Anfisa Chekhova is resting in Dubai, and the haters are on the alert

TV presenter Anfisa Chekhova posted a new photo in a swimsuit on social networks, which excited her subscribers.

Anfisa Chekhova is resting in Dubai, but the haters are not sleeping

Anfisa Chekhova is resting in Dubai, but the haters are not sleeping< /p>

The TV presenter went to Dubai to enjoy the sun. Nevertheless, Chekhova does not leave her subscribers without new posts to discuss. In the pictures, the TV star poses in a bathing suit against the backdrop of the sea.

«When you are not in the mood, but you still went to the beach to take cool pictures. Retrograde Mercury, his mother by the leg, ”she signed the picture.

However, not all subscribers appreciated the pictures of the 45-year-old presenter. Some doubted the authenticity of the photos, accusing the star of photoshop and doubting the source of her income: “Anfisa, you have a good figure! Why photoshop yourself? The waves changed direction abruptly""""Are you a kept woman of a rich man or can you afford these beautiful places and shopping yourself thanks to your work and talent?".

I did not change my volumes in the photo, — Anfisa assured. — But if you want to see something that isn't there, then I can't stop you in any way. Enjoy the waves in a different direction. I hope this makes your day just a little bit better.” “Yeah, I'm a rich man's keeper, you guessed it. Anfisa Chekhova is in sexual slavery. She makes me take pictures in bathing suits and satisfy all her whims, such a bitch,” Anfisa reacted with humor.


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