Attractions of Evpatoria: Top-30

Yevpatoria Attractions: Top 30

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Don't know what to see in Evpatoria, but have already planned a trip to this hospitable city? Then carefully study our review. We will tell you about those sights of Yevpatoriya, which every tourist should personally get acquainted with.

What to see in Yevpatoriya first of all?

When compiling our rating “The Best Sights of Yevpatoria”, we took into account the reviews of experienced travelers and the recommendations of qualified guides. In our general opinion, the most exciting excursions in Evpatoria are as follows:

1. Gorky Embankment

Sights of Evpatoria: Top 30

Snow-white rotunda along the city promenade named after Gorky in Evpatoria Steve Haslam

The main street of the city was restored about 15 years ago. Come here and you will be able to see Hercules with your own eyes, or rather, his statue. In addition to it, there are many more picturesque sculptures in the local park. Other main attractions of the embankment are the Gorky bas-relief, the city museum of local lore, a water park and areas for children's recreation and games. Restaurants and cafes operate throughout the territory.

2. Evpatoria Aquarium

Evpatoria Attractions: Top 30

A flock of bright and frisky Neons in the Tan Meng Yoe aquarium

What to visit in Evpatoria with the whole family? Relatively small aquarium, which is home to more than 1 species of various sea creatures. Turtles, iguanas, crocodiles and fish are housed in a two-story building with interior halls reminiscent of a magical underwater grotto.

Official website:

3. Dolphinarium

Sights of Evpatoria: Top 30

Dolphinarium on the embankment of the resort town of Evpatoria Boris Mavlyutov

The institution is located in a modern house, and enjoys great success among guests and residents of the city. You can buy a ticket for a unique show with fur seals and dolphins. Or you can swim with them (during the summer season) and take incredible photos.

Official website:

4. Aqualand “At Lukomorye”

Sights of Evpatoria: Top 30

Vacationers on the territory of the Aqualand “At Lukomorye” water park in Evpatoria Dmitry Sklyarenko

Opening date – 2014. The water park is made in the style of a fairy tale world: there is a Golden Fish, Baba Yaga, heroes and other heroes and characters from Pushkin's stories. Water rides are of varying difficulty and are designed for people of all ages. An animator-nanny works for kids.

Official site:

5. Kerkinitida

Evpatoria Attractions: Top 30

A fragment of the exposition of the archaeological complex of the ancient settlement of Kerkinitida Leonid Dzhepko

What to see in Evpatoria in 1 day for lovers of history and architecture? An ancient Greek city, formerly consisting of several hundred buildings. Of course, very little has survived to this day. You can visit the local museum and take a look at its unique old exhibits. And also see the ruins of ancient Greek houses and walls.

6. Evpatoria Museum of Local Lore

Sights of Evpatoria: Top 30

Entrance to the Evpatoria Local History Museum Boris Mavlyutov

Opening date – 1921. The museum is located in an old mansion built in the Moorish style (stucco, carvings, horseshoes and other relevant elements). The collections include all kinds of items (approximately 100,000 exhibits): documentation of the 18th-21st centuries, wardrobe trunks, porcelain, coins, ceramics. At the entrance in front of the building there are several cannons cast many decades ago.

Official website: http://www.eupatoriya-museum

7. Theater named after A. Pushkin

Evpatoria Attractions: Top 30

The building of the theater. A.S. Pushkin on Theater Square in Evpatoria Shpasic

Listing the cultural sights of Evpatoria, one cannot fail to mention this beautiful building of 1910. The shape of the building is reminiscent of the Parthenon in Athens. The pediment of the house is held on 8 columns, there are also colonnades in each corner. You can buy a ticket for a theater performance or stroll along the spacious terraces, admiring the city's embankment and the sea.

Official website: http://teatr-pushkina

8. Church of St. Elijah

Sights of Yevpatoria: Top 30

Church of St.

The date of construction of the Greek church is 1918. The temple in the form of a cross is made in a laconic and rather uncomplicated style. The walls are lined with sawn shell rock. In the 1990s, thanks to restoration, this architectural monument got its original appearance and regained its Sunday school. The interiors are decorated with frescoes with faces of saints, semicircular windows and icons.

Official website: http://www.iliynka-evpatoria

9. St. Nicholas Cathedral

Evpatoria Attractions: Top 30

Cathedral of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker (St. Nicholas) in the evening Boris Mavlyutov

Sights of Evpatoria: Top 30

Wall painting of St. Nicholas Cathedral in Evpatoria Oksanetta

Your trip to Evpatoria should certainly include a visit to this monolithic-concrete masterpiece of ancient architecture. The octagonal building is crowned with a giant dome, the front part is decorated with three types of crosses, including St. George's (in memory of the victims of the Crimean War).

