Bangkok in February: warm winter in Thailand

Bangkok — this is the most liberated and modern city in Thailand, which amazingly managed to preserve authentic Thai traditions and culture. It is this unusual combination — Buddhist tranquility, Asian recklessness and European modernity — attracts millions of tourists. The city is certainly one of the most popular and interesting tourist destinations in the world.

The best time to visit the capital of Thailand is from November to April, as this is the dry season. If you have planned to explore this amazing city in February, then the Kidpassage article will certainly be useful to you when planning your vacation.

Bangkok in February: warm winter in Thailand


Holidays in Bangkok in February: pros and cons

Reviews of holidays in Bangkok in February are controversial, because the city is quite specific, and not everyone will like it. But if you don’t get attached to individual preferences and look at Bangkok objectively, then you can highlight the following advantages:winter holidays:

  • Favourable weather conditions. February is the dry season, so tourists will not experience showers and cloudy weather. In addition, during this period there is moderate heat and humidity.
  • Abundance of fresh fruits. In winter, more than ever, it is necessary to introduce fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet, and in Bangkok there are no problems with this. Pineapples, guava, papaya, tangerines — what is not available in local markets;
  • Beach holiday. Despite the fact that there are no capital beaches in Bangkok, tourists will find many comfortable beaches in the vicinity of the city.

If we talk about the minuses, Bangkok in February disappoints with its following disadvantages :

  • Vacation prices. The dry season is also a high tourist season, which, of course, affects the cost of vacation. Prices in February — some of the highest of the year.
  • A large number of tourists. The streets of the capital are quite crowded, so you should also prepare for long queues at popular tourist spots. If possible, it is better to book tickets to museums and excursions in advance.
  • Insects. Increased humidity and heat — a real paradise for insects. If you do not have an effective repellent, then mosquitoes, flies and sand flies can pretty much ruin your holiday.

Weather in Bangkok in February

Weather in Bangkok in February — March is ideal for relaxation, because from April the rainy season begins here, and the humidity level rises to 90%. At the end of winter — At the beginning of spring, the streets of the Thai capital are moderately warm and sunny.

The weather in early February is hot, without wind or rain, but with a lot of clear sunny days. This is a great time for hiking, outdoor excursions and beach holidays.

Temperatures in Bangkok in mid-February often exceed +30 ° C, so it is recommended to take all precautions: wear a hat, apply sunscreen to your skin, stay hydrated and always have a bottle of drinking water with you.

< p>The weather in Bangkok at the end of February remains unchanged, that is, quite suitable for a family holiday. The rains will begin here only in April, and before this period tourists can fully enjoy the fine days.

Air and water temperature

The local climate combines features of tropical, savannah and subequatorial. There is no division into cold and warm seasons; Bangkok is hot and humid all year round. From May to October, the region has a pronounced rainy season, and the period from November to April is considered dry.

Air temperature in Bangkok in February

The average daily temperature is +33.6 ° WITH. The night does not bring noticeable coolness, but the mercury still drops by several degrees, to +26.9 ° C. High temperatures are combined with high humidity, so the heat is felt more intensely and is more difficult to bear than, for example, in Mediterranean regions.

Sea water temperature

In extreme heat, there is a desire to cool off in the cool sea. The average water temperature in the Gulf of Thailand is +27.9 ° C, and in the Chao Phraya River it can be even higher, since due to the relatively shallow depth, the water heats up faster and does not have time to cool down overnight.

Amount of precipitation

February is a dry month in Bangkok, with average precipitation of only 11.2 mm. In total, there is one rainy day for the entire month.

Sunny, cloudy, cloudy days

But what winter Bangkok has in abundance is sunny Sveta. 22 days, or 79% of the entire month, are sunny. 18% are occupied by cloudy days, and only 3% of February remains cloudy.

Beach holiday

Bangkok in February: warm winter in Thailand


Bangkok is not a beach resort, so it is not the best option for those tourists who did bet on swimming in the sea. However, you can find good beaches outside the city, but the journey will take 1-3 hours.

