Alanya in January: winter holidays with the scent of the sea

Recognized as part of the Turkish Riviera, this well-known resort on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey is very popular with tourists who value peace and solitude. Alanya is not as big and noisy as, say, Antalya or Kemer. This place is ideal for a family holiday, especially with young children.

However, it is important to choose the right not only the resort, but also the time to visit it. The high season in Alanya is in the summer, but what can you expect from the local winter? What to do if the vacation fell in January, and you really want to breathe in the smell of the sea? And how to properly prepare for a holiday in Alanya in the middle of winter? Kidpassage reveals answers to these and many other questions.

Alanya in January: winter holidays with the scent of the sea

Rest in Alanya in January: pros and cons

The main influx of tourists falls on the period from the end of April until early October, but it must be admitted that the low season in Turkey also has a special charm. Reviews of holidays in Alanya in January are confirmation that this resort is beautiful even in winter. What do tourists love about on their January vacation?

  • Plus temperature. Of course, there is no summer heat in Alanya in January, but still the mercury column never drops below zero, which cannot but please tourists, in whose homeland in January it can be & minus 20 ºC and even colder.
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables. Thanks to its convenient geographical location and climate, Turkey abounds in fresh fruits and vegetables all year round. In January, pomegranates, quince, citrus fruits ripen here. In addition, you can still buy some varieties of strawberries and grapes in local shops.
  • Low cost of recreation. In the second half of January, prices correspond to the low season.
  • The number of tourists. In winter, Turkish resorts are much less crowded than in summer, which makes it possible to enjoy your vacation calmly, without long lines and crowds on the streets.
  • Sales. Winter in Turkey — This is the season of big discounts and large-scale sales. Don't miss the opportunity to get new things and accessories at ridiculous prices.  

However, winter holidays also have cons. First of all, Alanya in January disappoints tourists with the cold sea — The Mediterranean Sea cools down to +15…18ºC. For some hardened daredevils, this temperature may be quite suitable, but in general this is not the time for a beach holiday.

It should also be taken into account that in the first days of January the New Year holidays are still going on, which means that the cost of the rest will be equivalent to the high season. The number of people at the resort also increases significantly, as the New Year's Eve in Turkey — A fairly common practice among our tourists.

Those who want to save on vacation and avoid crowds are better off coming in the second half of January. Tourists who are primarily focused on a beach holiday should completely abandon their winter trip to Alanya and plan an acquaintance with the resort for the summer. 

The weather in Alanya in January

The weather in Alanya in January — February is quite warm, on the most beautiful days the mercury column can rise even up to +20 º In addition, due to its convenient location (Alanya is surrounded on all sides by the Taurus Mountains), the resort is almost windless.

The weather in early January is sunny and warm enough for long walks. But it is better to take an umbrella with you, as short rains are possible during this period.

Both day and night temperatures in Alanya in mid-January please vacationers with a plus mark. In the daytime, it is quite possible to get by with a light windbreaker or fleece shirt. It usually gets cooler at night, so it's better to bring a few sweatshirts for walking and warm pajamas for sleeping.

The weather in Alanya at the end of January remains stable — moderately warm, sunny and windless. Sometimes it rains, but it usually doesn't last long. 

There is no snow in Alanya, but after spending half an hour and arriving in the mountains, tourists find themselves in a real winter fairy tale, playing snowballs and making snowmen. If you do not have enough New Year's atmosphere, then you can find it even in a Turkish resort.

Air and water temperature

The Mediterranean subtropical climate of Alanya provides the resort with long hot summers and warm but rainy winters. However, year-round plus marks — this is not the only trump card of the resort. The weather here is almost always calm, and 320 days a year are sunny.

Air temperature in Alanya in January

The average air temperature in Alanya during the day is +14.7 ºС . At night, the mercury column drops to +12.2 º C. A suitable choice of clothes for a January holiday would be a demi-season wardrobe.

Water temperature in the sea

In the middle of winter, the Mediterranean Sea cools down to +18.3 °C. However, despite the rather low water temperature, the beaches of Alanya are not empty — yes, swimming in January is uncomfortable, but walking along the coast remains available.


Winter is considered the rainy season in the resort, at this time of the year people often go rain. But since they are always short-term, the amount of precipitation is not too large. So, for the whole of January there are seven rainy days, which bring a total of 133.6 mm of precipitation.

Sunny, cloudy, overcast days

In January, sunny weather accounts for 65% of the entire month (20 days). In this case, the length of daylight hours is 9.7 & ndash; 10.4 hours. Cloudy and overcast days take the same amount of time — by 17.5%.

Sightseeing holidays in Alanya

Alanya in January: winter holidays with the scent of the sea

Alanya and its surroundings can boast of a rich excursion program. There are attractions for every taste: architectural, historical, natural, cultural and entertainment, etc. In January, good weather and a small number of tourists create ideal conditions for sightseeing holidays.

The main attraction of the city is the 13th century fortress. It is located in the very center of the resort, it can be seen from almost anywhere in Alanya. Tourists can see the mint, the Sultan's winter palace, a mosque, baths and marketplaces. If you decide to visit the fortress, then at the same time you can see another historical monument of the Ottoman Empire, located nearby, — old lighthouse.

No less interesting architectural landmark of the city is the Kyzyl Kule tower, or the Red Tower. The author of this building — Sultan Aladdin Keykubad, who wanted to protect the city from enemy attacks. Tower height — 33 m, 85 steps lead up. From the top there is an amazing view of Alanya. There is an ethnographic museum on the ground floor of Kyzyl Kule.

