An expert from Vietnam spoke about the country's dishes that may shock tourists

An expert from Vietnam spoke about the country's dishes that which may shock tourists

In Vietnamese cuisine there are several dishes that should be consumed with caution due to their unusual taste, ingredients or appearance, the sales and marketing director of the Regent Phu hotel told RIA Novosti Quoc on Phu Quoc Bastien Puchot
For example, balut is a fertilized duck egg that is boiled for 15 minutes and eaten without the shell with laksa (coriander) leaves, thinly sliced ​​ginger and a pinch of salt and pepper. You can also fry an egg with spicy tamarind sauce, taro paste, or stew it with wormwood leaves. Each cooking method creates an unusual taste.
Black pudding, also called blood pudding, is made from the blood of animals (for example, swans, ducks, cows, goats). Add fish sauce or lightly salted water to it. During the preparation of the pudding, the blood is mixed with minced meat, cartilage, herbs and roasted peanuts to enhance the flavor. The dish is served as an appetizer with basil, perilla and brandy.

Fermented shrimp paste with added salt has a distinct lilac color and a strong smell. It is used as a sauce, an addition to eggplant and vermicelli appetizers, and a seasoning for meat dishes.

Coconut worms are the larvae of ant beetles with a soft, milky body. Their appearance may be intimidating, but they are rich in protein. Typically, live coconut worms are washed and served in a bowl of chili fish sauce.
Earthworm-like shellfish, but with many legs, live primarily in brackish water. They are harvested at the end of September and are usually fried with eggs or salt.
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