Antalya in December: Christmas spirit in sunny Turkey

Today it is almost impossible to find a person who has never heard of Antalya. Still, it is the most popular resort in Turkey! Throughout the 20th century, Antalya has been actively developing in the tourism direction and by the end of the century it has achieved unprecedented resort significance both for vacationers and for the country's economy.

The high season here is the period from late April to October, but tourists come in Antalya all year round. This city — not only a beach resort, but also a place with a rich history, picturesque nature and a lot of cultural and entertainment areas.

A surge in tourist activity naturally occurs in December, as people come here to spend the New Year holidays and celebrate the holidays. For those who have planned an acquaintance with the beautiful Antalya for the first winter month, it is recommended to read this Kid Passage article before the trip. Useful tips collected by our portal will help you better prepare for your December vacation in Turkey.  

Antalya in December: the spirit of Christmas in sunny Turkey

Vacations in Antalya in December: pros and cons

Winter is considered the low season in Turkey, but this does not mean that the local resorts are completely empty. There are tourists who, on the contrary, are attracted by the off-season. Reviews of holidays in Antalya in December confirm that at this time of the year you can relax no worse (and perhaps even better!) than in summer. What is attractivethe first winter month?

  • Warm weather. The weather in Antalya cannot be called perfect — It's still windy and rainy here. However, the mercury column does not drop below +5 ºC even at night, and this is already a good reason to leave here from a snowy winter with frosts of −30 ºC.
  • The number of tourists. Vacationers also come to the resort in December, but their numbers are much smaller compared to the summer months.
  • Fresh fruits. Thanks to the mild climate, fresh fruits can be found in Antalya even in winter. Bestsellers — citrus fruits, but the markets also have pomegranates, quinces, grapes and even strawberries.
  • Season of sales. December — the best time for shopping, as the season of large-scale sales starts in Turkey.
  • New Year's entourage. Already in mid-December, the city dresses up in Christmas outfits. Hotels, cafes and even ordinary streets are transformed on Christmas Eve.

However, Antalya in December also has cons. Some disadvantages are so significant that tourists do not even consider vacationing during this period. So, December Antalya definitely disappoints those who bet on a beach holiday. The Mediterranean Sea cools down already in early November, due to the low water temperature, swimming in December is impossible.

Remain dissatisfied and wishing to save. Despite the fact that December actually belongs to the low season, the cost of holidays during this period is one of the highest of the year. It's all about the Christmas excitement — many people want to celebrate the holidays in a warm sunny resort, so the tourist flow increases significantly on the eve of the New Year, but already in early January it starts to decline.

In addition, the weather can let you down. Winters in Antalya are warm, but windy and rainy. However, the peak of bad weather falls in the middle of winter, therefore, with a high degree of probability, favorable weather conditions await tourists in December.

Weather in Antalya in December

Weather in Antalya in December — January is changeable, sunny days are often replaced by rainy ones. In the middle of winter, the amount of precipitation increases, and the winds become as cold and piercing as possible.

The weather in early December is the most favorable for winter holidays. During this period, clear days prevail, rains are possible, but this is rather rare for the first half of the month.

The temperature in Antalya in mid-December pleases vacationers with positive marks. Even at night, the mercury column does not fall below zero. Of course, in the evenings and at night you can no longer walk in a T-shirt and shorts, but the weather is more than comfortable for romantic walks in the open air.

The weather in Antalya at the end of December is moderately cool, with low rainfall. There are more cloudy days than sunny days, but overcast days are still in the minority.

If you want to visit Antalya in winter, then there is no better time than December. Since mid-January, the weather conditions have been deteriorating: the winds are getting colder, the air temperature is dropping, and it is raining more and more often. But at the beginning of winter, tourists have every chance to catch warm sunny weather.

Air and water temperature

Local climate — subtropical with tropical features. The city is characterized by mild rainy winters and long dry summers. The wet season is from October to April. At this time, it often rains, cold winds blow. However, the temperature does not drop to minus levels here even in winter.

