Barcelona Attractions: Top 30

Barcelona Attractions: Top 30< /p> Hotels Barcelona See great deals

Barcelona is one of the most beautiful and ancient cities in Europe. Many sights of Barcelona are known all over the world. The city is famous for its industry, large port, as well as magnificent sights, for which thousands of curious tourists come here every year. What to see in Barcelona if you come here for the first time? Especially for you, we have compiled a list of the most interesting places in this amazing city.

First things to see in Barcelona

Knowing the most interesting places, you will not need guides in Barcelona, ​​although it is better to use the services of professionals when visiting the city for the first time. With their help, the resort will open up to you from unexpected sides, while you will only have to enjoy every minute of your stay in the city where the great Gaudi once worked.

1. Sagrada Familia

Barcelona Attractions: Top 30

Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

The Sagrada Familia is considered the most outstanding historical building in the city, it is included in the top of the best attractions in Spain. The temple is included in all tourist guides that tell travelers what to visit in Barcelona. This place is not to be overlooked.

The cathedral is the work of an internationally renowned architect named Antoni Gaudí, although it was originally designed by Francisco del Villara.

Now the temple every day receives guests who decide to visit the shrine and attend the service. Travelers love to be photographed against the backdrop of the building. Many of them purposefully come here to appreciate the excellent work of the famous architect with their own eyes.

Official website: http://www.sagradafamilia

2. Park Güell

Barcelona Attractions: Top 30

Park Güell in Barcelona

The most beautiful place in Spain is called Park Güell. This Barcelona landmark is located at Carrer d'Olot, 5. Initially, this project was conceived as a commercial one, but it failed to receive the recognition it deserves. Therefore, the park was remade into a place where anyone can have a good rest from the bustle of the city.

While walking through the park, you can enjoy interesting combinations of wildlife and human skill. In front of the entrance are two magnificent houses, which were designed by the talented architect Gaudí. On one of them you can see a small turret decorated with a cross. Few dare to call the second house the creative work of Gaudi, as it is distinguished by its large dimensions, which the master usually tried to avoid.

Official website: https://www.parkguell

3. Casa Mila

Barcelona Attractions: Top 30

Casa Mila or La Pedrera in Barcelona Ed Menendez

This landmark is Gaudí's latest civil engineering work. The house was built over several years – from 1906 to 1910.

The project of the Casa Mila house is notable for the mass of innovative ideas that were brought to life during construction. The brightest of them was reflected in the framework of the structure. Gaudi said more than once that this house can easily be converted into a real hotel, as it has a very successful layout.

A special ventilation system was created for the house. He even has his own garage. Today, guests of Casa Mila may notice elevators in it, although in the original project there was no mention of them. They were added a few years after the completion of the house.

Official website: https://www.lapedrera

Check out the beautiful places in Barcelona in this wonderful video!

4. Casa Batllo

Barcelona Attractions: Top 30

Facade of Casa Batllo in Barcelona

Travelers who are thinking about what to see in Barcelona should definitely look into Casa Batllo. This is a unique architectural monument, characterized by the complete absence of straight lines. The greatest impression is made by the inner courtyard of the building, which has non-standard lighting. Thanks to him, at sunset, the house turns into a fabulous building, reminiscent of its silhouette of a huge dragon.

House Batllo was built in the Quarter of Disagreement. This place in Barcelona has a huge number of unusual buildings that can be safely called real architectural masterpieces.

Official website: https://www.casabatllo

5 Camp Nou

Barcelona Attractions: Top 30

Camp Nou football stadium in Barcelona

The largest European stadium is still the New Field. Many people know about the sights of Barcelona. The Camp Nou has hosted many great matches among the best sports teams.

The stadium is not just included in the list of attractions of the city. After all, it is famous not only for its football field. Camp Nou also includes a sports hall where volleyball, handball and basketball teams practice, an entertainment center and a museum.

The New Pole Museum was opened in 1984. It is considered the most visited place in Catalonia, where important exhibits are collected. Many call it the best football museum. Members of the fan club can admire the exhibits for free.

