Bangkok in December: peak season

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Thailand is Bangkok — noisy, polyphonic city, illuminated by hundreds of thousands of lights. It is always crowded here, while the cosmopolitan urban metropolis has managed to preserve the corners with an original Thai flavor at an incredible pace of development.

The city's ultra-modern skyscrapers are adjacent to small Buddhist temples, and Michelin-starred restaurants with gourmet European cuisine are located on the same street as Thai open-air food courts serving delicious wontons and pad thai.

Bangkok welcomes guests throughout the year, more than 10 million tourists from all over the world come here every year. The most favorable period for visiting the Thai capital is winter. If you're planning to explore Bangkok in December, Kid Passage will tell you a lot about what awaits you in the first month of winter.

Bangkok in December: peak season

Holidays in Bangkok in December: pros and cons

Reviews about holidays in Bangkok in December are mostly positive. This is not surprising, because this period has many advantages. Here are just the main prosvisiting Bangkok in early winter:

  • Warm and sunny weather. December refers here to “cool” season (this month the minimum temperature for Bangkok was recorded, which is +22 ° C), so tourists do not suffer from the sweltering heat. Moreover, in the evenings, the city is completely enveloped in pleasant coolness and freshness.
  • The possibility of a beach holiday. There are no reservoirs with equipped beaches in Bangkok itself, but they can be found in its vicinity. The water temperature is about +27 °C, which means that tourists can always swim and sunbathe if they wish.
  • An abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables. In December, in supermarkets in the homeland of our tourists, you can only see tangerines, but in Bangkok, the assortment of fruits is much wider. A trip here in winter — this is a great opportunity to replenish the body with vitamins.
  • Christmas atmosphere. Despite the fact that the Thais do not celebrate Christmas and New Year according to our calendar (the traditional Thai New Year takes place in April and is called Songkran), they still create a festive atmosphere for foreign tourists. Bangkok in December is transformed, delighting the eyes of guests with numerous garlands and Christmas trees.

However, the December holiday has disadvantages. So, the main disadvantages are high prices and oversaturation with tourists. Bangkok is always crowded, but during the high season, which includes December, the population density reaches its limit.

The cost of holidays in December is considered one of the highest of the year. Firstly, the weather creates favorable conditions, which leads to an increased demand for tours to Bangkok. And secondly, the New Year becomes a magnet for tourists: many come here to celebrate the holidays in an unusual setting, change the snowdrifts for the hot sun, Olivier — on that pit, and the Christmas tree — on palm trees.

The weather in Bangkok in December

Weather in Bangkok in December — January is warm and sunny. Strong heat is not to be expected, besides, the humidity level is not too high, so it is quite comfortable to relax in Bangkok in winter. Even people who do not tolerate the tropical climate can live in the Thai capital without compromising their health.

The weather in early December pleases vacationers with an abundance of sunshine — you can spend the whole day exploring local attractions. Temperature indicators and lack of precipitation also make for long walks around the city.

The temperature in Bangkok in mid-December practically does not exceed +30 °C, and in the evenings it can drop to +25 °C. During this period, clear days prevail, tourists are unlikely to see the sky covered with black clouds.

The weather in Bangkok at the end of December remains stable, that is, hot and cloudless. In the first month of winter, all types of recreation are available to Bangkok guests: active, beach, sightseeing, etc.

Air and water temperature

The local climate has awarded Bangkok the title of “one of the hottest and sunniest cities in the world.” From November to February, the so-called “cool” comes here. the season during which the temperature is +27…30°C. Yes, yes, by local standards, this weather is considered cool, and it is she who is the most successful for relaxing in Bangkok.

Air temperature in Bangkok in December

The average day and night temperatures in Bangkok in December are +31.6 °C and +25.5 °C respectively. Despite the rather high rates, the heat is easily tolerated due to the low level of humidity.


December — dry month of the year, during which only 16.4 mm of precipitation falls. On average, there is only one rainy day in the first month of winter in Bangkok, so you will not need raincoats, umbrellas, or rubber boots here.

Sunny, cloudy, overcast days< /h3>

What tourists really need in Bangkok is sunglasses and high SPF cream. Sunny weather takes 65% of the time of the whole month (20 days). Cloudy days account for 25%, and 10% — overcast.

Sightseeing tour in Bangkok

Bangkok in December: peak season

Bangkok — it is a gigantic metropolis, striking in the number of attractions. Moreover, you can get acquainted with local curiosities day and night: go to museums during the day, and arrange tours to local clubs and bars at night.

One of the main attractions of the city is the Grand Royal Palace, which is actually a whole palace complex. Its area is 218 thousand m2, on the territory there are throne rooms, galleries, a library, Buddhist temples, pagodas and much more.

Visiting card of the palace — emerald Buddha statue66 cm high. — this is not just a color characteristic, the statue is made of real emerald. Interestingly, the author of the sculpture is unknown.

In early December, it's nice to walk along the tourist street of the Old Town — Khaosan. Here, tourists will see the Thai flavor without embellishment, in its entirety. There are many souvenir shops, restaurants with national cuisine, shops, nightclubs and noisy bars.

  • The best entertainment in Bangkok for children and adults

The oldest temple in Bangkok is the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, which is also a must-see. Above the temple rises a 15-meter Buddha statue, covered with thin sheets of gold and mother-of-pearl mosaics. By the way, it is believed that the story of the reincarnation of Buddha is encrypted in the mosaic. Stock up on small coins — around the statue there are 108 bowls, in each of which you need to put a coin, while making a wish. Thais believe that such a ritual can cleanse karma.

