dorada is usually more cloudy, but the air temperature does not drop significantly. Warm southern and southeastern winds prevail, blowing at speeds up to 5 m/s.

Air and water temperatures

The maximum average daily temperature on the Costa Dorada in August for almost half a century of observations was + 31 °C, and the minimum +20 °C. On any day of August, the thermometer rises above +25 °C.

The Mediterranean climate in this region is characterized by mild, very warm summers. Each resort has its own microclimate depending on the geographical location.

Air temperature on the Costa Dorada in August

Daytime air temperature in August on the coast reaches an average of +29…30°C, and the night is +22…23 °C. The hottest day — in Peñiscola, and at night — in Sitges and Tarragona.

Sea temperature on the Costa Dorada in August

The Mediterranean Sea off the coast of the Costa Dorada warms up to an average of +25.5°26.5°C. In most cities, the average water temperature exceeds +26 °C.


Precipitation in August is slightly higher than in July. On average, they fall out in the amount of 18.4 & ndash; 61.3 mm within 1 & ndash; 3 days, maximum — 6 days. The most rainy in recent years was the resort town of Reus.

Sunny, cloudy and overcast days

The Costa Dorado in August is characterized by cloudy days, with almost 28 days of absolute sunshine in the month. The sun is completely hidden behind clouds for no more than 2 days. At the same time, the average number of hours of sunshine per day exceeds 12 hours.  


Costa Dorada in August: the best time for a beach holiday

The most popular place for family entertainment on the Costa Dorada — This is Port Aventura. It is often compared to Disneyland Paris. The amusement park is equipped with a large number of attractions, shows, parades and theme hotels are regularly held here.

This is the perfect place to provide an unforgettable experience for the youngest members of the family. At the beginning of August, the waiting time for visiting the attractions can increase to 1-2 hours instead of 10 minutes, as is the case in July. center of Salou, rope parks «Bosc Aventura» and Jumpland. Coastal resorts have numerous sports facilities, football and golf fields, billiards and gyms.

If you love water sports, head to the beaches certified by Sport Turism Catalonia for these activities (such as Punta de Aliga). Scuba diving, sailing and surfing are very popular among both locals and tourists. Wakeboarding, which combines water skiing, surfing, snowboarding and skateboarding, has become the most popular lately.

Diving on the Costa Dorada is unique in that divers consider not so much marine fauna as sunken ships of different eras and military equipment from the Second World War in the amount of about 250 units. An Italian merchant ship over 100 meters long rests in the area of ​​L’Amella de Mar. The best offer for snorkeling is swimming among the shoals of giant tuna, which is practiced only here.

The high season for boat trips ends in mid-August: discounts on boat rental in the second half of the month reach 15–25%.


Excursion rest

Costa Dorada in August: the best time for a beach holiday

Walking tours along the city streets of the most visited resorts (Tarragona, Reus, Calafell and Cambrils) are not easy in August: it is too hot, so tourists periodically wash themselves in drinking water columns, try to freshen up near the city fountains, in which doves and parrots bathe carefree. In summer, you can walk until midnight, watching the Spaniards sitting decorously in cafes in white clothes.

Resorts abound with monuments from the time of the Roman Empire. In Tarragona, the Tarraco ruinshave been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The 12th-century cathedral, the Capuchin friars' church and the Roman amphitheater are worth a visit. “Human” Castelleros Tower, a long-standing Spanish tradition, a bronze monument was erected in Tarragona.

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Reus — this is the birthplace of Antoni Gaudí, but there are no architectural masterpieces of his authorship in the city. However, other craftsmen have created a number of buildings that can be admired along the Modernist Route. At the end of the route is the relatively recently built Gaudi Center. With the help of the latest audiovisual technologies, you can touch the legacy of a genius and learn his secrets.

The biospheric Delta del Ebro Reserve with more than 7,000 hectares of wildlife, salt baths, beaches, swamps, lagoons, and rivers beckons with beautiful natural places.

