Belfast Attractions: Top 20

Belfast Attractions: Top 20< /p> Hotels Belfast View Great Deals

The well-known fact that this is a port with a dock, where the legendary Titanic was once built, brought the city world fame. The main attractions of Belfast introduce the history of old and modern Northern Ireland. From the list of historical and cultural sites, it is difficult to choose what to see in Belfast, since there are many of them here. Let's talk about the most interesting of them.

What to see in Belfast first of all

Have you come for a short time and planned to visit the best sights of Belfast in a short period? Surely you will be interested in the objects from the list below.

1. Town Hall

Belfast Attractions: Top 20

Victorian Town Hall at Donegall Square

You won't be able to pass by this monumental building in the center. Many bus routes intersect here, so it is easy to get to anywhere in the city from here. In the district there are hotels in Belfast with excellent English service. The courtyard of the City Hall often hosts social events, including charity fairs and outdoor film screenings, and free tours.

Official website: http://www.belfastcity.

2. Stormont Parliament Building

Belfast Attractions: Top 20

Statue of Sir Edward Carson in front of Stormont Parliament House

This building is an example of English restraint and stiffness – strict architecture, conciseness of the facade, restraint of lines. The Stormont area is closed to the public, so qualified guides in Belfast will tell you general facts about the British administration that holds meetings here.

Official website: http://www.niassembly

3. Belfast Castle

Belfast Attractions: Top 20

Belfast Castle is surrounded by a picturesque English garden

The castle is located within the city, on a hill, surrounded by a small garden and is open to tourists. The entrance is free. The interior of the rooms is discreet, but it still helps to feel the true English atmosphere. There is a restaurant on the ground floor, wedding celebrations are often held here, on such days it is impossible to get into the castle. But a walk through the garden, lined with decorative figurines, will leave a pleasant impression of the walk.

Official website:

4. Albert Memorial Clock

Attractions Belfast: Top 20

Albert Memorial Clock in Belfast's Royal Square at night

The iconic landmark of Belfast is the clock built into the Albert Tower. Its construction was initiated by Queen Victoria, who dedicated the tower to Prince Albert, her husband. The clock imitates the design of London's Big Ben. An interesting fact: over the years, due to a not quite stable foundation, the tower tilted slightly, resembling the now famous tower in Pisa.

5. Queens University

Belfast Attractions: Top 20

Lanyon Building – the main building of the University of Queens, located on University Road

Opened in the middle of the 19th century, the university is the first public educational institution in the city. Not far from the main entrance, there are 2 colleges belonging to the university. A wide range of scientific degrees is offered here, but the pedagogical direction is preferred. The institution is associated with an autonomous town, consisting of many buildings. The scale of the university can be judged by the number of employees approaching 4 thousand.

Official website:

Check out the great views of Belfast in this beautiful video!

6. Crumlin Road Prison

Belfast Attractions: Top 20

View of one wing of the former Crumlin prison

For almost a century and a half, from the middle of the 19th century, the prison served its intended purpose. Here they kept prisoners whose lot was the death penalty. After its closure, the building became a museum. There is an opinion that ghosts live in this interesting place. Visitors can see dark corridors, solitary cells, and a room for criminals awaiting execution.

Official website:

7. Grand Opera

Belfast Attractions: Top 20

Facade of the Grand Opera House in oriental style Matt Kieffer

The opera, built at the beginning of the 20th century, has earned the best recommendations from travelers. The creator of the project appreciated the eastern direction in architecture, hence the originality and originality of the building, which is not typical for England. In the middle of the last century, the building was given over to a cinema, opera performances began to be given in 1980, after the reconstruction of the stage. After a second reconstruction at the beginning of this century, the capacity of the theater was increased by the opening of a small hall.

Official website:

< h3> 8. Lyric Theatre

 Belfast Attractions: Top 20

The massive building of the Lyric Theater among the greenery William Murphy

If we list the main attractions of Belfast briefly, then this newly built building will also make the list due to its postmodern style with the inclusion of futuristic elements. Until 2011, there was an old theater here. A year after the opening, the theater received a visit from the Queen of England. The interior is designed in restrained colors, in the same postmodern style.

Official website:

9. St. Anne's Cathedral

Belfast Attractions: Top 20

Celtic cross on the northern facade of St. Anne's Cathedral

When choosing what to see in Belfast, do not ignore this cathedral. The history of the long construction of the structure is interesting. Only windows remained from the initial project, everything else was reconstructed. The dome of the baptistery with rare mosaics, chapels, stained glass compositions, and an organ are amazingly beautiful. The floor is unusually made: of multi-colored marble laid in a labyrinth. The northern facade is decorated with a monumental Celtic cross.

Official website: http://www.belfastcathedral

10 St Malachi's Church

Belfast Attractions : Top 20

St Malachy Parish Church in Belfast

The transept of the parish church is crowned by 2 twin towers. If you do not know where to go in Belfast, take the time to visit here. The high marble altar was originally made of strong Irish oak, and only then replaced with stone. An interesting fact that you may hear during a tour in Belfast: St. Malachi is famous for prophesying 112 popes to the Catholic Church, describing each one, and then, according to his prediction, the end of the world will come. Needless to say, these prophecies are dubious.