Official website: /

10. Juma-Jami Mosque

Sights of Evpatoria: Top 30

Juma-Jami Mosque – the main Muslim temple of Evpatoria A.Savin

Evpatoria Attractions: Top 30

Inside the Juma-Jami mosque in Evpatoria Sergey Denisov

Object of the 16th century: a complex of two 35-meter minarets and a main 22-meter building. Few sights of Crimea can boast such a majestic view. The upper part of the mosque is crowned with a massive dome supporting a drum with windows. Guides in Yevpatoria will tell you a lot of fascinating facts about the history of this complex.

11. Pharmacy Museum of A.I. Rofe

Attractions Evpatoria: Top-30

Antique pharmaceutical scales

Quite an unusual museum in which a pharmacy is actually open. You can get acquainted with the ancient samples of medicines, and/or buy the necessary modern medicines. Like many hotels in Yevpatoriya, the institution is located in an old house built over 120 years ago.

12. Gozlevsky Gates

Sights of Yevpatoria: Top 30

Gozlevsky Gate or “Gate of the Wood Bazaar” in the center of Evpatoria Boris Mavlyutov

Part of the defensive structure of the 15th century. The gate consists of several levels, one of which now houses a coffee shop with artifacts and a mini-museum. You can get acquainted with the history of the city, and at the same time enjoy delicious national cuisine.

Official website:

13 .Dervishes

Evpatoria Attractions: Top 30

The ruins of a mosque on the territory of the Teke dervishes in Evpatoria Eugenmakh

A small two-storey building, preserved from the Middle Ages. The building is covered with a tiled domed roof. The interiors are not decorated with absolutely anything: inside you will see only plastered walls. Mysterious tekie used to be used by monks for dancing and singing, entering into a mystical trance. Few interesting places in Evpatoria have such an incredibly strong energy.

14. Armenian Church of St. Nikoghayos

Sights of Evpatoria: Top 30

The Armenian Church of St. Nikoghayos on the site of the former Armenian quarter of Eugenmakh

The temple was built in the 19th century. The building is made of white limestone. Initially, the building was a domed basilica with a beautiful altar, covered vaults and naves. During the years of the USSR, it was converted into a Nursing Home, and lost its church details. Fortunately, about 5 years ago, a long restoration was carried out, thanks to which the temple received its former appearance and opened to visitors.

15. Egia-Kapai Synagogue

Evpatoria Attractions: Top 30

A window with a stained-glass window in the form of a six-pointed star over the entrance to the synagogue Makshanov Evgeny Sergeevich

Listing the main sights of Yevpatoria briefly, one cannot fail to note this prayer house for Jews, built back in 1911. The building has several entrances – for women and for men. The main value of the synagogue is the altar, inside which the Torah scroll is kept. There is a cafe in the courtyard called Yoskin Kot, where you will be served kosher meals.

Official website:

< h3>16. Karaite kenasses

Sights of Yevpatoria: Top 30

Entrance to the complex of Karaite kenasses in Yevpatoria A.Savin

Don't know where to go in Evpatoria in order to spend time with benefit? Go to this monument of history, religion and culture of the 18th century. The complex includes buildings for various purposes, telling about the traditions and culture of the Karaites (ancient people). You can visit a cafe and taste real Karaite dishes, as well as an ethnographic museum and a temple.

17. Frunze Park

Sights of Yevpatoria: Top 30

Frunze Central Park of Culture and Leisure in Yevpatoriya – family vacation spot

On the territory there are cafes and restaurants, attractions for children and adults, extensive beach lines and green areas with shrubs and trees. In the warm season, concert performances are organized here. A wonderful place for those who want to relax in the fresh air.

18. Memorial complex “Krasnaya Gorka”

Evpatoria Attractions: Top 30

Panorama of the memorial complex “Red Hill” in Evpatoria Dmitry Malevich

One of the saddest sights of the city. Over 1,500 civilians were shot on the present square of the memorial in the Second World War. The most brutal murders lasted for about three years in a row, until the Red Army soldiers liberated Evpatoria. Nowadays, there is a memorial complex here, consisting of information stands, the Eternal Flame and monuments. On May 9, the main city parade is held here. In the evening, colorful lights illuminate the area.

19. Tropic Park Zoo

Sights of Evpatoria: Top 30

Ring-tailed lemur in the tropical park of the resort town of Evpatoria

Rodents, birds, primates, reptiles and amphibians are kept in conditions as close as possible to the natural fauna. Animals walk around the enclosures and even among the guests of the zoo.

Official website:

20. Arboretum

Evpatoria Attractions: Top 30

A picturesque corner of the arboretum

If you want to see the rarest specimens of flora, come to the arboretum. Shrubs, flowers and trees growing here are both exotic and familiar to the Crimean nature.