Air temperature in Antalya in December

The average day and night temperatures in the resort are +14.7 °C and +9.3 °C respectively. There are days when it is comfortable even in a T-shirt. But in the evening it is better not to go outside without a hoodie or windbreaker.

Water temperature in the sea

The beach season in Antalya starts in mid-May and ends in early November. In December, you will no longer see bathers on the coast, except perhaps “walruses” tempered, forcing shudder passing by. The water temperature in the Mediterranean Sea is +19.7 °C, and every week this figure drops lower and lower.


Average for throughout December, the resort receives 95.9 mm of precipitation, the total number of rainy days is seven. At the beginning of the month, tourists, most likely, will not find it raining at all. But for those who are planning a trip for the last days of December, it is recommended to take an umbrella with you.

Sunny, cloudy, cloudy days

Sunny weather takes 61% of the time of the whole month, which is equivalent to 19 days. Cloudy days account for 20%. Cloudy weather remains 19% of December.

Sightseeing holidays in Antalya

Antalya in December: Christmas spirit in sunny Turkey< /p>

Tourists, as a rule, are not embarrassed by the cold sea, because those who travel to Antalya in December are primarily focused on experiences, and not on beach relaxation. The lack of favorable conditions for a beach holiday does not mean at all that guests of the resort will be bored: this city is beautiful and multifaceted, it always has something to show even the most sophisticated travelers.

You can find excursions in Antalya for every taste: from hiking in the mountains to exploring the historical part of the resort — Old Town. Nature has generously endowed Antalya with beauty, the eventful history has left the city with a lot of memorable places and buildings, and the Turkish authorities have worked hard to create entertainment locations.

One of the most significant architectural sights of Antalya is Hadrian's Gate. Once the whole city was surrounded by an impregnable wall with several exits, which were securely sealed against the threat of an enemy attack. Only one such entrance has survived to this day, and this is — Hadrian's Gate, or Uch Kapilar.

The gate was erected as early as 130 AD. e., before the arrival of Emperor Hadrian. They look very elegant, in every centimeter you can feel the delicate decorative taste of the masters. Involuntarily, doubts arise that this work of architectural art actually served to protect and strengthen the city, and not for beauty.

Lovers of ancient architecture will also be interested in Hydirlik Tower— an interesting structure, similar to a huge brown-yellow drum. Once it was a local lighthouse and a protective fortress, and today — popular tourist attraction.

Another interesting and frequently visited place in Antalya is Mini City Miniature Park in Dokuma Park, where all significant sights of Turkey in a reduced version. Palaces and fortresses, monasteries and mosques, as well as limestone Pamukkal terracese and Mausoleum of Kemal Ataturk — all exhibits are exact replicas of their real prototypes.

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Please note that “Mini City” ; is in the open air. In early December, the walk will turn out to be quite pleasant, but in the last days of the month, rain can spoil the impression.

Adds attractions to the local mountainous landscape. So, in the city there is a cascade of waterfalls, which is formed by the Duden River. Excursions are organized to the Duden waterfalls, entrance is paid only in the area of ​​​​the upper waterfall, you can see the lower one completely free of charge.

Around the waterfalls there are also karst caves, observation platforms, places for recreation. At certain times of the day, the sun and waterfalls create a simple yet beautiful optical illusion — rainbow. And since 2015, the lower waterfall has been equipped with lighting, which allows you to admire it even at night. At the end of December, during the rainy season, the waterfalls become especially stormy and full-flowing.

Historical and architectural sights are unlikely to captivate children, but the list of Antalya attractions is not limited to ancient fortresses and museums. You can have fun with the whole family, for example, in the famous aquarium or zoo.

Holidays, events, festivals

Antalya in December: the spirit of Christmas in sunny Turkey

The main holiday of December — it is, of course, New Year. Although in Turkey it is celebrated relatively recently — since 1926, when the country switched to the Gregorian calendar, but in terms of scope, the celebration is in no way inferior to the festivities in European countries. Turkey even has its own Santa. True, they call him Noel Baba here.

