Attractions of Ayia Napa 2021 (Rating + PHOTO)

Ayia Attractions -Napas 2021 (Rating + PHOTO)

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When visiting the sights of Cyprus, you cannot pass by the city of Ayia Napa. Don't know what to see in Ayia Napa? Especially for you, we have compiled a list of popular places in this town, which included the most interesting sights of Ayia Napa. This resort is the most famous and lively town in Cyprus, boasting an interesting historical past. The translation sounds like “Holy Woods”. This name is associated with a shrine discovered here in the 7th-8th centuries. The face of the Most Holy Theotokos was hidden by the Byzantines from those who fought with faith. After 100 years, the icon was found by a random traveler, later believers from all over the world began to come to this cave.

After a while, a temple with a chapel was erected over the cave. Today it is Ayia Napa, a monastery that looks almost unchanged.

Ayia Napa Attractions 2021 (Rating + PHOTO)

City street in Ayia Napa AyianapaProtaras

The city became a center of tourism in the 80s. It developed very quickly, began to attract attention with amazingly beautiful beach areas and all sorts of water activities. Ayia Napa is a chic place for an active pastime, the nightlife is in full swing here due to the many working bars and nightclubs.

The main attractions of Ayia Napa in Cyprus

The city is rich in interesting places. You can go here not only for active recreation. On the map of Ayia Napa in Cyprus, the sights are full of variety. Therefore, experienced guides in Ayia Napa recommend tourists must-see places:

    the monastery. The Fountain House is located in the courtyard; precious marble was used in the manufacture. The founder of the monastery is buried here. Also, tourists are attracted by the local chapel, the veil that Saint Veronica gave to Jesus Christ on a trip to Calvary;

Ayia Attractions -Napas 2021 (Rating + PHOTO)

Monastery in Ayia Napa in Cyprus Claus Ableiter

    Sea Museum “Talassa” Excursions to Ayia Napa always include this attraction in their itinerary. The expositions of the museum are on the maritime theme, their goal is to give locals and guests the necessary knowledge about the importance of the sea in the life of the island nation from antiquity to the present. You can see unique items from the Cypriot coast. Guests can get acquainted with the history of shipbuilding and navigation of the period BC;

Ayia Napa Attractions 2021 (Rating + PHOTO)

Thalassa Sea Museum in Ayia Napa ChristosV

Official site:

    Cape Greco. This is the perfect place for lovers of romance. An ideal place to watch sunsets and meet sunrises. There is amazing nature here. The newlyweds take beautiful photos on the “bridge of lovers”. The location is ideal for cycling or just walking. Here, extreme lovers can go diving in the caves;

Ayia Napa Attractions 2021 (Rating + PHOTO)

Cape Greco in Ayia Napa Anna Anichkova

    medicinal herbs park. Here, every tourist will have something to see and something to do; city ​​of Famagusta. Tourists are attracted by the closed quarter of Varosha. It's practically a set for a disaster movie;

Ayia Napa Attractions 2021 (Rating + PHOTO)

The closed tourist quarter of Varosha Shanomag

    water park, representing a whole mini-country, everything is done in mythological style and according to ancient Greek legends. Here you will see the Trojan horse, Atlantis and other manifestations of human imagination;

Ayia Napa Attractions 2021 (Rating + PHOTO)

Aquapark in Ayia Napa Maxim Ulitin

Official website:

    moon -a park. There is an interesting saying: “In the evenings, in the sky of Ayia Napa, you can hear people screaming – they are being shot from a “slingshot”;

Ayia Napa Attractions 2021 (Rating + PHOTO)

Luna Park in Ayia Napa Maxim Ulitin

Official site:

    outdoor sculpture park. It offers amazing views of the sea. Sculptures are presented in a wide variety. The only negative is that you can’t find shade here, so it’s better to choose a not very hot time to visit.

Ayia Napa Attractions 2021 (Rating + PHOTO)

Ayia Napa Sculpture Park Beata Rostas Feel the atmosphere of Ayia Napa in this beautiful video!

What to see in Ayia Napa on your own

Tourists call this city a big big dance floor. Quite quickly, the fishing village turned into a real Cypriot Riviera for young people and even pensioners. Here you will find fun affordable and wishes for everyone: young people, families and elderly couples.

In the city, everything is intertwined in an amazing way. You can watch topless girls. Try excellent fish delicacies in local restaurants. Test your fearlessness at the local amusement park. Hang out until morning in a nightclub, enjoying groovy music and three free cocktails.

