Cannes Attractions: Top 20

Cannes Attractions: Top 20

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Don't know what to see in Cannes, but have already decided to make an exciting trip to this city? Then read our review: we will tell you the most popular attractions in Cannes, which every tourist should see.

What to see first in Cannes?

Whatever time of year your trip, the following objects and excursions in Cannes should not be left without your attention:

1. Cannes Film Festival

Cannes Attractions: Top 20

Palais des Festivals et des Congrès in Cannes Copyleft

Every year, the Palais des Festivals in Cannes hosts a legendary film festival. Experienced guides in Cannes recommend that vacationers take a look at the 24 red-carpeted steps and the famous Palais building (there is a huge casino and the city's tourist office inside). You can take wonderful photos on the carpet itself.

Official website: https://www.festival-cannes.

2. Croisette


Cannes Attractions: Top 20

View of the Croisette and its palaces from the Castres Christophe.Finot

Deciding to walk through this landmark of Cannes, you will eventually be able to reach the western part of the city. The length of the embankment connecting the new and old ports is approximately 3 km. Along the way, you will see blue plastic chairs placed under the sprawling pine trees – they are set up for travelers to relax. Your walk will take place against the backdrop of the beautiful sandy beach of the Cote d'Azur.

Official website:

3. Avenue of Stars

Cannes Attractions: Top 20

Shzron Stone's handprints on the Croisette Will Palmer

Listing the main attractions of Cannes briefly, one cannot help but recall this path, surrounded by palm trees. You can find it near the Palais des Festivals. The alley is a path with handprints of famous people made in metal. Discreet tiles with handprints are made in Vallauris. The alley, although small, is really “starry”. Stainless steel reliefs keep handprints of Sophia Loren, Quentin Tarantino, Catherine Deneuve, Sharon Stone, Charlie Chaplin and other celebrities from the world of cinema. Since 1985, more than 400 celebrities have left their “footprints” here: directors, actresses and actors, producers, screenwriters, etc.

Official website: http://www

4. Le Suquet

Cannes attractions: Top 20

An area of ​​several narrow streets on the slopes of Mount Chevalier

Another example of what you should definitely visit in Cannes. The old quarter on a rocky spur overlooking the sea is decorated with narrow streets and three-four-story houses with openwork balconies – this is a vivid example of real Provence. You can get to it by climbing the picturesque Suquet hill (for the convenience of vacationers, there is a tourist train). The sights of the quarter itself: a square tower and an ancient castle.

5. Old Port

Cannes Attractions: Top 20

Yachts and boats in the city center near the Palais des Festivals

The date of construction of the pier is 1838. Luxurious yachts of billionaires side by side with small fishing boats, on which the townspeople still go out to sea to fish. Every year in autumn, the Royal Regatta is held here – the most famous yachting competition. During this period of the year, it is simply impossible to find free hotels in Cannes – guests from all over the world book them. From the local pier you can make a fascinating trip to the Lérins Islands by boat. The local marina is also of tourist interest.

Official site:

See the wonderful views of Cannes in this fascinating video!

6. Rue d'Antibes

Cannes Attractions: Top 20

Rue d'Antibes is a great place for shopping qwesy qwesy

Don't know what to see in Cannes in 1 day? Then head to the main entertainment and shopping street of the city: the number of cozy coffee houses, pastry shops, luxurious restaurants and cafes is as great as the number of branded boutiques and shops. You can buy jewelry, shoes and clothes. Both the most expensive brands and trademarks of the mass market category are presented. When visiting such interesting places in Cannes, remember about the possibility of obtaining a tax-free for purchases. Note that it is simply impossible to miss Antibes: the street crosses the city entirely, stretching parallel to the Croisette and the coastline.

Official website: http://www.cannes-destination

7. Forville Market

Cannes Attractions: Top 20

Buying fruit at Forville Market David Baron

The world-famous bazaar can be confidently included in the rating of “Best attractions in France“. Among its regular visitors are both “ordinary” citizens with tourists, and chefs of world chain restaurants. Here you can buy any high-quality and consistently fresh products: herbs, cheeses, meat of any kind, fish, fruits and vegetables. The stalls with all kinds of colorful food are decorated just like in glossy photos in magazines. Even if you do not speak French well (traders mostly speak only French), do not forget to bargain. The bazaar is located in the Old Town and is open from the very morning 7 days a week (on Monday, an equally interesting “flea market” is opened on its territory). After shopping, you can relax in the nearby outdoor cafes.

Official website:

8. Church of Our Lady Hope

Cannes Attractions: Top 20

The impressive building of the Church of Our Lady of Hope is built of natural gray stone Dennis33053

Where to go in Cannes for fans of architectural sights? To the church dedicated to the patroness of fishermen. Inside the temple you will see majestic frescoes of the 19th century and rich gilded wood carvings. The church is considered the oldest and most beautiful in the city. Its building was built in the Gothic Provencal style in the 17th century. We remind you that at that time Cannes was a simple village of fishermen.