Official website: https://www.fcbarcelona

6. Palace of Catalan Music

Barcelona Attractions: Top 30

Stage of the Palace of Catalan Music in Barcelona Jorge Franganillo

The leaders of UNESCO ranked the Palace of Catalan Music among the “Properties of Humanity”. The author of this Barcelona attraction is the talented architect Luis Domenech. Many of his creations are still amazing. The palace has become one of Domenech's most successful works.

The attraction is located near the Gothic Quarter, where tourists go who know exactly what to visit in Barcelona. The building is distinguished by white stucco and coral-colored walls. It has become a kind of symbol of Catalan architecture and music.

In the appearance of the building, you can see elements of postmodernism. Stucco patterns are complemented by graceful sculptures that delight travelers.

Official website: http://www.palaumusica

7. Boquería or Sao Josep Market

Barcelona Attractions: Top 30

Sant Josep Market with world famous Spanish fruits

If tourists do not know what to see in Barcelona, ​​it is worth visiting such an interesting place as the Boquería market. This is the most famous and richest shopping area in the city. For the first time it was mentioned in the documents of 1237. The food market was formed right at the city wall of the old city. Farmers and peasants who had goods for sale came here.

In 1914, a decision was made to transform the appearance of the market. It was then that he got a metal roof, the aesthetics of the trading place improved significantly. Even today in Boqueria you can meet sellers whose ancestors regularly brought quality goods here in the early years of the legendary market.

Official website: http://www.boqueria

8. Ciutadella Park or Ciutadella Park

Barcelona Attractions: Top 30

Fountain in Ciutadella Park in Barcelona

The park was built on the site where once there was a military citadel. But it was demolished in 1869. After that, a huge park was born here, which was adapted to the needs of the World Exhibition, held in 1888.

Even today, the Citadel Park contains the remains of the past exhibition. They are presented in the form of buildings located on the territory of this Barcelona landmark. Thus, tourists can still admire the beauties of the Three Dragons Castle, as well as the restaurant, lake and waterfall. Although many guests of the park are more attracted by the shady garden and greenhouse.

On one side of the park is the Zoo. It occupies the place where the parade ground of the military citadel was once equipped.

Official website:

9. St. Cross and Saint Eulalia

Barcelona Attractions : Top 30

Illuminated Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia in Barcelona

This landmark of Barcelona is assigned the role of the main cathedral of the city. It, like a lot of other historical monuments, can be found in the Gothic Quarter. The decision to build this structure was made by King Jaume II, and construction began in 1298. The construction process took about 150 years. Most of the time was spent on refining the facade of the cathedral, as the country was a hostage to hostilities and deadly epidemics for a long time.

The Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia is named after the patroness of the city. The sarcophagus containing her relics is still kept in the crypt.

Official website: https://www.catedralbcn

10. Spanish village ( Architectural Museum of Catalonia)

Barcelona Attractions : Top 30

Spanish village or Poble Espanyol in Barcelona Amadalvarez

Tourists who have not yet figured out what to see in Barcelona can spend their free time in the Spanish Village. This is a city that belongs to artisans and craftsmen. It has taken the form of a huge museum, whose doors are open to everyone who wants to get acquainted with the local architecture.

The museum houses various bars, restaurants, and shopping pavilions. Interesting exhibitions and concerts are often held here. In the Spanish Village you can see copies of almost all the masterpieces of architecture that Spain is famous for.

It is interesting that this attraction is located in the very center of the modern metropolis. Tourists will need many hours to go around the whole village and see each exhibit.

Official website: https://www.poble-espanyol

Barcelona attractions: what else to visit while in Barcelona

Especially for those who are interested in excursions in Barcelona, ​​we present a few more places that are definitely worth seeing with your own eyes. In this city, you will not be bored, because literally around every turn you will find another museum, a cathedral, a gallery, a square with sculptures and much more.

