Alanya in February: one step before spring

Türkiye boasts resorts for every taste. Noisy multinational Istanbul pleases with an abundance of attractions and entertainment. Touristic Antalya, Kemer and Belek offer ideal conditions for beach relaxation in summer. But for those who are looking for a budget, but at the same time quality vacation in a cozy town, you should pay attention to Alanya.

This small charming resort is part of the Turkish Riviera. In summer, it is quite crowded, as Alanya is very popular with tourists due to its pricing policy.

But Alanya also has a huge number of advantages: a spacious coastline, comfortable hotels, affordable prices, Blue Flag beaches, architectural and historical sights, beautiful nature, hospitable locals — all this attracts vacationers from different parts of the world.

The high season in Alanya starts at the end of April and lasts until the end of October, but this does not mean that the resort is empty in winter. Tourists come here throughout the year. Moreover, winter holidays here have a special charm. If you are planning to get acquainted with this resort in winter, then Kidpassage will tell you a lot of interesting things about the February holidays in Alanya.

Alanya in February: one step before spring

Holidays in Alanya in February: pros and cons

Reviews of holidays in Alanya in February are usually positive character. People who want to escape from a noisy city to a quiet, peaceful resort get what they want in full. In addition, the February Alanya has a special charm, in winter this city is radically different from the crowded summer resort.

The end of winter has the following pluses:

  • Weather conditions. In Alanya, at the end of winter, the weather is warm, mostly sunny. This time is great for sightseeing holidays.
  • The number of tourists. The resort is not crowded in February, and there are only a few on the beaches. There are always free places in hotels, restaurants and museums, there are practically no long queues.
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables. Due to the local climate, fresh fruits and vegetables are sold in local markets and supermarkets almost all year round, and February — not an exception. Seasonal fruits such as citrus, pomegranate, quince can be bought at low prices.
  • The cost of the holiday. February prices are among the lowest of the year. A trip here at the end of winter will not hit the pocket like, for example, a spring vacation.

Alanya in February is disappointingthose tourists who were counting on a beach holiday. Swimming in the Mediterranean Sea will not work, as the sea is still not warm enough. The beach season begins here only at the end of April — in early May.

An almost complete lack of tourist infrastructure in winter can also be called a minus. Many hotels, water parks, restaurants and other entertainment areas of the resort are closed during the low season, so the choice of hotels, catering establishments and attractions is limited.

Weather in Alanya in February

Weather in Alanya in February — March is warm and sunny most of the time. The breath of spring is already clearly felt in the air. The thermometer often rises above +20 °C.

The weather in early February is comfortable for outdoor walks. Cloudy weather is rare, cloudy days — and quite a rarity. Although the air temperature in early February is not so high (within +13…15°C), but the resort is quite warm due to the lack of wind. Alanya is protected by the Taurus Mountains, so it is always calm here.

The temperature in Alanya in mid-February remains stable, at +15 °C. In the evenings, the mercury column drops by several degrees, for evening walks you have to warm up.

The weather in Alanya at the end of February resembles the middle of spring in our latitudes. This is the best period for winter holidays. Rain at this time is extremely rare.

February — the best time to explore winter Alanya. In previous months, the resort is cloudy and rainy, while February no longer presents such weather surprises. The end of winter is also a good time for excursions. Not to mention the fact that in February, tourists can save a lot on holidays.

Air and water temperature

Alanya has a subtropical Mediterranean climate, so throughout the year the thermometer shows marks with a plus sign. Summer here is hot and long, and winter — rainy and short-lived.

Air temperature in Alanya in February

The average daily temperature in Alanya in February is +15.4 °C. The weather is quite comfortable for walking in demi-season clothes. At night, the mercury column drops to +12.9 ° C. Children will benefit from long-sleeved pajamas and pants, as not all local hotels have heating. 

Sea temperature

A beach holiday in February in Alanya is not available, since the average water temperature in the Mediterranean Sea is only +17.5°; C. On the beaches you can see hardened daredevils, but such water is still too cold for children.