Sights of Cannes: what else to visit in Cannes?

We told you about the best sights of Cannes. However, our recommendations do not end there. Reviews of experienced tourists suggest that the list should continue with such objects:

9. Archangel Michael Church

Cannes Attractions: Top 20

Archangel Michael Church Priest Maxim Massalitin

The Orthodox church is located on Alexander III Boulevard and is known for its unique architectural design. The building is decorated with exquisite carvings on light stone, sky-blue bathing places and a “lace” bell tower with 7 bells on the belfry. Inside are the relics of Seraphim of Sarov, Simeon of Verkhoturye and John of Kronstadt. In addition, the church is famous for its large crypt and memorial tombs.

Official website:

10. Temple of Notre Dame- de Beaune-Voyage

Cannes Attractions: Top 20

Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Voyage Catholic Church next to the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès

A Catholic church built in memory of Our Lady of the Good Journey. The building with sacred relics and austere interior decoration rises on Castres Square on Mount Suquet. Another pearl of the Middle Ages, Castres Castle, is adjacent to the old parish city church.

11. Lérins Abbey

Cannes Attractions: Top 20

View of the Catholic monastery on the island of Saint Honorat – Lérins Abbey

An old Christian church built on the island. If you want to enjoy the excellent liqueurs and wines made from the grapes of the local vineyards by the monks, be sure to come here. Every year, a “festival of silence” is held here – tourists and townspeople who are tired of the hustle and bustle come to the holiday (the allowable number of participants is no more than a couple of dozen). Talking during an unusual festival is allowed only in case of emergency. In order to get to the island, you need to purchase a ferry ticket (it runs every few hours). On the territory of the abbey you can buy not only local alcoholic drinks made from grapes, tangerines and oranges, but also national souvenirs.

12. Grand Jas Cemetery

Cannes Top 20 Attractions

Cemetery du Grand Jas – the cemetery and the largest park in the city of ACOR Cannes

It is considered one of the most famous and beautiful cemeteries in France. The remains of both famous French people and people of any other nationalities are stored on a vast territory. The tomb is located on a hill not far from the Rue de gras. Among the personalities buried here: the pilot N. Popov, the master of jewelry P. K. Faberge, the writer P. Merimee. And also Lord Broome, who is the founder of modern Cannes – his grave was one of the first, you can recognize it by a giant cross made of stone.

13. Musee de la Castre

Cannes Attractions: Top 20

Castle walls built to protect the city from attack from the sea M.Strīķis

On the way to the museum complex, located in a medieval palace, you will see a beautiful park with green spaces of the Mediterranean. The palace is dilapidated, but the authorities of the city are in no hurry to restore it, preserving the fortress in its historical form. The courtyard is decorated with a square tower with a viewing platform. You can go upstairs by 109 steps. Get over them and you will see the landscapes of Lerins Island and the old port. The museum itself houses artifacts from Mesopotamia, ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt. As well as collections of Provencal paintings, early art from America, Africa and Oceania. In the church of St. Anne, located near de la Castre, stores all kinds of musical instruments.

14. Bellini Chapel

Cannes attractions: Top 20

Bellini Chapel in Fiorentina Park Patrick Rouzet

Cannes is not only the world capital of film culture, but also a city of ancient architecture, parks, churches, castles. Walking through the historical center, you can see the fortress in Cannes, or Cannes Castle – a medieval fortification on a green hill, founded in the 11th century and for many centuries served as protection against raids by enemy armies. Tours to Cannes are also popular among believers who aspire to visit the Orthodox Church of the Archangel Michael, located on Alexandre III Boulevard. And in the Fiorentina Park, you can find another religious building – the Bellini Chapel, decorated in the Italian Baroque style. The chapel, built at the end of the 19th century on the territory of a picturesque villa, originally belonged to a Serbian princess, and later came into the possession of local artist Emmanuel Bellini, who transformed the interior of the chapel in his own way – some of his paintings are shown here, as well as the work of his daughter Lucetta.

15. Museum of the Sea

Cannes Attractions: Top 20

The Museum of the Sea in the former building of the royal prison Fort Royal on the island of St. Margaret leineart

To choose where to go to make the walk informative, you can include the Museum of the Sea, located on the island of St. Margaret, in the historic building of the former prison, in the excursion route. The exposition of the museum consists of two parts, the first of which is located on the site of ancient cisterns. Here you can get acquainted with a collection of artifacts found on the seabed – these are fragments from shipwrecks that are hundreds of years old, as well as a model that can be used to visualize the operation of a hydraulic system. The second part of the museum has been preserved in the form it had in the 17th century. There are cells in which prisoners served their sentences, one of which was the legendary “man in the iron mask” – perhaps many people know the character from the film based on real historical events. To this day, scientists and historians puzzle over the origin of this mysterious person.