11. Tibidabo Amusement Park

Barcelona Attractions: Top 30

Roller coaster in the amusement park Tibidabo in Barcelona

Mount Tibidabo rises above the city. Right on it, the authorities have equipped a luxurious amusement park. The idea of ​​​​creating such a landmark of Barcelona came to the mind of Dr. Salvador Andreu. The square on which one of the mountain's funicular stations is located was even named after him.

The park was opened in 1901. By that time, he already had a laughter room, bowling, pigeon mail, slot machines and many other interesting establishments that locals and tourists from other countries could appreciate.

Also, the Barcelona amusement park has its own hotel where everyone can stay.

Official website: https://www.tibidabo

12. Plaza de España in Barcelona

Barcelona Attractions: Top -30

Panorama of Plaza España in Barcelona

The most majestic square of the city was designed in 1929. It needed to be equipped by the time the international exhibition began. Then modern was no longer very popular. Therefore, the architect had to use the classical style of architecture, complemented by baroque elements. With this combination, Barcelona captivated the guests of the exhibition center.

The Plaza de España, which is found in guidebooks suggesting what to see in Barcelona, ​​has become a kind of gateway to the exhibition. In its center is a huge fountain, decorated with sculptures. In those days, there was a red brick building on the square, which served as a hotel. On the other side was a bullring. Today this place is a shopping center.

Official website:

13. Science Museum (CosmoCaixa)

< p>Barcelona Attractions: Top 30

CosmoCaixa. Science Museum in Barcelona Mzamora2

The Science Museum is as amazing as the unique exhibits it houses. During the construction of this Barcelona landmark, a modernist style was used. At least 100 million euros were spent on the construction of this structure.

The Science Museum offers its guests a huge number of exciting events. The halls present temporary and permanent exhibitions, the purpose of which is to acquaint people with the world of science.

A distinctive feature of this institution is that all guests can freely touch any exhibits with their own hands. They also have the opportunity to take part in interesting experiments of geological, technical, mathematical and chemical fields.

14. Royal Square

Barcelona Attractions: Top 30

Piazza Reial in Barcelona Spiterman

What to visit in Barcelona in the first place, each traveler decides for himself. Tourists can only be advised to take a look at such a landmark of the city as Royal Square. Its sophistication is emphasized by lanterns, live palm trees and a fountain. The largest number of visitors to the square is observed at night, since it is at this time of the day that it looks bewitching.

Royal Square is surrounded by various buildings, which are made in the classical style. Once this place was the home of influential families. Today, representatives of modern bohemia settled here. Now the square is home to luxury restaurants, expensive boutiques and nightclubs.

15. Columbus Monument

Barcelona Attractions: Top 30

Monument to Christopher Columbus in Barcelona

There are always a lot of people crowding around this Barcelona landmark. It is simply difficult for tourists to pass by the 57-meter statue, which depicts the legendary explorer Columbus. It was installed right in front of the Universal Exhibition, which took place in 1888.

For the first time, the idea of ​​creating such a monument appeared in the middle of the 19th century. But it could not be realized in any way. Several times this project was brought back to life and just as many again forgot about it. However, once work on the monument still began. Donations were spent on the construction, and part of the funds was allocated from the city budget.

16. Arc de Triomphe

Barcelona Attractions: Top 30

Arc de Triomphe in Barcelona

The list, which includes the best attractions in Barcelona, ​​would not be complete without the Arc de Triomphe. It was erected specifically for the international exhibition, thereby giving the event even greater importance and grandeur. It served as the main entrance to the territory where the responsible event of 1888 took place.

The arch is located at the place where two boulevards of the city intersect – Pas de San Juan and Pas de Luis Companus. During its construction, the Neo-Moorish style was used.

The Arc de Triomphe is made of red brick. Thanks to this, it is very different from other similar buildings, which are the sights of Moscow and Paris. The arch is decorated with a huge number of original sculptures and bas-reliefs.

Official website: http://www.barcelonaturisme

17. Pedralbes Monastery

Barcelona Attractions: Top 30

Pedralbes Monastery in Barcelona

Pedralbes Monastery is located on the territory of the quarter of the same name, which is considered the most respectable in Barcelona. It is adjacent to both modern buildings and old mansions. This combination of buildings that belong to different eras has its own charm and originality. There is a magnificent park next to the monastery.