11. Titanic Museum-Belfast

Belfast Attractions: Top 20

The Titanic Belfast Museum building is shaped like the bows of the four Titanic Belfast ships

When planning what to see in Belfast in 1 day, take one of the first three places to this museum. 3 floors with documentation and installations, there are real exhibits (cabins, cutlery), many interactive programs. The ticket price includes a visit to the pleasure boat. At the entrance, children are given checklists with tasks to find the required Lego element in the displays.

Official website:

12. The ship Nomadic and Caroline

Belfast Attractions: Top 20

Steamer Nomadik delivered passengers to the giant liners “Olympic” and “Titanic” Clive G'

The functions of Nomadik included the delivery of passengers of classes 1.2 to the Titanic. Once the place of its mooring was the capital of France, where the ship was a restaurant afloat. In 2006, returned to Belfast, Nomadik became a museum. The ship Caroline was the center of the English Royal Navy during the first two world wars. Today it also houses exhibitions.

Official website:

13. Ulster Museum

Belfast Attractions: Top 20

The original building of the Ulster Museum on the grounds of the Botanic Gardens in Belfast Reading Tom

Tourist reviews mention a huge, almost 8,000 sq.m area of ​​the museum. Entrance is free. The expositions contain everything from rare insects to models of sailing cars and straw dragons. The exhibits introduce the geography and history of the region, the achievements of Irish science and art. There is a botanical garden and a gift shop on the territory.

Official website:

14. Linen Hall Library

Belfast Attractions: Top 20

Linen Hall Library the oldest library in Belfast William Murphy

The library, located in the center on the embankment, can rightfully be proud of its fund. Be sure to include a visit here in your trip – you will surely be amazed by the old wooden staircase decorating the interior. It is very cozy inside, there are always a lot of visitors looking around the premises or just reading.

Official website:

15. Waterfront Hall

Belfast Attractions: Top 20

Multifunctional event center in Belfast – William Murphy Waterfront Hall

The multifunctional exhibition complex also has a fairly high tourist rating. Opened at the end of the last century, it accommodates more than 2 thousand visitors in the large hall, 380 in the small one. feast of the soul: bright shows, theatrical and concert performances. A restaurant and several cafes are open on the territory.

Official website: http://www.waterfront.

Belfast attractions: what else to visit in Belfast

Belfast serves as a kind of gateway to the Northern Irish landscapes. We see a huge amount of greenery, considering the sights of Belfast photo with names and descriptions. No matter how much time you allocate for its inspection, there will always be interesting tourist offers for you.

16. Big fish

Belfast Attractions: Top 20

Sculpture “Big Fish” on the Donegall Quay against the backdrop of the urban landscape in Belfast

The figure of a huge fish, 10 meters long, was created in 1999. The fish, the symbol of Belfast, is located on the embankment and is surrounded by ceramic tiles with historical facts written on them. So original In this way, the creator of the sculpture decided to convey information about the history of the city to the residents and visitors of Belfast. There is an opinion that a message to posterity is hidden inside the case.

17. Walls of the World

Belfast Attractions : Top 20

Walls of peace separate religious communities in Belfast Alain Rouiller

Like many attractions in Northern Ireland, this one is reminiscent of the troubled times experienced by the country as a result of the struggle between the Irish and the British. The story tells about the wars that flared up in the last century on the streets of the country, incl. Belfast. In order to delimit the militant parties, the authorities erected a wall of peace between the quarters. Today it is decorated with themed graffiti.

18. Botanical Garden

Belfast Attractions: Top 20

The Palm House – a greenhouse in the Botanical Garden

Include a trip to this 11-hectare garden in your review. The well-groomed territory is equipped with beautiful installations, and the vegetation in the greenhouses pleases with a riot of colors. Among the plants stands out xanthorrhoea, which is about 400 years old. Festivals and concerts are often held here.

Official website:

19. Cave Hill Country Park

Belfast Attractions: Top 20

Large scenic area of ​​Cave Hill Country Park

There is another option for visiting in Belfast if you have extra time.Some sections of this picturesque park on the slope of Cave Hill are protected areas with limited access. But the rest is dotted with hiking trails that allow you to look into any corner. The top of the mountain serves as an excellent viewing platform for viewing Belfast.

20. St. George's Market

Belfast Attractions: Top 20

St. George's Market has a huge selection of Zhi Yong Lee merchandise

What's a trip without visiting a local market! This market is considered one of the best in the UK. For its long history, more than a century old, it has earned the reputation of a market that sells products of local producers of the highest quality. On Saturdays, delicacies and souvenirs from other countries are sold, on Sunday, artists exhibit their paintings here, and artisans exhibit their own creations.

Official website: http://www.belfastcity .gov.

Don't miss the opportunity to stroll through the magnificent pubs, see the picturesquely painted buildings, get on thematic tours. Hospitable Belfast will surely surprise you! Read also about the sights of Dublin and get inspired for your further trip to Ireland.


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