Attractions of Larnaca: Top 21

Larnaca Attractions: Top 21

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Before you travel to the Cypriot resort, read our review of “the main attractions of Larnaca”. We will tell you about what every curious tourist most often wants to see in Larnaca.

What is the first thing to see in Larnaca?

Not a single rating will allow listing all the interesting places in Larnaca at once. Therefore, we bring to your attention only the most popular and bought excursions in Larnaca:

1. Church of St. Lazarus

Sights of Larnaca: Top 21

The Church of St. Lazarus is an Orthodox church of the 9th century in the city of Larnaca

Larnaca Attractions: Top 21

Interior of the Church of Saint Lazarus in Larnaca Hannes Grobe/BHV

Even the best sights of Cyprus cannot always boast of the same wide popularity as this temple. It is in this holy place for believers all over the world that the remains of St. Lazarus, whom Jesus resurrected on the fourth day after his death. The clergy drove Lazarus out, forcing him to leave the city. The relics of the saint are the most valuable relic, which was partially taken to Constantinople. But a small part managed to survive in Larnaca. No matter how short your trip to Cyprus is, you should definitely visit this church and venerate the relics.

Official website: http://ru.agioslazaros

2. Larnaca Castle

Larnaca attractions: Top 21

Medieval fort and minaret of Jami Kebir mosque in Larnaca A.Savin

Medieval palace-fort, built in the 14th century to protect the city from attacks from the sea. During the Ottoman war, the building was almost completely destroyed, but at the beginning of the 17th century it was rebuilt and restored. During recent excavations, an ancient foundation was found, showing the original dimensions of the object. At one time, the castle belonged to the British, who turned it into a prisoner for the issuance and enforcement of death sentences. The gallows, located on the territory of the complex, was last used for its intended purpose in 1948. Now a museum is open in the palace, the collections of which acquaint guests with samples of Christian culture created in the 4th-19th centuries.

Official website:< /p>

3. Salt Lake

Larnaca attractions: Top 21

Larnaca Salt Lake View

Larnaca Attractions: Top 21

Flamingos on the Salt Lake in Larnaca

Such attractions of Larnaca should be visited first of all, but only in the cold season. In the winter months, pink flamingos live on the lake, migrating to Cyprus from Kazakhstan, France and Italy. Let's say right away that on hot summer days the place is more reminiscent of the beaches of Larnaca – the territory dries up completely. The bottom of the reservoir is covered with a huge layer of salt.

4. Europe Square

Sights of Larnaca: Top 21

Seagulls in Flight Fountain and Colonial Buildings at Europa Square in Larnaca Valantis Antoniades

Sights of Larnaca: Top 21

Monument to the philosopher Zenon on Europe Square in Larnaca

The area is famous for its colonial buildings built in the 19th century by the British. Having conquered the island, the latter began the active construction of government centers and warehouses. Today, the buildings have a completely different purpose: they are reserved for buildings for city services, galleries and museum complexes. In the central part there is a fountain illuminated in the evening with multi-colored illumination. The central avenue of the resort departs from Europe Square.

5. Mackenzie Beach

Sights of Larnaca: Top 21

Sandy Mackenzie Beach is a favorite vacation spot for residents and visitors of Larnaca NicosiaEurope

One of the reasons for Mackenzie's fame is its good location – it is located near the airport. People relaxing on the beach can take original photos with the plane “in the palm of your hand” or over your shoulder. The beach line is covered with fairly loose brown-yellow sand. The entry into the water is shallow, so tourists with children are happy to relax here. Finikoudes and Mackenzie city promenade combines a well-maintained promenade with paths for cyclists and pedestrians.

Watch the magnificent views of Larnaca in this beautiful video!

6. Finikoudes Beach

Sights of Larnaca: Top 21

View of Finikoudes city beach with clear and clear water

It is on this beach that both locals and travelers like to gather. A beautiful alley stretches along the line, on the sides of which exotic palm trees grow. After walking along it, you can walk from Larnaca Castle to Europe Square. On your way you will meet all kinds of shops and restaurants with cafes. Many local establishments are owned by Cypriot families and offer meze and other dishes of the national cuisine of Cyprus. If you do not know what to visit in Larnaca and dream of a quiet walk along the promenade and admiring the views of the beautiful sea, come here.