Tourists are always surprised by the luxurious decoration of this Barcelona landmark. Most of its buildings were erected in the XIV century. The architects during their work focused on the style that was used during the heyday of the Catalan Gothic. Pedralbes has a beautiful cell. Many call it an unrecognized masterpiece. The room of the cell is decorated on all sides with picturesque paintings, which were made by the court master Ferre Bassa with his own hands.

When visiting Barcelona, ​​you can see such sights that you will not find anywhere else. That is why the ancient Spanish city attracts visitors from all over the world.

Official website: http://monestirpedralbes

18. La Rambla

< p>Barcelona Attractions: Top 30

View of the Rambla in the center of Barcelona tiger rus

Having a short period of time to travel around Barcelona, ​​it is better to start with the development of the most significant objects of the city. What to see in Barcelona in 5 days? Perhaps one of the first places worthy of attention is the Rambla, the most famous promenade in the city, separating the Raval district and the Gothic Quarter. The streams of tourists and walking townspeople do not dry out here, impromptu performances of artists are held, souvenirs are sold – life is in full swing. There is something interesting at every step – all kinds of souvenir shops, cafes, street musicians and local artists. The Rambla is divided into 5 sections – this is Canaletes Boulevard, Teaching Boulevard, where the university once was, Rambla of Flowers, dotted with flower stalls, Rambla of the Capuchins with a theater located here, Rambla of St. Monica with a cultural center, and finally, the youngest segment – Sea Rambla with a scenic footbridge.

19. Agbar Tower

Barcelona Attractions: Top 30

A modern 34-story skyscraper of a round conical shape – the Agbar Tower in Barcelona

The Anbar Tower is a young landmark of 2005, the architecture of which does not fit into the overall look of the city, standing out for its non-standard shapes and height. At the same time, such an unusual building, resembling a giant cigar in shape, is the decoration of Barcelona and an excellent reference point for tourist walks. The view of the tower is absolutely mystical: more than 4 thousand LED lights are mounted in colored glass panels, thanks to which the skyscraper lights up and plays with millions of shades, resembling a precious stone. But such cladding was created not only to enhance the aesthetics of the building, but also for a practical purpose: the panels move like blinds, reacting to temperature sensors, which ensures optimal ventilation inside and ensures competent energy saving.

20. Area Catalonia

Barcelona Attractions: Top 30

Plaza Catalunya in the heart of Barcelona Bert

When choosing what to see in Barcelona in a week, you should definitely visit Plaza Catalunya – one of the most beautiful places in Barcelona, ​​from where the most famous tourist routes originate. This is a cult place where the heart of the city beats and life is seething – rallies and protests, holidays and festivals are held here, among which the most significant for the townspeople is the Festival of the Merciful Mother of God. On an area of ​​more than 50 thousand square meters, despite this spaciousness, it is always quite crowded and crowded, because not only guests of the city, but also its residents gather here, making appointments for each other. In the very center of the square, surrounded by sculptural compositions, there is a fountain of two sections, united by a granite passage. Among the significant buildings of the square are the Canadian Consulate, the headquarters of banks, the central office for tourism.

21. Gothic Quarter

Barcelona Attractions: Top 30

Narrow streets and old stone houses of the XIV-XV centuries in the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona

The Gothic quarter in Barcelona got its name because of the large accumulation of Gothic buildings located within it. This place is simply impossible to pass without attention – its historical architecture impresses with its beauty and originality. Even before our era, on the site of this quarter there was one ancient Roman city, with fortress walls, aqueducts, temples, baths and a forum. Those buildings that can be seen now appeared in the 14th century – since then the building of the quarter has not been updated, which made it possible to preserve the gloomy and stately buildings of the Middle Ages in their original form. On the north side of the quarter is the old cafe “Four Cats”, which was a favorite vacation spot of the famous Pablo Picasso. The most prominent buildings of the area are the majestic Cathedral and the Baroque Bishop's Palace.