The celebration of the New Year in Antalya as a whole is not much different from the standard European one: a sumptuous dinner, a countdown to midnight, and then a magnificent fireworks display on the main square of the city.

Other holidays in Antalya in December are one-time events. And on the eve of the New Year, as a rule, there are a lot of them: themed concerts and parties, performances, exhibitions, festivals and much more. Be sure to check the event schedule before your trip.

Prices for holidays in December

Prices in Antalya in December cannot be called the lowest of the year, since during this period tourist demand rises noticeably. However, there is good news — the rise in price begins only in the second half of the month, and in early December you can still relax at pleasant prices.

Price of tours

In November, the cost of tours to Antalya is about 10% lower than in early December, and 30–50% lower than at the end of the month. Prices are at their peak for several weeks and start to decline from mid-January.

Flight cost

In November and the first half of December, the price of a flight is almost the same, and quite low. Fluctuations are less than 1%. By the end of December, airfare prices rise by about 30%.


In November — the first half of December, the lowest prices for accommodation are observed. But the closer the New Year, the higher the price tag becomes. The most expensive rooms are offered in the last days of December — early January.

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Meals and transfers

Antalya in December: Christmas spirit in sunny Turkey

It is difficult to stay hungry in Antalya — there are so many cafes and restaurants with varied cuisine, pricing and even the number of stars. In the city you can find both cheap canteens, where lunch will cost 50 lira, and luxury restaurants with a price tag starting from 500 lira. A check in a middle-class cafe is about 70–100 lira.

Antalya, located on the Mediterranean coast, — This is a true paradise for seafood lovers. In many establishments for lunch you can get fish that was still swimming in the sea in the morning. Naturally, you should definitely try real Turkish cuisine — Thanks to the Turkish love for spices and spices, local dishes are distinguished by their rich and unique taste.

Those who do not like gastronomic delights and experiments can visit the good old Burger King. or McDonald's. In addition, you can buy shawarma, kebab, sandwich from the hawker. A street snack will cost no more than 10–15 lira.

Antalya is a fairly large resort, so you can't do without a personal car or public transport. Buses, trams and dolmush run around the city. The fare varies within 3 & ndash; 10 lire.

For convenience, you can use a taxi — There are several official services in the city. Interestingly, you can simply call a car from the street: there are special yellow buttons at intersections for this. All cars are equipped with meters, a trip within the city will cost about 50–80 lira.

How to dress in Antalya

For a winter holiday in Antalya, you will have to prepare a large suitcase, as you will need both summer and winter clothes during the trip. However, do not take too many T-shirts — hot days in December are possible, but this is more of a rarity than a pattern. Jeans, long-sleeved shirts, sweatshirts, windbreakers and sweatshirts for evening walks should be a priority in the tourist wardrobe.

Despite the fact that beach holidays are not available, it is recommended to bring swimwear and flip flops. There are many baths and hammams in Antalya, and many hotels have heated pools.

As for shoes, it is better to give preference to comfortable sneakers or boots. Tourists, as a rule, walk a lot around the city and its environs. Heeled shoes will come in handy for those who plan to attend New Year's Eve parties.

Recommendations for families with children

Antalya in December: Christmas spirit in sunny Turkey

If you are not focused on a beach holiday, then feel free to come to Antalya with children in December. At the beginning of winter, the weather here is comfortable, almost all the tourist infrastructure is fully operational, and the spirit of Christmas is in the air.

  • Family holidays in Antalya: Kidpassage tips

Many local hotels are family oriented. Visitors with children can get a baby cot and high chairs, as well as a caring babysitter and a cheerful animator to boot.

The resort has a lot of entertainment for young tourists of all ages, you can learn more about them in the Kid Passage article «5 the best entertainment for children in Antalya».

In general, December can be called a good month to come to Antalya with children. Even if cloudy days and rains fall during your vacation, the festive atmosphere, exciting excursions and an optimistic attitude will still outweigh the bad weather.


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