By bike, you can try to get through the rice fields and places inhabited by flamingos. The Natural Park “Sierra de Montsant” offers spectacular views from over 1,100 meters. This is a grape growing area, so wine tourism trails lead here.

Trips along the monastic route should be carefully planned, because the Spanish siesta is also not alien to the monasteries. The opening hours of the facilities in August are approximately as follows: from 10:00–11:00 to 12:30–13:00 and from 15:00–16:00 to 18:00. The Royal Monastery of Santes Creus allows visitors as part of guided tours without interruption.

Wait for the evening and go with your children to the show of the singing fountains in Salou, admire it from different points or during the hot hours, if there is no break, visit the cool halls of the following Tarragona museums:

  • Museum of the Port< /strong>
  • Casa de la Festa with figures of dolls and animals, the main characters of Spanish holidays
  • Casa Castellarnau in the Old city

Beach break

Costa Dorada in August: the best time for a beach holiday

Costa Dorada — An ideal place not only for adults, but also for children. Parents will appreciate clean, soft sand beaches where their children can play in peace. Fine grains of sand in the water of the warm Mediterranean Sea in sunny weather cast gold so that it is impossible to look away. The surface of the sea — warm, it can warm up unevenly to 29 ° C, from time to time it is disturbed by waves of small or moderate strength.

The width of known beaches reaches hundreds of meters, and the length of — many kilometers, so there is always a place. Of course, perfect solitude in August is impossible to find. There are also small bays, coves and cliffs on the coast.

Currently, more than 80 beaches of the Costa Dorada have been awarded the Blue Flag. for cleanliness and safety.

Every morning during the season, public utilities level out irregularities with special equipment, collect garbage and clean water. Particularly clean is Miami Playa, a beautiful and peaceful place with more than 12 km of clean beaches and opportunities for sports and nightlife.

Many beaches are well equipped for recreation of all generations: there are toilets, changing cabins, fresh water showers, children's and sports grounds and much more, and coastal bars and restaurants will satisfy food needs. It is better to wait out the afternoon hours in air-conditioned rooms, because the Spanish sun is very active in summer, you can get burned in a matter of minutes. At the end of August, it's just as easy to burn out.

Holidays, events and festivals

The holidays on the Costa Dorada in August do not stop for a day. If you come in August, then in many cities, villages, or even individual urban areas, you will definitely get to «fiesta major», i.e. the days of holidays in honor of the patron saints. Participation in these events allows you to see Spanish traditions and culture in a concentrated form, to try traditional delicacies almost for free.

At the beginning of the month, the city of Vilanova i la Geltra and Playa de la Pineda walks (August 3 ), in the second week — Salou, Tarragona, Barcelona, ​​etc. The greatest concentration of entertainment falls on dates around August 15, when Ascension of the Virgin is celebrated throughout the country. This day is declared an official holiday. August — it's time and summer music festivals, organ music concerts in the churches of the region, as well as the continuation of fishing traditions, such as Hochi habanera, Squid festivals, processions to the sea, etc.

Every year from August 13 to 19, Magi's patron saint is honored in Tarragona, who, with his staff, discovered the springs of water on Mount Brufaganya. On this occasion, the townspeople organize a Water Festival, pouring it on passers-by from special water carts. Traditionally for Spain, solemn processions, processions of “dwarfs” take place within the framework of the festival. and “giants”, “living pyramids” are erected, traditional songs and dances with sticks (“bastoneros”), etc. are performed. the beginning of the costumed procession as early as 1825.

In the first half of the month, Salou holds the summer festival “Golden Nights” (Les Nits Daurades), which coincides with the peak tourist season and Tourist Week (Tourism Night falls on 14 August). Cultural events, popular music, Aragonese folklore, entertainment and much more await tourists.

On King Jaime I Boulevard, you can meet fairy-tale characters, become a spectator of the construction of castelleros castles, have fun with the music of DJs at a foam party and plunge into the whirlpool of resort life.  The festival ends on August 15 with a magnificent procession with the image of St. Mary, in which local fishermen participate, and festive fireworks.