At the end of December, the weather is pleasant, which is the best way to walk in parks and squares. Lumpini — one of the largest urban parks. A picturesque green corner in the middle of a noisy metropolis looks like a magical oasis in the desert. Here you can not only breathe fresh air while walking along one of the park paths, but also take a boat trip, swim in the pool, go in for sports on the equipped playgrounds or get to know the local inhabitants — turtles and monitor lizards.

  • Children's Trails: Bangkok

Bangkok has a lot of kid-friendly activities. We recommend the following locations for family holidays:

  • Safari World Zoo
  • Dream World
  • Siam Ocean World

Holidays, events, festivals

Foreign visitors will find holidays in Bangkok in December, the main of which is, of course, New Year. Thais do not celebrate it, but do their best to immerse foreign tourists in the familiar Christmas atmosphere. Themed events are held in hotels and cafes, shops are decorated with New Year's paraphernalia, and street festivities and fireworks are organized on a festive night.

In December, the Thai capital also celebrates Constitution Day (December 10) and King's birthday. During the celebration, parades of military equipment are held through the streets of the city.

Bangkok — it is a city of festivals. What kind of holidays are not held here! In December, as in any other month of the year, various events will certainly be organized. Before the trip, check out the city poster so as not to miss the most interesting.

December holiday prices

Bangkok in December: peak season

The period from November to April is tacitly considered to be the high season here, as many tourists from our latitudes come to Thailand for the winter. In addition, there are hundreds of thousands of people who love to celebrate the New Year in an exotic format. For these reasons, prices in Bangkok in December are among the highest of the year.

Price of tours

New Year's tours are distinguished by the highest cost of the year. You can save a little when ordering a tour in the first half of the month, but you should not hope for a big discount — December is the high season, when the entire tourist infrastructure becomes much more expensive. 

Flight price

Demand for the Thai destination increases in winter, many people want to escape from the winter cold to the “country of eternal summer”. Therefore, the cost of air tickets in the first month of winter rises noticeably and remains at a high level until February itself.


In Bangkok, there is accommodation for every taste and budget. The cost of living in local hotels starts from 400 TNV per room in a cheap hostel and reaches 3000 TNV and above in a five-star hotel. On the eve of the New Year, the price rises slightly, but the rise in price is not critical, the fluctuation is no more than 5%.

  • Family hotels in Bangkok

< h3>Food and transfer

Bangkok in December: peak season

One of the main highlights of Thailand — its traditional cuisine. Perhaps no other cuisine in the world can be compared with Thai in terms of the specificity of taste, saturation with spices and spices, as well as the combination of ingredients. But if you are not a fan of Thai dishes, then there are restaurants of European, American, Georgian cuisine, etc.

The cost depends on the class of the institution. A fast food snack will cost about 70 TNV, lunch in a middle-class cafe — 180 TNV, and dinner in a good restaurant — from 700 to 4000 TNV.

Public transport in Bangkok is represented by buses and minibuses. The fare is from 5 to 25 TNV — depending on the route and the comfort of transport: the most expensive are air-conditioned buses with soft seats and only seats.

Bangkok also has a subway: two surface and one underground lines. The ticket price depends on the distance (15-45 TNV). For 450 TNV you can buy a ticket for 15 trips.

If you call a taxi, it is better to choose cars equipped with meters. On average, the cost of a trip around the city is 50-250 TNV. You can also rent a car in Bangkok, this service will cost about 2000 TNV. However, taxis and rental cars — not the best option due to constant traffic.

An unusual, but very convenient way to move around the city — motorcycle taxi. In densely populated Bangkok, traffic jams — a common occurrence. In order not to waste time waiting, you can call a motorcycle taxi and reach your destination in a matter of minutes, maneuvering between cars frozen in a traffic jam.

Another unusual form of transport that will also help to avoid traffic jams, — this is a river tram along the Chao Phraya (Chao Phraya) River. This is not only a way to get to the right place, but also a kind of entertainment and water excursion.

How to dress in Bangkok

The climate of Bangkok has made this city a corner of eternal summer. In the capital of Thailand, there is no temperature with a minus sign. Therefore, dress here according to the weather, that is, in light summer clothes.

During the day it is quite comfortable in T-shirts and shorts. In the evening, sometimes there is a desire to change into jeans and throw a shirt over your shoulders. Jackets, coats and sweaters are redundant — Even after dark, Bangkok never gets cold enough to require a thorough warm-up.

Besides, be sure to bring hats, sunglasses, and high SPF cream. Don't let the hot winter sun ruin your holiday with a burn or heatstroke.

Tips for traveling with children

Bangkok in December: peak season

Winter — the best time of the year to travel to Bangkok. In December, the weather here is perfect for relaxing — despite the heat, the humidity level drops slightly, as a result of which the high temperature is easily tolerated. And in the evenings, pleasant freshness and coolness descend on the city. As for the weather, there is probably no better time to visit Bangkok than December.

Children will also enjoy the Christmas entourage in hot summer conditions. A trip to the capital of Thailand in December will be the most unusual New Year's memory for your child. And the amount of endorphins received from local entertainment and excursions will be enough for several years to come.

Visit Bangkok in December — it is a good idea for a family holiday. And so that the memories of the amazing resort do not fade, bring memorabilia from Thailand for yourself and your loved ones. With the choice of souvenirs, the article Kidpassage “What to bring from Bangkok as a gift: 27 ideas for authentic gifts” will help you. Have a pleasant and unforgettable holiday for you and your children!


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