Anastasia Reshetova has changed in Dubai

Timati's ex-lover lives in two cities – Moscow and Dubai. Last year, the girl received a UAE resident visa and since then she has been spending most of her time there.

Anastasia Reshetova transformed in Dubai

Anastasia Reshetova transformed in Dubai

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The First vice-miss Russia-2014» told subscribers that she is close to the culture and fashion trends of local girls, and she brings some elements to her looks with pleasure. 

The model noted that she often meets fashionistas on the streets of Dubai who adorn themselves massive earrings, bracelets and rings. This is what inspired her to create a new unusual image, which she complemented with huge jewelry. 

«It's good that in Dubai I can wear a lot of jewelry. And it looks appropriate everywhere, », — Anastasia explained.

Reshetova tried on such an unusual image for herself for dinner in one of the local restaurants, capturing herself for fans. In the photo, the model is sitting at a table in a dress with a zebra print, voluminous styling and light makeup. She completed her look with large silver earrings, a pearl cuff and a gold chain on her arm.


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