So, to the picturesqueKhao Takiab beach, located southwest of the capital, will take about 2.5 hours to get there, but the views that open to visitors are worth the time spent. Local sand — unusual color due to volcanic admixture, directly from the beach there is a view of Monkey Mountain, Hua Hin. Horses graze in the shade of spreading trees, which you can ride for a nominal fee. The infrastructure is not very developed, but there are sun loungers and umbrellas here.

Another popular beach in the vicinity of Bangkok — Cha Am. The ten-kilometer strip of sand and well-developed infrastructure attract a large number of visitors, so Cha Am is always crowded. This is a good place to relax with children of all ages — kids can safely splash in shallow water (the depth increases gradually, from about 100 m), and teenagers — enjoy a variety of entertainment: boat rides, jet skis, banana boats, speedboats.

In addition, you can go to Bang Saen Beach, which was specially equipped for metropolitan residents dreaming of a holiday in a quiet place, away from the noise of the metropolis. The beach is quite expensive, there are many cafes and restaurants around with European cuisine. However, the infrastructure necessary for recreation is practically absent; tourists are offered only umbrellas and sunbeds, and even then in limited quantities.

There are several water parks and swimming pools in Bangkok itself, so there is no need to go out of town to the beach for water treatments.

Excursion holidays in Bangkok

Bangkok in February: warm winter in Thailand


Since Bangkok is not a beach resort, the main emphasis here is on the excursion program. The Thai capital really has something to see, and Buddhist temples, of course, deserve special attention.

The historical center of Bangkok, located on the Chao Phraya River, Rattanakosin Island, which means “supreme jewel” in Thai, is surrounded on all sides by canals and artificial reservoirs that were created to protect the capital. One of the main temples of the city is located in the historical center — Wat Pho (Temple of the Reclining Buddha). The statue, 46 m long and 15 m high, depicts Buddha awaiting nirvana.

By the way, this is not the only statue of Buddha — the temple has a gallery where 400 sculptures of this deity are collected.

It was in this temple that the ancient art of Thai massage originated. Wat Pho is also considered the oldest temple in Thailand.

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One of the city's main attractions is the Royal Palace . This is a whole complex with an area of ​​218 thousand. m2, consisting of several separate buildings and 95 pagodas. On the territory of the complex there are offices, a library, temples, etc.

On the walls of the palace there are frescoes depicting episodes from the life of the founder of the royal dynasty, Rama I. There are 148 such illustrations in total — During the excursion, you can arrange a quest and find them all.

Please note that you can only enter the Royal Palace, as well as the temple, in closed clothes. You don't have to take things with you — There is a rental of sarongs and long pants at the entrance.

Those who want to learn more interesting things about Thailand and, in particular, the capital of the Kingdom are recommended to visit the Bangkok National Museum, which houses one of the largest collections in Southeast Asia. Here, tourists will see exhibits from different eras: household items, ceramics, jewelry, works of art, clothing, weapons, theatrical costumes, masks, etc.

A similar exhibition can be seen in the Jim Thompson House Museum< /strong>. Businessman's collection — these are objects from 13 different eras, among the exhibits there are even paintings by famous Thai artists. On the territory of the museum there is a souvenir shop where they sell various things marked with the Jim Thompson brand.

In early February it is already quite hot, so it’s nice to spend time in the local water parks — Siam Park City and Fantasia Lagoon.

At the end of February it is nice to stroll through the city parks. First of all, it is recommended to visit Lumpini Park. You can sit in the shade of numerous trees and watch the boats, meet local cats, turtles and monitor lizards, and play sports at one of the local playgrounds. Other interesting locations:

  • Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World
  • Safari World
  • Dream World Amusement Park

Holidays, events, festivals

< p>Tourists will find holidays in Bangkok in February, the brightest of which isChinese New Year. Traditionally, large-scale celebrations take place in Yaowarat Chinatown. Masquerade, dragon parade, fireworks, street processions, festive banquet — locals know a lot about entertainment, so don’t miss the chance to take part in the Chinese New Year celebrations.

On February 14, Bangkok, like many other parts of the world, celebrates Valentine’s Day. Today it is more of a commercial holiday, aimed specifically at tourists. Hotels and restaurants offer a romantic setting. Some guides also offer romantic excursions — for example, boat trips under the starry sky.

