Check in hotel booking service gives hoteliers 3 months without commission

December 1, 2022, a new OTA, Check in, entered the market. The launch of the service was widely announced, a large-scale advertising campaign was launched. Hoteliers began to receive bookings literally from the first days of the service. At the moment, the number of bookings is growing, the Check in website has already been visited by more than 1.4 million users. As a reminder, earlier we talked about how to work with the service.

Now Check in has announced special conditions for hoteliers: all new partners who connect to the service from January 18 to January 30, get 3 months without commission. Further, the commission will be 14% (commission remains the same for all partners).

Check in hotel booking service gives hoteliers 3 months commission-free

What does no commission mean? The hotelier will receive 100% payment for all bookings of the property with Check in within 3 months. Payment for the reservation will be credited to the partner's account.

Instructions on how to get a commission-free period:

1. Apply to connect the object – here

2. Sign an offer agreement (work with LLC, individual entrepreneur and self-employed).

3. Upload information about the object: general description, room formats, photos, prices, etc.

< p> 4. Pass moderation

5. Publish the object in the Check in directory

6. Get a free period.


If the object is removed from publication, the hotelier automatically loses the commission-free period. Additional periods without commission are not cumulative. The presence of a free period and the number of days remaining until its end will be displayed in your personal account.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Check in department at 8 (812) 509-30-92 .


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