7. Stavrovouni Monastery

Larnaca Attractions: Top 21

The monastery of Stavrovouni on the top of a high mountain

According to historians, this temple was founded by the mother of Constantine (Emperor of Byzantium), later handing over to the clergy a part of the cross on which Christ was crucified. It is thanks to this version that the monastery got its name, which in translation sounds like “Mountain of the Cross”.

8. Church of Angeloktisti

Larnaca Attractions: Top 21

Byzantine Church of Angeloktisti XI century (from Greek ” built by angels”) in the village of Kiti

Larnaca attractions: Top 21

Mosaic of the 6th century depicting the Virgin with a baby in her arms and the archangels Michael and Gabriel

Temple of the 11th century, built on the remains of an early Christian church destroyed by the Arabs. From the first building, unique frescoes of the 6th century survived: a thick layer of plaster covering them preserved their values ​​to this day. Frescoes were found only in the middle of the 20th century, during the restoration of the building. Not far from Angeloktisti, you can see an old tree, which is under protection as a natural monument.

Official website:

9 Hala Sultan Tekke Mosque

Larnaca Attractions: Top 21

Hala Sultan Tekke Mosque is one of the most important Muslim shrines in Cyprus

Muslim city dwellers and travelers come here regularly. Since it is in this mosque that the ashes of Umm Haram are located – one of the key figures of the Islamic religion (according to various versions of historians, she was the nurse or aunt of the founder of Islam, the Prophet Muhammad). The complex, in addition to the main building, includes several living rooms for temporary accommodation of pilgrims, a cemetery, a mausoleum and a park. Guides in Larnaca recommend admiring all this from the opposite shore of the lake of pink flamingos.

10. Pieridis Museum

Larnaca attractions: Top 21

One of the halls of the Pieridis Museum in Larnaca Hermann Junghans

A private museum opened in the middle of the 19th century. The exhibition collections are located in a building that was once owned by the mayor of the city. Among the exhibits there are more than 2,500 pieces of art created in different times.

11. Kyriazis Medical Museum

Larnaca attractions: Top 21

The building of the Museum of Medicine. Kiriazisa in Larnaca A.Savin

 Larnaca Attractions: Top 21

View of one of the rooms in the Kyriazis Medical Museum with old operating Joannadt equipment

The center was founded in 2011. All exhibits are related to medicine and the history of medical practice. The collections include certificates, photographs, treatment tools, books, and medical equipment. Exhibits range from antique to modern and even cutting-edge designs. The museum has a garden where plants with healing properties grow.

Official website: http://larnakaregion

12. Archaeological Museum

Larnaca attractions: Top 21

Entrance to Larnaca Archaeological Museum at Kalograion Square Hermann Junghans

The exhibits of this city museum are archaeological finds created in the period from the 13th century BC to the 4th century. In other words, at the time when ancient Kition was in its heyday. Many unique products discovered by archaeologists have left Cyprus. In the center are only the “remains” found after 1967 (after the necessary amendments to the legislation of the state). If you don't know where to go in Larnaca, take advantage of the unique opportunity to look at the objects of the Bronze Age and Neolithic, the values ​​of the Mycenaean and Cretan cultures.

Official website: http://www.

13. Emira Pottery

Larnaca Attractions: Top 21

The process of making traditional Cypriot pottery at Emira Pottery by Michael Duxbury

The workshop opened its doors in 1987 thanks to the efforts of a single potter. Buy a ticket and you can see how the famous Cypriot pottery is made. Moreover, you will be asked to make a pot or other clay product to your taste on your own. Workshops are held for adults and children. You can buy memorable souvenirs in a local shop.

14. Lefkara Village

Sights of Larnaca: Top 21

Panorama of the village of Lefkara on the picturesque slopes of the Troodos mountain range in Cyprus

Listing the best attractions of Larnaca, many natives and guides start with this famous settlement. The village became famous for its unique ancient architecture, as well as for its talented craftsmen who make silver items and fine Lefkarian lace.

