Best attractions in Avsallar 2021 (PHOTOS)

Best attractions in Avsallar 2021 (PHOTOS)

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Avsallar is a Mediterranean resort located in the south of Turkey. Natural beauty and plenty of greenery are the true attractions of Avsallar. Also, for a great holiday, tourists are offered a huge amount of entertainment for every taste with all kinds of restaurants, bars, discos, the central bazaar, shops and souvenir shops that can be found at every turn. Don't know what to see in Avsallar? Especially for you, we have made an overview of the most interesting places in Avsallar.

Top attractions in Avsallar 2021 (PHOTOS)

Spa treatments for vacationers in Avsallar

Located north of Alanya, Avsallar is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the area. At night, the resort opens up a second wind, many young people come here for fun and sleepless nights.

You can get to the village by plane, the nearest airport is in Antalya, where regular and numerous charter flights fly. From the airport there is a transfer to Avsallar. Sometimes the cost of a tour to Turkey is lower than the cost of the flight itself. Compared to Antalya, holidays in Avsallar will cost much less with an excellent level of service, a variety of entertainment and attractions.

The village of Avsallar in Turkey also offers various attractions that can be visited in between swimming and spa treatments.


What to see in Avsallar: local attractions

The resort cannot boast of a large number of architectural and natural monuments. Must-see places include:

    Caravanserai of the 13th century, where merchants and wanderers rested in ancient times. This is an example of the construction architecture of the Turks, during construction on an area of ​​200 sq. m. used a rare stone. Recently, he underwent restoration, a large shopping center was made; a Muslim mosque, where you can learn more about local traditions and religion;

Best attractions in Avsallar 2021 (PHOTOS)

Mosque in Avsallar Netfuture

    Waterland water park opened in 2000. It offers more than twenty different slides and attractions for any audience. Visitors can take advantage of sun loungers, a bar and a cafeteria; Selanya Seapark water park, which is equipped with various entertainment attractions, as well as the largest Dolphinarium, dolphins and fur seals live here. You can enjoy interesting performances with marine life. For extreme people, it is offered the opportunity to dive in a special box to safe stingrays and sharks; rafting on the Alara River is a great entertainment for lovers of outdoor activities. It is possible to experience other activities: beach sports, scuba diving, horseback riding.

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Best attractions in Avsallar 2021 (PHOTOS)

Alara River matzi01

What else to visit in Avsallar

were the founders of this village.

Along the banks of the Alarachay River, there are many different restaurants and cafeterias. Here you can have a great time, admire the beautiful landscapes, try local fish dishes that are caught in a mountain stream.

All kinds of shops and restaurants in the village are open around the clock. But during the day, the streets are almost always not crowded, but in the evening and late at night life here is in full swing.

The most active – the main street of Avsallar, where trade is carried out, consists of many lanes and passages, allowing you to enjoy the walk. You can get around the town in just five minutes, but not everyone can do it, because many places attract with their uniqueness. Our tourists come across tall hangars, walls and ceilings hung with a variety of Turkish-made textile products.

Best attractions in Avsallar 2021 (PHOTO)

Dinner at Farhan Chawla fish restaurant

No wonder real estate in such a location is in high demand. This is due to the excellent location, high quality of construction work and the relatively low cost of buildings. The presence of an excellent sandy coastline is a distinctive feature of the town. A calm and peaceful atmosphere in these places is guaranteed.

If you wish, you can easily visit the nearby villages (Syd or Alanya). Minibuses – dolmushes in various directions run along a busy highway immediately behind the hotels.

There are no luxury hotels in Avsallar, but there are quite enough of those that have long shown themselves to be of high quality service and service. Among the popular club-type hotels are Lonicera World, Pegasos Club. There is a popular hotel union Alara. Budget treshkas are also especially popular (Ulusoy Aspendos and Sultan Pan).

Enjoying the warm sea and sunny beach

The village remains one of the warmest places on the Antalya coast, because it is protected by a bay from strong winds.

The beach has a length of three kilometers with different areas for entering the water. Visitors with kids prefer to relax in areas with a gentle entrance and shallow sea at the beginning. Those who want to swim prefer deeper water areas. Most of the coast is sandy, large areas are sprinkled with imported sand of excellent quality.

Best attractions in Avsallar 2021 (PHOTO)

Summer in Avsallar Alen Ištoković

There is a palm alley near the coast and a wonderful view of the Taurus Mountains. There are also numerous cafes and restaurants here. If you've enjoyed the beach and the sea to your heart's content, you can test yourself by riding a jet ski, skiing or amusement rides.

Due to the Mediterranean climate, summers are very hot here, winters are warm. The tourist season lasts from April to early November. The best time to relax is September-October, when the summer heat has already subsided, but the sea is still warm. In October, you can fully enjoy a good rest due to cool days, cool evenings, the sea that has warmed up over the summer, and a small number of tourists. In spring, the water has not yet warmed up enough, because of this, there are not so many tourists, and the cost of housing is low. Couples with children prefer to relax in summer.

Attractions of Avsallar in Turkey: sightseeing tours

The choice of tourists is a huge number of different excursions to the sights of Turkey. It is worth paying attention to those that do not require a long move, as they are located near the resort.

The best sights of Avsallar 2021 (PHOTO)

Boat trip on a yacht

When visiting the village of Avsallar in Turkey, you will appreciate the sights not from the photo, but live. You can plunge into the amazing natural beauties, learn more about the history of the country and get to know the locals.

Interesting options for sightseeing tours:

    yacht trip. Vessels often sail from Alanya. The tour includes a boat trip, several stops in beautiful bays, swimming, lunch on a yacht. An animator works for travelers throughout the trip. It can be a walk-party that lasts until late at night with noisy festivities and dancing; scuba diving. The price includes several dives to different depths in different places, as well as lunch; rafting – rafting down the mountain river Manavgat. You can choose the difficulty level of the river rapids yourself. The price includes lunch;

Top attractions in Avsallar 2021 (PHOTO)

Roman theater in Side Nick Irvine-Fortescue

    visit to the city of Side with the ruins of the ancient city. There are other interesting buildings: Agora, Temples of Apollo and Artemis, Arched Gates and other popular antique buildings. Here you can visit the Museum of Ancient Art; exploration of the city of Alanya with its business card – a medieval fortress. This is the largest building in Turkey, which has a functioning museum.

Read also about the sights of Alanya and get inspired for your further trip to Turkey.


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