Check in booking service has become a partner of Bnovo

The new hotel booking service Check in has launched integration with the cloud service to increase the income of Bnovo hoteliers. Check in entered the Russian market of online accommodation booking on December 1, 2022. More than 2 million users visited the company's website in the first months of operation.

Check in booking service has become a Bnovo partner

In mid-April, Check in received official partner status Bnovo. Bnovo partner hoteliers can now start selling their rooms on the Check in website in a few clicks. Price and availability information is updated automatically from Bnovo.

“Partnership with Bnovo is another big step forward. We worked on integration for a long time and tried to take into account as many nuances as possible. Thanks to colleagues from Bnovo for active and successful cooperation in this direction. We paid special attention to testing to make it convenient for hoteliers to work with our channel and easily update information about their properties on Check in. This is especially important because we strive to provide our partners with the highest quality and most comfortable service. We believe that hoteliers will appreciate the result of our collaboration with Bnovo”, — Maria Barygina, Commercial Director of Check in.

“We are pleased that nowpartner hoteliersBnovo has the ability to quickly connect to Check in. We believe that with the help of Check in, a variety of accommodation facilities will attract additional demand, and individual tourists will easily find and book a hotel using the useful functions of the site. For its part, Bnovo's technology solutions help hoteliers quickly start selling from Check in without the need to manually enter and duplicate information in OTA. The partner just needs to select the Check in channel in the Bnovo personal account, indicate the contract ID, choose which numbers and tariffs to transfer for sale to the channel – and … get ready to receive guests! We wish good luck to our colleagues, hoteliers to get more guests and profitable bookings without any extra effort, and to tourists and Check in customers – interesting trips, quick search and easy booking of their favorite hotel,” — comments Alexandra Naumova, COO of Bnovo.

Instructions for connecting to Check in for Bnovo partners:

  • Register in the Check in system. Be sure to add general information about the property: name, address, description, number of rooms and rates.
    If you already have a Check in personal account, check that the information about your property and rates is up to date.

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    In your Check in personal account, in the drop-down list in the object card, click “Setting up integration with Bnovo”. In the window that opens, check “Yes” and write the ID of the object in Bnovo.

  • Go to your personal Bnovo account. Select Check in from the list of sales channels.

  • Add your object ID from your Check in account to the form.

  • Click the button Connect.

  • Wait for the information to load. Compare rates and numbers in Bnovo personal account for the Check in channel.

Important: Check in connection in Bnovo personal account is possible only after creating and filling in a personal account in the Check in system.< /p>

Recall that the first three months from the date of connection to Check in, the use of the service for partners is free of charge, then it will be 14%. In addition to one of the lowest commissions among Russian OTAs, Check in is distinguished by the fact that in-house experts of the booking service conduct hotel reviews. Checked accommodations are discussed on the blog, marked with the “Checked in” sign, and they can be easily found on the site using the appropriate filter. Find out more on the Check in website.


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