B2B.Ostrovok launches a new technological way to pay for orders

Serviceonline booking hotels, flights and transfers for travel professionals B2B.Ostrovok.ru has launched a new way to pay for orders: now service partners can create links to pay for an order and send them to the client in any convenient way. The new solution will allow agents to improve service and work with tourists from anywhere in the world.

 B2B.Ostrovok launches a new technological way to pay for orders

Paying by link greatly simplifies the interaction between a travel agent and a client if they are located in different geography – a meeting in the office is not required to make a payment, which means that you can conduct business remotely. In addition, the use of payment links guarantees transparency and security of transactions – by clicking on the link, the client will be able to view the details of the order and immediately pay for it, he does not need to transfer bank card details to the agent.

Daria Kochetkova, Managing Director of the Ostrovok group of companies, commented: “The development of payment tools for travel agents is part of our long-term strategy and is in line with global global trends. The new method of paying for orders via a link changes the established principles of travel agencies and gives them the opportunity to do business anywhere, without being tied to an office. It also responds to the changing demands of customers everywhere who prefer to purchase goods and services online from the comfort of their homes. We believe that booking travel services should be as simple a purchase as any other online shopping, and we are ready to invest our time and resources in this.

A partner can create a payment link in his personal account in the card booking. You can create a link for one or several orders at once. You can combine different types of services in one payment, for example, a transfer and a hotel. In the process of creating a link, the partner can add the desired commission in percent or rubles, specify the expiration date of the link, and leave a comment for the client.

or a corporate card, and for some tariffs, payment by a client card at the time of check-in is available.


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