Vacation prices

Prices on the Costa Dorada in August remain among the highest of the year, but compared to the previous month, the increase in prices does not apply to all areas of recreation. So, you can save on buying tours, and flying is quite profitable when compared with prices for the whole year. The cost of living in Tarragona is generally lower than in Barcelona. In the latter, prices for rental housing are twice as high, food in restaurants is 16% more expensive and 25% — consumer basket.   


Despite the warmest sea and hot summer days, the cost of tours at the end of summer begins to decline. Compared to July, at the end of the month, week-long Spanish holidays from tour operators are 25% cheaper. The average price of a package holiday in August is about 350 euros/person. for 7 nights in a standard double room.


In August, rental prices go up: at the beginning of summer, you can rent a room 10% cheaper than at the end, but in general, summer — most expensive season. Already in September, housing becomes cheaper by half. The average price of a room in August reaches 200 euros per night, therefore, to save money, either early booking or buying a tour from an agency is recommended.

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The average ticket price in August is almost equal to the price of a July ticket and is several percent (5-6%) higher than the price of a September one. The negative difference with its average annual cost is 5%, i.e. in August, the tourist will not overpay for the flight, but even save a little. The period of high prices lasts from December to April. 


The cost of lunch in catering establishments on the Costa Dorada starts from about 15 euros. In a good restaurant, a set dinner consisting of an aperitif, four courses and a dessert will be served for about 55 euros per person. Dinners traditionally remain the most expensive part of the meal during the day, so it’s more profitable to order in hotels «board» or “half board” when lunch can be changed for dinner and vice versa.

The cost of landing in a taxi is about 2.5 euros, about 1 euro is added to the fare for each kilometer of the way. The cost of walking tours starts from 15 euros for one, but the guide sets the minimum required number of people in the group. Entrance to popular museums costs from 8 to 21 euros. 

Recommendations for families with children

Costa Dorada in August: the best time for a beach holiday

Costa Dorada — comfortable place for a family vacation. Easily accessible from anywhere in Europe via Barcelona or Reus, the rail system works well and buses run very frequently. The average waiting time for public transport is 1 minute. Prices are moderate. Another travel option that gives you more freedom to travel between cities, — it's a car rental. However, be aware that there are a lot of traffic jams during weekends.

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There are many options here for accommodation: from camping, hostels, boarding houses to apartments and luxury hotels with high quality service. Hotel owners think about the comfort of family tourists by offering special services aimed at children.

New hotels are no longer being built on the first line, now they must be located at least 250 & ndash; 400 m from the sea. The food in Spain is varied, you can find well-known brands of establishments serving the usual food.

Those who want to be closer to the Port Aventura amusement park settle in La Pineda.

It is better to buy tickets for the park for two days and come to the park by 17:00 or 18:00, when the queues are significantly thinner. It will not be superfluous to study the site and the map of the park in advance in order to successfully plan the route, mark those attractions that are not suitable for children in terms of height. Take a raincoat or spare clothes if you are going to ride the waterslides. If you get wet, then use the services of the drying cabin.

Go to the monitors to view the photos of the check-in, and quickly buy photos if you find them funny, otherwise the information will be updated and the photos will be erased. Book your seats early on the show and be sure to wait for the final spectacle. In the water parks of the region, to save time waiting in lines, rent inflatable rings for the descent. For a fee in the parks, you can bypass the queue at the entrance.

Do not forget to take swimwear, hats, and sunscreen on the trip. Keep your belongings, money, bags, equipment safe. In the high season, thieves and scammers gather on the coast, operating on beaches, in hotel lobbies, near cars, etc.

In the information points of shops, you can get information about special offers for tourists, discounts and sales. In August, discounts reach 70% or more, but the assortment is not as wide as in July.

August on the Costa Dorada a hot month filled with events and emotions. If you are not tied to the time of school holidays for children, choose to travel in early September, when the weather conditions become milder and prices creep down. Check out other helpful KidPassage resources to help you plan your itinerary and find the best time and place to travel with your kids.


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