15. The ancient city of Kition

Sights of Larnaca: Top 21


According to history, the great-grandson of the biblical Noah was the creator of the ancient city. He founded Kition as a whole state in the 13th century BC. Saint Lazarus brought Christianity here. The complex of the ancient park includes the surviving walls and workshops, sarcophagi and five ancient pagan temples. In addition, in transparent showcases available for inspection by tourists, there are things that in former times were used to worship the gods of Egypt and Olympus. Reviews about visiting Kition are consistently enthusiastic.

Official website:

Sights of Larnaca: what else to visit in Larnaca?

Now you know what to see in Larnaca in 1 day is a must. But our recommendations do not end there. Speaking about the main attractions of Larnaca, we should also briefly highlight:

16. Hirokitia Settlement

Sights of Larnaca: Top 21

The Neolithic settlement of Choirokitia on a hillside in the Maroni River valley Ophelia2

Sights of Larnaca: Top 21

Reconstruction of the dwellings of the ancient settlement of Khirokitia Ophelia2

A unique museum complex in the fresh air. The archaeological settlement is the remains of an ancient city: only a few buildings managed to survive (residential cottages, reminiscent of bee hives, stairs, part of the wall). Thanks to the restoration, the objects still give a clear idea of ​​what Hirokitia looked like in ancient times.

Official website: http://whc.unesco.

17. Kamares Aqueduct

Attractions of Larnaca: Top 21

Arched spans of the ancient aqueduct – the Kamares aqueduct in Larnaca

If it seems to you that the aqueduct is a regular water supply system, you are mistaken. This object has a rich history and an unusual appearance: a long wall with a chute and an arch stretched for ten kilometers. If you have already seen all those sights of Larnaca, the photo with the name and description of which we have given above, come here: the old construction will not leave you indifferent.

18. Zenobia sunken ferry

Larnaca Attractions: Top 21

The sunken ferry Zenobia at a depth of forty-two meters near the coast of Larnaca Jetlife2

Larnaca Attractions: Top 21

Trucks of the sunken ferry Zenobia on a layer of pebbles and sand off the coast of Larnaca Jetlife2

The ferry sank at the end of the 20th century, and despite the fact that the event did not end in disaster (there were no casualties), Zenobia is called the Mediterranean Titanic. Divers are especially fond of coming here – they dive to the depths and study the wreckage of a ship, almost two hundred meters long, dreaming of finding some kind of jewelry. Were they able to discover really valuable things? Such finds were not uncommon in the past.

19. Camel Park

Larnaca attractions: Top 21

Camel Park – a place for family fun and outdoor fun in Larnaca

“House” for exotic animals began its work in 1998. Visitors to the complex are offered camel rides through the landscaped park area. In addition, it is allowed to have picnics and just relax in the bosom of nature. A wonderful restaurant of national cuisine has been opened. Children have their own play area. Even the best hotels in Larnaca can not always boast such a relaxing and fun environment.

Official website:

20. Golden Donkeys Donkey Farm

Sights of Larnaca: Top 21

Children at Golden Donkeys can pet, feed and ride the donkeys under the supervision of a staff member

The complex opened less than five years ago to help preserve the endangered species of donkeys. The number of inhabitants of the farm is about two hundred units. It is recommended to visit cute animals with the whole family.

Official website: https://www.goldendonkeys

21. Port Marina

< img title="Larnaca Attractions: Top 21" src="/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/dostoprimechatelnosti-larnaki-top-21-ca18e29.jpg" alt="Larnaca Attractions: Top 21" />< /p> Moored yachts and boats in Larnaca Marina

The port has space for almost half a thousand vessels, up to 40 meters in length. In the warm season, numerous ships are absent, while in the winter and spring months, the port is filled with luxury yachts. You can view the ships while walking along the wide bridge.

We hope that our tips will help you create your fascinating sightseeing route in Larnaca.


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