Prices for holidays in February

Bangkok in February: warm winter in Thailand


Prices in Bangkok in February — some of the highest of the year, as winter is the active tourist season here.  

Tour prices

Travel agencies begin to increase the cost of their services in November, and no discounts are expected until April. Last minute tours and early bookings will help you save.

Flight costs

The most expensive air travel occurs in December — January, in February tickets are a little cheaper. However, the minimum cost of air travel is reached in the summer.


Accommodation, like the rest of the tourist infrastructure, is not characterized by low prices in the high season. However, Bangkok — The city is huge, and therefore you can find budget accommodation options (for example, hostels).

When planning a holiday in Bangkok during high season, use the early booking service. Firstly, it will be much cheaper, and secondly, when ordering air tickets and looking for accommodation before the trip, it may turn out that there are no more available seats.

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Food and transfer

Bangkok in February: warm winter in Thailand


Despite the fact that not all hotels in Bangkok offer a buffet, there are no problems in the city with meals. There are establishments of any class and any cuisine here. Some come here for exotic Thai cuisine, while others, on the contrary, do not like specific tastes and prefer familiar European dishes. Bangkok is able to satisfy all the needs of its guests.

A full meal in a middle-class restaurant will cost about 200 baht, in the food court or in the dining room — half as much. But in a top-class restaurant, only one dish can cost 200 baht, and dinner will cost no less than 600–800 baht.

Bangkok — It’s a large metropolis, so you can’t do without transport here. Overall, the public transport system in Bangkok is of a high standard. The city has a developed bus route network. The fare depends on the bus class and distance, the price varies from 7 to 25 baht.

There is a metro in the city. It is worth paying special attention to the BTS skytrain, which carries passengers at the 3rd-7th floor level. The cost of a trip on the regular MRT subway is about 15-52 baht (depending on distance).  

Another interesting way to get around the city is water transport — river boats and taxis. For 10-40 baht you will get not only the necessary trip to your destination, but also an interesting boat excursion.

Tourists who want something exotic should take a ride in a tuk-tuk or auto-rickshaw. It is not particularly convenient to move around in them all the time, because dust inevitably flies into the open interior.

In Bangkok there are also car rental companies and taxi agencies, but a car is not the most convenient form of transport, since the city is often There are traffic jams.

How to dress in Bangkok

Bangkok is hot at any time of the year, and winter is no exception. On vacation, tourists will need only light summer clothes, because even at night there is no desire to throw on a sweatshirt or warm pants. You should definitely take hats for the whole family, since during the day the air temperature most often exceeds +30 °C.

Pay special attention to footwear: you will definitely need flip-flops for the beach and durable, comfortable shoes (for example, breathable sneakers or moccasins, leather sandals) for long walks. If you plan to walk around the city, then sandals are quite suitable, but if your route lies through thickets and tropical forests, then for safety reasons you should not choose open shoes.

Recommendations for holidays with children

< p>

Bangkok in February: warm winter in Thailand


A trip to Bangkok will leave a child with unforgettable impressions and memories, because Thailand and Asian culture in general — This is a separate fantasy world, which is simply impossible not to appreciate. Come to Bangkok with children in February — a great idea, since winter is a dry season and prolonged downpours will not spoil vacationers’ vacation. In addition, winter in Thailand is quite hot, which means tourists can escape here from the winter cold in their city, take off their tired down jacket and bask in the sun.

  • Family holidays in Bangkok: tips Kidpassage

There is no shortage of entertainment in Bangkok: there are attractions and fun for the little ones, a lot of interesting things for teenagers, a lot of locations and educational excursions, as well as 18+ entertainment for adults. In this city, the question of how to relieve boredom does not arise; here there is a completely different problem — where to start, what excursion to take and which amusement park to go to.

However, you should not stay in Bangkok for a long time, especially with small children. After all, this is not a beach resort, but a bustling metropolis. It is best to stay at a small resort nearby and set aside 1-3 days for an excursion holiday in Bangkok.

Coming to Bangkok with children in February — a wonderful decision, and if you have finally made it, then before your trip, also read Kidpassage’s article “Bangkok: a family guide.” Our portal has collected the most useful tips that will help vacationers plan their trip to Thailand as carefully as possible.


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