22. Picasso Museum

Barcelona Attractions: Top 30< /p> Exhibits at the Picasso Museum in Barcelona's Gothic Quarter Kippelboy

Anyone who goes on a trip in the winter season asks a reasonable question – what to see in Barcelona in winter? Perhaps there are no restrictions here, because even in winter the air temperature in the city is around +15 degrees. However, one of the best ways to hide from the weather and spend time usefully is to arrange an entertaining tour of museums, for example, to the Picasso Museum, which presents the most extensive collection of the artist's works. The exposition presents mainly the early work of the painter, which dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. A few creations in the mature period of Picasso's life are represented by the Meninas series. In total, the museum's funds include about 3.5 thousand works. All these masterpieces were honored to be presented in an ancient palace of the 19th century, which was ideally suited for such a purpose.

Official website: http://www.museupicasso

23. National Art Museum of Catalonia

 Barcelona Attractions: Top 30

National Museum of Catalan Art at the National Palace in Barcelona Johannes Kern

The attention of everyone passing along Gran Via Avenue is attracted by an imposing building surrounded by cascading fountains and green spaces, located on a hill. This is the National Art Museum of Catalonia, which is the most important center of Romanesque art in the world. In addition to the creations of the Romanesque period, here you can admire the masterpieces of the Gothic period. In general, the Romanesque trend in art manifested itself in the 11th – 13th centuries, and most of the exhibits of that time were collected in the old churches of the entire Iberian Peninsula. The history of the museum began with the opening of the Romanesque section, which presents Catalan paintings and examples of wall paintings of the earliest period. The Gothic section brings together works of art from the 13th – 15th centuries, Flemish art from the 16th – 18th centuries represents the Renaissance and Baroque, and the modern art section shows works from the 19th – 20th centuries.

Official website: https://www.museunacional

24. Church of Santa Maria del Mar

Barcelona Attractions: Top 30

Interior of the Church of Santa Maria del Mar in the historical quarter of La Ribera in Barcelona PMRMaeyaer

One of the symbols of the heyday of Catalonia in the 14th century today is Santa Maria del Mar – a Catalan Gothic church that has survived to this day, built with public money in honor of the patroness of sailors, Saint Mary. Once the main task of the church, built of gray Montjuy stone, was to overshadow the beauty and size of another magnificent temple – the Cathedral of Barcelona. Unlike the latter, this basilica was intended for representatives of the working category of citizens – merchants, artisans, porters. The building really captivates with grace – beautiful stained-glass windows, a wide arched entrance with a Gothic rose window, skillful sculptural images still have not lost their beauty. The figures of Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, John the Baptist, the apostles Peter and Paul have survived to this day and look as if they were alive.

Official website: http://www.santamariadelmar


25. Sacred Heart

Barcelona Attractions: Top 30

Beautiful view of the Church of the Sacred Heart with a statue of Christ on Mount Tibidabo at sunset

The face of Barcelona architecture is the Sagrada Familia, which crowns the highest point in Barcelona – Mount Tibidabo. For many centuries, Tibidabo was considered very remote and impregnable for people. But after a while, the Catholic Committee nevertheless decided to use these lands and build a great temple on them, the location of which was to emphasize its divine meaning. First, in 1886, a small chapel was erected here, and the philanthropist San Juan Bosco decided, in continuation of the tradition popular at that time, which consisted in the construction of temples of the Sacred Heart of Jesus around the world, to build a similar temple here. And by 1961, a magnificent building had grown, which still fascinates today with its monumentality, the magnificence of Gothic architecture, as well as the statue of Jesus Christ, as if ascending from the top of the temple straight to heaven. And the tiny chapel, which became the progenitor of this basilica, modestly sheltered to the right of the main entrance to the temple.

Official website:https://tibidabo.salesianos.