30″ src=”/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/dostoprimechatelnosti-evpatorii-top-30-b4ed4c5.jpg” alt=”Sights of Evpatoria: Top 30″ />

Tasting the best wines of the Crimean Peninsula ( a glass of red wine and a glass of white wine)

A complex with halls, the interior of which imitates the atmosphere of wine cellars. You can learn about factory wine production technologies, try different types of drinks and buy your favorite samples without fear of getting counterfeit.

Yevpatoriya attractions: what else to visit in Yevpatoriya?

We hope that those sights of Evpatoria, photos with names and descriptions of which you will see further, will be no less interesting to you than those that we have already listed above:

22. Dinopark

Evpatoria Attractions: Top 30

Life-size dinosaur in Dinopark

The entertainment complex was opened about 10 years ago. Children and adults are invited to admire the full-length dinosaurs. The figures not only stand, but also move, growl and are illuminated by lights. Also for the children there is a children's cafe, a swimming pool, labyrinths and a jungle with trampolines. Parents can visit the Mexican and fish restaurants, an aquarium with exotic marine life, bowling and an ice rink.

23. Pirates of the Black Sea Museum

Yevpatoria Attractions: Top 30

Treasure Chest of Wonderlane Sea Pirates < p>A private museum complex, the exhibits of which tell about the Black Sea pirates. Exhibition halls are located in the basement of the building, which used to store barrels of wine. Most of the collection items are ancient artifacts, once discovered by someone on sunken ships. In total, the expositions include over two hundred items – coins, navigation systems, edged weapons and cannons, cannonballs and bullets, pistols and crossbows. Several halls imitate the atmosphere of the cabin of the treasurer of the pirates and the ordinary sailor. The complex is not too big, however, really interesting. After the tour, guests are invited to become participants in master classes, and make pirate amulets and even bullets with their own hands, as well as learn how to knit marine knots. The museum is recommended for visiting with the whole family.

Official website:

24. Banana Republic Water Park

Evpatoria Attractions: Top 30

Water park “Banana Republic” – a modern water entertainment complex

The largest water park in Crimea, capable of receiving more than 2.5 thousand guests at the same time. On the spacious territory there are pools with fresh purified water and 25 water attractions of various levels. In addition to them, here you will find fountains, waterfalls and water slides. Comfortable areas with sun loungers are provided for a relaxing holiday. The landscape of the square is quite exotic. The main feature of the “Banana Republic” is the figures of ancient gods and mythical creatures made of stone.

Official website:

25. Night disco club “Malibu”

Sights of Yevpatoria: Top 30

Active nightlife

The legendary entertainment venue of the city, included in the list of the largest clubs in Europe. The three-story complex, designed for 3,000 guests, is represented by an observation deck and spacious dance floors. For more than 14 years, only electronic music has been staged here, constantly inviting the world's most famous DJs.

26. Karting Center

Sights of Evpatoria: Top 30

Karting is an entertainment for lovers of outdoor activities

In the center there are three modern race tracks at once. Visitors are offered new maps and special protective equipment for high-speed but safe driving.

Official website: https://www.krym4you

27. Central City beach

Sights Evpatoria: Top 30

Place for a photo on the Central city beach Vyacheslav Argenberg

The gently sloping entrance to the sea and the absence of sharp rocks make this sandy beach especially popular with parents with small children. Please note that the number of tourists here is always high.

28. Cote d'Azur Beach

Sights of Evpatoria: Top 30

Rest on the beach Cote d'Azur Aleksander Kaasik

A colorful 220-meter line with sun loungers, awnings, water activities, bars and even VIP bungalows at the edge of the sea. This beach is the most comfortable and clean in the city. But it is also never empty.

Official website:

29. Lake Sasyk-Sivash

< p>Evpatoria Attractions: Top 30

Delightful landscape of the Sasyk-Sivash salt lake Nimuel23

Translated into Russian, the name of this natural attraction sounds like “stinking mud”. The fact is that in the 14-15 centuries the reservoir exuded a truly terrifying aroma that filled the entire surrounding territory. Today, like many years ago, salt is mined from the lake. We recommend that you come here to personally look at the water of an extraordinary pink color (specific local algae give the tint to the reservoir).

30. Lake Moinak

Evpatoria Attractions: Top 30

General view of Lake Moynakskoye on the western outskirts of Evpatoria Rumlin

The bottom of the lake is covered with healing mud. Once the reservoir was part of the Black Sea, but later it was separated by a sand spit. The unusual possibilities of mud were discussed as early as the 19th century. In 1886, a clinic was founded here, whose patients could get rid of a wide variety of diseases. By the way, it was then that the city began to gain fame as a medical resort. People came here from all district settlements, and even remote cities and countries.

If you want your trip to Evpatoria to be unforgettable, be sure to develop your own excursion route in advance. Use our recommendations, and you can do it without much difficulty. Read also about the sights of Sevastopol and get inspired for a further journey through the Crimea.


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