In early January, if the rain outside the window makes walking impossible, it is recommended to go to the Archaeological MuseumAlanya. Excavations in Turkey are ongoing, so new exhibits regularly appear in local museums. So, in Alanya they are located in 14 halls. In addition, another exposition is equipped in the yard. The pride of the museum — a bronze sculpture of Hercules from the 2nd century BC.

At the end of January, it's nice to just wander around the city. Alanya is not at all like the noisy Antalya and the many-sided Istanbul, but it is precisely in this difference that its charm lies. Walk along the old streets, drink real Turkish coffee in an authentic place for locals, go to a souvenir shop and choose gifts for your loved ones.

It is also recommended to look at the market, where unique gifts of the East are sold: spices, sweets, nuts, spices. It is customary to bargain at the local market — This is a kind of Turkish tradition. Even if you are ready to pay the declared price right away, bargain, do not deprive the seller of such pleasure.

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Holidays, events, festivals

Tourists continue to celebrate New Year holidaysin Alanya and in January. For the first two weeks, the holiday atmosphere still reigns at the resort. Streets, hotels and cafes are decorated with Christmas paraphernalia.

Prices for holidays in January

Alanya in January: winter holidays with the scent of the sea

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Alanya is considered one of the most budgetary Turkish resorts, where even in the high season the cost is lower than in other regions of the country. Prices in Alanya in January are higher than the usual low season indicators, but only because the New Year holidays fall in the first half of the month. The first two weeks of January, the cost keeps to peak values, after which it goes down.

Price of tours

Increased demand stimulates an increase in prices for tours, so in the first half of January they cost twice, otherwise and three times more expensive than in November or February. Somewhere from the 10th, prices begin to decline and by the end of the month they fall by 30–50%.

Flight price

Exactly the same situation is with air tickets. For tourists who do not want to overpay, it is better to plan a flight for the second half of January. In November, early December and February, the lowest airfare is set.


Rooms for a January holiday in Alanya should be booked in advance, as there are many people who want to spend a winter vacation here. Prices depend on the location of the hotel, as well as on its “star rating”. The most profitable period for living — beginning of December and end of January. This is the low season, when prices are at their lowest year-on-year.

There are many family hotels in the city where parents of toddlers can ask for a crib or high chair. There is also a special children's menu and a wide animation program. In winter, most four-star and five-star hotels have heated pools.

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< h3>Food and transfer

Alanya in January: winter holidays with the scent of the sea

Even if your hotel operates on an all inclusive basis, you should definitely visit restaurants with Turkish national cuisine. Balyk ekmek, pide, dondurma, simit, kokorech — Behind all these incomprehensible words lies an incredible taste. It is not necessary to get acquainted with Turkish cuisine in a five-star restaurant, an excellent authentic dish can be ordered even from a street hawker or at a food court.

All local food is generously seasoned with spices and spices, which is not for everyone taste. If you prefer more familiar European cuisine, then in Alanya you can find establishments with such ordinary dishes as pasta, pizza or the well-known Caesar salad.

The price indicated on the check depends on the class and “star” institution, as well as its location. Traditionally, cafes with a sea view charge much more than establishments that do not have a picturesque picture from the window. Lunch in a middle-class cafe costs about 100 lira, a street snack — at 50 lira, and dinner at the restaurant — from 300 lira.

The resort has a well-developed public transport system. To get from one point of the city to another, it is not necessary to rent a car or take a taxi. Municipal buses successfully cope with this task. The fare is from 3.65 lira. When buying a pass, the price of one trip will be reduced. If you still prefer a taxi, then keep in mind that the fare starts from 40 liras, and at night the rate is doubled.

For fans of cycling and bike rides, you can use the services of two-wheeled transport rental. Leaving a deposit of 150 lira, you can ride the first hour for 0.25 lira, and every next hour — already for 2 lira.

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How to dress in Alanya

Choosing clothes for a January holiday in Alanya should be based on from the features of the local winter. Summer things alone will not be enough, as it would be during a summer vacation. In beachwear, you can visit the Turkish baths or swim in the heated pool, so a swimsuit and slippers will also come in handy in the middle of winter.

Alanya — the warmest resort in Turkey, but even here in the middle of winter you can’t do without windbreakers and demi-season jackets. A few turtlenecks, a warm sweater and a couple of comfortable jeans or sweatpants — and the suitcase is packed for Alanya.

In one day, tourists can catch several changes in the weather — from dank and rainy to warm and sunny, so it's best to dress in layers or have an extra warm jacket in your backpack.

Recommendations for families with children

Alanya in January: winter holidays with the scent of the sea

January in Alanya — it's great, but only with proper preparation and organization of recreation. First of all, you should not hope for a beach holiday, but make the excursion program a priority, then your expectations will not be deceived.

The advantage of a sightseeing holiday in Alanya in January is that in the second half of the month there are very few people left at the resort, and the cost of excursions and entrance tickets to museums is significantly reduced. Vacationers can easily, without any fuss, see the desired sights.

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Alanya is not boring You will have to: both adults and children will find how to have fun. For more information on what to do with the whole family in the resort, read the article Kidpassage “5 best activities for children in Alanya”.

Since Alanya is the warmest and calmest resort in Turkey, the weather in the middle of winter comfortable even for the smallest tourists. Sometimes travelers even come home with a light bronze tan. You won’t be able to swim in the Mediterranean Sea, but no one will stop you from recovering and breathing fresh sea air, walking along the coast, feeding seagulls and just admiring the beautiful seascapes.


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