26. Montserrat Monastery

Barcelona Attractions: Top 30

Benedictine monastery in the picturesque mountainous area of ​​Montserrat

Many tourists go to Barcelona to see the architectural sights of Barcelona. Gaudí was a prominent Spanish architect who designed many architectural masterpieces in Barcelona. In the capital of Catalonia, he developed a dozen projects, among which is the monastery of Montserrat, the spiritual symbol of Catalonia at the foot of the mountains of the same name. In addition to Gaudi, a whole galaxy of talented artists worked on its creation, weaving various motifs into the style with a predominance of modernism. The altar is made from local rock, the throne of the Madonna is made of silver, the biblical history of the universe is shown on the plates inside the chapel, and the altar chapel shows the characteristic strokes of Gaudí's work. Of great value to pilgrims is the miraculous Black Madonna, a small 95-cm statue of the Virgin Mary made of black poplar.

Official website: http://www.abadiamontserrat

27. Montjuic Castle

Attractions Barcelona: Top 30

The territory of the Montjuic fortress within the city of Barcelona

Montjuic is a mysterious fortress that has witnessed many triumphs and defeats throughout the martial history of Spain. It is located on the mountain of the same name and rises above the old city of Barcelona. Until the 17th century, only an observation tower stood on the site of the fortress, and in the middle of this century, the Iberians erected an impressive fort structure in just a month. Fierce battles took place here repeatedly, and Napoleon's army also set foot on these lands. The hastily built fortress did not inspire much hope for durability, but over the centuries it was rebuilt, fortified with ramparts, ditches and bastions. In the 20th century, a military prison for political prisoners was located within the walls of the fort, and today there is a military museum that displays exhibits of medieval weapons, uniforms, maps, medals, coins and much more.

Official website:< /em> http://ajuntament

28. Magic Fountain of Montjuic

Barcelona Attractions: Top 30

Illuminated Magic Fountain on Montjuic Hill in Barcelona Thingstodoinbarcelona

When exploring the sights of Barcelona on foot, it is worth climbing the slopes of the Montjuic hill, where Carles Buigas Square is located with one of the main decorations of Barcelona – the magnificent Montjuic fountain, one of the symbols of the city. The bowl of the fountain is an oval, in the middle of which there are several cascades. Locals often call the fountain singing, because in the evening this creation is transformed, and water jets begin a charming dance to the musical works of Bach, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, as well as many melodies of our time, sounding here. But this performance invariably begins with the famous composition “Barcelona” performed by Freddie Mercury in a duet with Montserrat Caballe. Thousands of observers gather at the observation decks and in nearby restaurants to see the amazing spectacle.

Official website:

29. Barcelona Aquarium

Barcelona Attractions: Top -30

Transparent 80m Underwater Glass Tunnel in Barcelona Aquarium Paul Hermans

In addition to iconic places and sensational monuments, there are other, non-obvious sights of Barcelona that are no less interesting from a tourist point of view. One of these places is the Barcelona Aquarium, the largest among European aquariums, with a total volume of 6 million liters, housing about 11 thousand marine inhabitants, represented by 4.5 hundred species. There are 14 reservoirs in total, dividing the marine fauna into representatives of different climatic zones of the planet. Each section is a mini-sample of a certain body of water: deep sea, shallow water, freshwater rivers and salt lakes, coral caves and other types of the underwater world. The main value is a huge oceanarium with a long tunnel, along the bottom of which you can walk, plunging into the sea world. For young visitors there is a whole cognitive zone where you can imagine yourself as an explorer of the sea.

Official website: https://www.aquariumbcn

30. Beach Barceloneta

Barcelona Attractions: Top 30

City beach on a wide sandy spit of the Mediterranean Sea in Barcelona 2Bbrother

The name of Barceloneta is not only one of the coastal urban areas, but also a magnificent public beach with developed infrastructure, which has become a favorite vacation spot for citizens and tourists. In the mornings, you can see fans of an active lifestyle jogging along the water's edge, and in the evenings, musical groups often play and street artists perform, mass events and concerts are organized. The beach is completely sandy, has a convenient entrance to the water, is equipped with showers, sun loungers, has beach equipment rentals. There are special areas for children with attractions, and you can diversify your rest and refresh yourself in any of the nearby cafes and restaurants. Guests of the city who want to stay close to the beach can stay in one of the hotels in the area.

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