Attractions in Qatar: Top 10

Qatar Attractions: Top 10< /p> Hotels Qatar See great deals

Qatar is a small state in the Persian Gulf, which, like most countries in the Middle East, has rich natural resources and world authority. No one will have a question what to see in Qatar – everyone in this generous land will find something interesting for themselves: numerous entertainment centers for children and adults, ultra-modern beaches equipped with all amenities, museums, colorful markets and other interesting places. The main resort of Qatar is the capital city of Doha, where all the main attractions of Qatar are concentrated. For example, here you can soak up the equipped snow-white beaches, do exciting shopping in the best shops, outlets and boutiques.

First things to see in Qatar

The tourist infrastructure of Qatar has reached the highest level, while the level of prices for various types of services here is affordable. Therefore, the best sights are now available in Qatar to anyone, you just have to choose those that will be included in your travel plan. Recommendations on what to see in Qatar in the first place are given in this article.

1. Doha City

Qatar Attractions: Top 10

Panorama of the city of Doha on the coast of the Persian Gulf

Choosing what to see in Qatar in 1 day, you should first of all go to its capital – Doha. Today it is one of the fastest growing cities in the world and one of the most prosperous cities on the coast of the Persian Gulf, and for some time now – the oil and economic center of Qatar. Huge skyscrapers, high-tech buildings, a lot of historical objects in the “old center”, the latest entertainment centers, boutiques, villas, artificial islands – all this attracts millions of tourists to the capital, thanks to which the country's economy is gaining momentum every year.

2. Corniche (Doha)

Qatar Attractions: Top 10

The area of ​​skyscrapers at night along the Corniche

One of the main attractions of the capital is the Corniche, which stretches along the Persian Gulf. Here, right on the coast, the most modern high-rise buildings with amazing architecture are concentrated, symbolizing the economic prosperity of Doha and Qatar as a whole. This is a complex of prestigious objects that alternate with green parks and places for recreation. In recent years, the embankment has become a visiting card, the “face” of the whole of Qatar.

3. Museum of Islamic Art

Qatar Attractions: Top 10

Facade of the building of the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha

The rating of attractions continues with the Museum of Islamic Art – the main museum of the country and at the same time the largest museum in the countries of the Persian Gulf. Also, like most of the attractions of Qatar, the museum is very young – it opened in 2008. The unusual architecture of the building is impressive: several huge stone blocks of the building are erected one above the other in a harmonious composition in the form of a tower, which in appearance resembles a luxurious sheikh's villa. Inside, a collection of Islamic art products is exhibited – samples of ceramics, textiles, manuscripts and other Islamic artifacts.

Official website:< /p>

4. Aspire Tower

Qatar Attractions: Top 10

Lighting up the 318m Aspire Tower

Another landmark of Qatar, worthy of being elevated to the status of a symbol of the country, is located in Doha in the Sports City sports complex and is called the Aspire Tower. This is the object that is among the first places to see in Qatar, and it is simply impossible not to notice it – the torch-shaped tower has a height of 318 m, so it rises noticeably above the capital and is overlooked from anywhere in the city. A special view of the Aspire Tower is created at night – the tower, the surface of which is completely framed by several thousand LED bulbs, begins to glow as if it is wrapped in an LED blanket.

5. Al Kut Fort

< p>Qatar Attractions: Top 10

Feeding camels in front of Al Koot Fort StellarD

Despite the fact that most of the sights of Qatar are still very “young”, there is something to see in Qatar for lovers of antiquity. Al Kut is a great example of this: the fortification was built at the end of the century before last, when this region of Qatar was still occupied by Turkey. At that time, the fort served as a police station, and later – a prison. In the 20s of the last century, Al Kut was completely rebuilt, but for many years the fortress was not used in any way, until a museum was opened in it in 1978, where products of national crafts, historical photos and artistic pictures.

Feel the atmosphere of Qatar in this beautiful video!

Qatar attractions: what else to visit in Qatar

Going to Qatar, in addition to the list of the main attractions of Qatar, you should always take into service a couple of other interesting objects, if there is an opportunity to see something else. To do this, below is an overview and description of interesting, attractive, impressive places in Qatar worth visiting.

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Watchtowers in Umm Salal Mohammed

There is something to visit in Qatar from fortifications similar to Al Kut – for example, Fort Umm Salal Mohammed near the capital. It is a relatively small fortress with two towers and a restored small mosque. But reviews testify that this landmark of Qatar is impressive not for its size, but for its location and surrounding landscapes: the contrast of the hot desert, clear azure sea and the ancient walls of the fort creates a unique breathtaking atmosphere.

7. Zubara Fort


Qatar Attractions: Top 10

Fort Zubara – Former Coast Guard Post

The next example of what to visit in Qatar from fortifications is the Zubara Fort, built at the beginning of the last century as a coast guard post. This landmark of Qatar is a fortress made in a laconic style, traditional for buildings of this type: massive walls and sand-colored battlements look simple and harmonious against the backdrop of desert landscapes. Once upon a time there was a city on the site of the fort, which flourished as a center of great trade and pearl fishing. Currently, there is a museum within the walls of the fort, which displays photos from the excavations of the fortress and various archaeological finds.

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Special Arabic flavor of the Souq Waqif market

Where to go in Qatar to feel the very spirit of the East, the local national flavor? Of course, go to the Souq Waqif market – one of the most suitable for tourism oriental bazaars in the Middle East. Indeed, on the territory of the market there is a whole tourist center, as well as a lot of cafes and restaurants with a traditional setting and classic national dishes. In addition, here you can buy souvenirs and handicrafts, while the market is organized so that there is no usual fuss and crowds.

Official website: http://www.souq-waqif-doha.

9. Ethnographic village “Katara” (Doha)

Qatar Attractions: Top 10

Building in oriental style in the ethnographic village “Katara”

Another colorful attraction of Qatar, which is often included in a trip, is the ethnographic village of Qatar. The main task in the creation of this facility was to familiarize the indigenous people and guests of the country with the centuries-old culture and traditions of the country. This is an ideal place to see in Qatar for a close acquaintance with the spirit of the country and its customs. Walking through the village, you can go to an art gallery with selected works by Qatari artists, visit a restaurant with national cuisine, visit one of the many shops with pearls, and even relax on an ennobled beach with various types of water activities.

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10. The pearl of Qatar – an artificial island

Qatar Attractions: Top 10

Aerial view of the artificial island of the Pearl of Qatar

Finally, excursions in Qatar should be supplemented with a visit to a small artificial island – the Pearl of Qatar with an area of ​​​​only 4 sq. km. The island is a rather ambitious project of the Qatari authorities – now the most prestigious housing is being built and put up for sale, which is bought up mostly by foreign citizens. The new coast of the island is completely built up with villas and luxury apartments, the best hotels, boutiques and restaurants. And the name “Pearl” arose due to the fact that earlier pearl mining was actively carried out on the site of the island.

The small state of Qatar, which in a matter of years transformed from a desert into a paradise, took its rightful place on the tourist map of the world. Today, the tourism industry is one of the leading directions in the country's economy. To attract tourists, Qatar hotels offer affordable prices with the highest level of service, and guides in Qatar organize excellent educational trips, based on the individual interests of each foreign guest. Also read about the best sights of the UAE and get inspired for your further journey through the countries of the Middle East!


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