Ayia Napa Attractions 2021 (Rating + PHOTO)

Luna Park. Attraction “Catapult” OldMuzzle

So, in Cyprus in Ayia Napa, the photo shows the main attractions. Among them are the monastery of Ayia Napa and the rock tombs of Makronisos, which are located near the beach area of ​​the same name. The Greco-Roman complex contains ancient tombs, sanctuaries and quarries. The entrance to the tombs is open to tourists, although excavations are still ongoing.

Enjoying the nightlife and attractions of Ayia Napa in Cyprus

The city remains a youth resort. That is why the evening sights of the city of Ayia Napa in Cyprus so attract young people from all over the world.

A full-fledged club quarter is open here with all kinds of entertainment facilities that are literally lined up in rows. Music is heard from all sides until dawn.

Ayia Napa Attractions 2021 (Rating + PHOTO)

Nightlife in Ayia Napa Maxim Ulitin

Often, nighttime fun starts from the labyrinth of fear Nightmare, which practically opens the “club” street. The scenery is truly frightening and bright.

For a more relaxing holiday, you can visit the local taverns and cafes. The cost of visiting will depend on the rank of the institution. Some nightclubs require you to pay an entrance fee. You will also have to pay for foam parties.

Nine must-do things in Ayia Napa:

    go to the baths of Aphrodite to wash yourself with “rejuvenating” water;

Ayia Napa Attractions 2021 (Rating + PHOTO)

“Baths of Aphrodite” in Ayia Napa Wojciech Biegun

    organize an excellent photo session against the backdrop of amazing landscapes; test yourself in bungee jumping; make a wish by tying a ribbon on a 600-year-old mulberry tree; have fun all night long on the Black Pearl and watch the sunrise in the sea;

Sights of Ayia Napa 2021 (Rating + PHOTO)

Pleasure ship “Black Pearl” in Ayia Napa El Nino

    ride a very fast “Skimmer”; scuba diving and test yourself in search of treasures; go to the donkey farm in Skarina and ride one of the local inhabitants – a donkey; try new water sports and swim until the next holiday.

You can appreciate other attractions of Cyprus near Ayia Napa. You can ask in advance about possible sightseeing tours, their duration, in order to plan a possible trip for new experiences.

Ayia Napa attractions in Cyprus for children

The tourist city is perfect for a good rest for the whole family. On the photo and descriptions, the sights of Ayia Napa in Cyprus look interesting and bright. But this can not be compared with the real sensations during his visit. Children will definitely like it, only positive impressions will remain from the rest.

Ayia Napa Attractions 2021 (Rating + PHOTO)

Sandy beach in Ayia Napa Evgeniy Isaev

Local beaches are characterized by a gentle slope into the water, they are sandy and, it would seem, specially created for children. At first glance, the local rest seems too noisy. But it is possible to organize a relaxing holiday if you take the choice of accommodation responsibly. The best time for a family holiday is from April to May, when there are no lovers of noisy festivities on the coast.

Ayia Napa Attractions 2021 (Rating + PHOTO)

Theme water park in Ayia Napa CaptainGG

Younger guests will enjoy the local water park. It is quite possible to spend the whole day here, because in addition to the slides, you can eat in the cafeteria and relax in the gazebo. The administration of the park regularly holds children's holidays with a seasonal updated program. The park has been awarded more than one award for carefully thought-out leisure and ensuring the safety of young visitors.

In the amusement park, you can ride a child on one of the many attractions. An area of ​​30 thousand square meters is equipped with carousels, trampolines, slot machines, even a swimming pool.

A few facts about Ayia Napa

How to get to the city and attractions of Ayia Napa in Cyprus? Larnaca Airport operates here, located literally 35 kilometers from the resort town. The main air hub of Cyprus serves several dozen flights every day.

Buses run from the airport to the city itself. The stop is located right at the exit from the terminal. You can use taxi services. The journey will take from 40 minutes to 1.5 hours. It is possible to get to Ayia Napa from all major settlements in Cyprus by bus or taxi.

Ayia Napa Attractions 2021 (Rating + PHOTO)

Local transport for tourists

Minibuses and taxis run around the city . They are more used to visit neighboring cities or short trips. Since the town itself is small in size, you can walk or bike around it.

The bus is a great opportunity to quickly explore local places of interest. It starts at the central square, stops at the main attractions and follows to nearby settlements. The price of the trip depends on the distance.


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