16. House with murals

Cannes Attractions: Top 20

Cinema-themed street mural on the facade of a house in Cannes qwesy qwesy < p>The original version of what to see in the vicinity of Cannes is a landmark near the well-known Croisette. In order to see it, you will need to walk along the embankment towards the mountain, and right before the start of the ascent there will be a small square on which an amazing house with murals is located. Cannes is generally famous for its colorful facades, decorated with large-scale paintings or huge graffiti. The facade of this residential building is decorated with murals depicting various movie characters and cartoon characters, as well as famous personalities, one way or another related to the film industry. The theme was not chosen by chance – after all, for many, the idea of ​​​​Cannes is inextricably linked with the famous film festival. Inside the extraordinary house is a police station, the Diocese of Nice and a bus station.

17. Miramar Cultural Center at the Miramar Palace Hotel

Cannes attractions: Top 20

Miramar Cultural Center in the hotel Miramar Palace on the Croisette in Cannes Florian Pépellin

There are non-obvious sights of Cannes that are not so easy to find. One of them lies behind the facade of a historic building – the former Miramar Palace Hotel. Once the construction of this institution marked the era of the 1920s, associated with the unprecedented economic prosperity of the country after the First World War. However, in the 1940s, the once luxurious hotel was renovated into a condominium, but with the original Art Deco façade and magnificent lobby interior. However, the most interesting object located within these walls today is the cultural center, which has a cinema hall with 400 seats and a fashionable exhibition space. Most of the exposition here is occupied by photo exhibitions, because the capital of world cinema regards photography as an art form adjacent to cinema. In addition, the Miramar Center regularly hosts concerts, theatrical performances and other cultural events.

18. Marineland Marine Park

Cannes Attractions: Top 20

Show of dolphins, killer whales, fur seals in the amusement park Marineland in Antibes Andreas Ahrens

The question of what to see in Nice often arises when there is a choice between two popular cities of the Cote d'Azur – Nice and Cannes. If Nice is chosen by lovers of dynamic recreation, Cannes is more suitable for lovers of measured, calm leisure. One of the best places for a beach holiday is located 11 km from Cannes, in the town of Antibes. On the streets of Antibes, there are interesting places for every tourist – some are attracted by the architecture of old residential buildings, others go for a walk in the garden of thousands of plants, and others go to the Pablo Picasso Museum to study the work of the famous artist. But the most unforgettable will be a trip to the marine park Marineland – a huge entertainment complex, consisting of several thematic objects. The main one is a giant aquarium with Mediterranean inhabitants. In the local water park you can visit the most unimaginable slides and pools, and in the open air you can visit the exotic tropical park.

Official website: https://www.marineland

< h3> 19. Pyrotechnics Festival

Cannes Attractions: Top 20

Colorful flashes of fireworks in the sky over Cannes at the annual Pyrotechnics Festival

Upon arrival in Cannes, the guide will indicate one of the most beautiful and popular tourist destinations – this is the magnificent Croisette, a symbol of bohemian luxury and success. The blooming park strip is completely dotted with palm trees, luxurious hotels, boutiques, and numerous yachts are located in the lagoon. The brightest city event, the fireworks festival, which has been held since 1967, takes place here every year. For more than half a century, the best pyrotechnicians have been competing here, launching the most incredible fireworks, and at this time the jury evaluates the participants according to such criteria as the originality of the performance, the general tempo, the synchronization of volleys and music – such a system ensures the highest level of the show. The show starts at 10 pm and the Croisette area fills with people who sit on the benches, on the beach or in nearby restaurants with a panoramic view of the promenade.

20. Cannes Yachting Festival

Cannes Attractions: Top 20

View from the Castre tower to the yachts of the participants of the Cannes Yachting Festival in the Bay of Cannes Guy Lebègue

A number of diverse thematic festivals are offered to guests of Cannes. The reviews with a “plus” sign, in addition to the famous film festival, also affect another large-scale event – the yacht exhibition in Cannes. Since 1977, every September is marked by a bright event for which all admirers of yachting are preparing. In one of the most beautiful bays of the French Riviera, the largest exhibition event on the water is held, where not only yacht owners come, but also everyone who is interested in the latest in the yacht industry. In addition to demonstrating unique vessels, the exposition presents various attributes for sailing, yacht care accessories and much more. Here you can not only see the new items, but also purchase any of the exhibits. The highlight of the festival is the Competition of Elegance, in which small vessels up to 12 meters long compete, and at least one woman takes part in the team on board.

Official website: https://www .cannes

We hope that our Cannes attractions, photos with names and descriptions of which you have just seen, were of interest to you, and you decide to visit them personally. Read also about the sights of Nice and be inspired to travel further in France.


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