Beach House Collection – a special approach from Siyam World

Siyam World – Island of Opportunity, Redefines Maldives Experience

Beach House Collection – special approach from Siyam World

Beach House Collection – a special touch from Siyam World

Siyam World – the island of opportunity, is changing the traditional concept of holidays in the Maldives. The large space of the hotel, a huge list of entertainment programs and opportunities allows the hotel to provide guests with a completely new and unique approach to vacation. 

Collection of Beach House Rooms at Siyam World – it is the epitome of a luxury holiday combined with traditional Maldivian hospitality. 24 rooms which include villas, residences and even one palace! Siyam World has made sure that the guests of these villa categories have their own world, which includes even more privileges. For example, you no longer have to think about breakfast, it will be served in your villa. And once during your stay, you can afford to have breakfast on the water, an incredible adventure in your villa's pool. It would seem that just breakfast – but, firstly, it is possible to choose from the menu what exactly will be included in it, and secondly, early bathing charges and invigorates for the whole day. 5 restaurants and 6 bars included in the package, in-villa gifts from Veyo Spa, a private butler to cater to your every need, an on-site restaurant within the Beach House collection, free shuttle service, free minibar, list of activities and unlimited use of the largest in the Indian Ocean water park*. Pleasant gifts from the hotel in the form of a 50-minute Spa treatment or a dive in one of the most beautiful reefs in the Maldives will be a great addition to the privileges. This is not the whole list of surprises that Siyam World has prepared for guests of the Beach House Collection categories. 

*The offer is subject to conditions and restrictions.


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