ATOR: beach holidays in Abkhazia and Gelendzhik will cost the least in September

ATOR: it will cost the least in September beach holidays in Abkhazia and Gelendzhik

Experts told us which resorts fans of beach holidays should pay attention to at the end of September, as well as how much such holidays will cost, ATOR reports.
Abkhazia and Russian beach destinations are noticeably cheaper in the first month of autumn compared to the end of August. Thus, a tour to a neighboring republic for ten nights with a flight to Sochi can be found for 50 thousand rubles for two.
A similar vacation in Russia costs more: in Gelendzhik – from 55 thousand rubles, Anapa – from 62 thousand, and in Sochi – from 67 thousand rubles. Over the past half month, the cost of beach holidays has dropped by about 20 percent.

Holidays in the UAE have fallen in price less – by 12 percent. The minimum budget is 93 thousand rubles for two.

More than 60 percent of sea tour bookings during this period were to Turkey. It's still summer weather there, and prices have dropped significantly compared to August. You can spend a week and a half in the “five” on the Antalya coast for 136 thousand rubles. Holidays on the Aegean Sea are a third cheaper.
In September, the popularity of Egypt begins to grow: the extreme summer heat has already ended, but the high season and rising prices have not yet arrived. Travel package for two – from 105 thousand rubles. Thailand is noticeably more expensive, from 143 thousand rubles. By adding another 25 thousand rubles, you can fly to Cuba.
Maldives and Seychelles are the most expensive destinations in September. To vacation there you need to prepare at least 250 thousand rubles.
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