It may rain in February, the average rainy days — three. For the entire month, about 53.9 mm of precipitation falls. In general, tourists can easily do without umbrellas and raincoats here.

Sunny, cloudy, overcast days

February pleases vacationers with sunny weather: 64% of the entire month, or 18 days, are sunny. Cloudy weather accounts for 21%, cloudy days remain 14% of February.

Sightseeing holidays in Alanya

Alanya in February: one step to spring

A charming and cozy resort can surprise with interesting places, monuments and leisure locations.

The city begins its history from the 2nd century BC. e. It is not surprising that a huge number of historical sights have been preserved here. Where to start exploring Alanya?

A city tour would be a good idea. In addition, already in early February, the weather is favorable to vacationers and allows you to take long walks in the open air.

The hallmark of Alanya is the Kyzyl Kule tower, located in the port of Alanya. The Seljuk sultan Aladdin Keykubad conquered Alanya in 1226 and immediately gave the order to build a watchtower on the shore. At one time, the tower was an excellent defensive structure, and today Kyzyl Kule — the most visited attraction of Alanya.

To climb to the very top, where guests are waiting for an observation deck, you need to overcome 85 steps. The height of the tower is 33 m. The ethnographic museum is located on the ground floor.

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Another significant architectural landmark of the city is the Alanya fortress, built in the 13th century. The fortress surrounds a fairly large area, where baths, a mint, a mosque, the Sultan's winter palace and much more are located. The fortress, 8 meters long, took 12 years to build.

At the end of February, it is nice to relax in nature, so you can go to Cleopatra Beach. Incredibly beautiful coastline and crystal clear waters create an idyllic seascape. Swimming, unfortunately, will not work due to the low water temperature, but no one forbids breathing fresh sea air, wandering along the sand and enjoying the picturesque views.

On the pebbly Ulash beach, the highlight of which lies in the unusual turquoise color of the water, there are many picnic areas. However, the entrance is paid.

Holidays, events, festivals

February is a month of rest from the active New Year's season, so tourists will not find any holidays in Alanya in February. Before the trip, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the poster of the events of the city — perhaps, during your vacation, interesting shows or concerts will be held in Alanya.

Prices for holidays in February

Alanya in February: one step before spring

Prices in Alanya in February are among the lowest of the year, as the New Year's holiday excitement has already passed, and the high season has not even thought of starting. If you want to save money on your vacation and are not too interested in a beach holiday, then there is a reason to visit Alanya at the end of winter.  

Price of tours

In February, prices are reduced by 30–50%, as the holiday period is behind us. In March, the price tag practically does not change. A significant increase, as a rule, occurs only in May.


In February, some of the lowest prices for flights are set. In March, a slight rise in price is possible, within 1 & ndash; 5%. The closer the high season starts, the more expensive the air tickets are.

Alanya does not have its own airport, the nearest airports are located in the cities of Gazipasa and Antalya. Therefore, when planning a trip, you must also take into account the path from the airport to the hotel.


Tourists in Alanya have no problems with accommodation, as there are many comfortable hotels of different “star” ratings. Many hotels have cots and high chairs, which is very convenient for families with small children. As for the cost, it is quite low during this period, since the demand for holidays is low.

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< h3>Food and transfer

Alanya has a large selection of catering establishments, there are both restaurants and food courts and street food stalls. A hearty full meal in a middle-class cafe costs about 100-200 lire. A street snack can be arranged for 50-70 lire. For dinner in a restaurant, you will have to pay from 300 lire.

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Alanya's public transport system is quite well developed. Most often, tourists use municipal buses, the fare on which is from 12.5 lira. If you buy a travel card, the cost of one trip is reduced.

A taxi ride is certainly more comfortable, but the cost starts from 40 lire. At night, the fare is doubled, but there is no other way to get from point A to point B, since public transport does not run after 23:00.

Renting a bicycle is an excellent option for getting around the city. The cost of daily rent starts from 100 lire. In addition, you must first leave a deposit. A bike ride will not only be an opportunity to get to your desired destination, but also a wonderful way to spend leisure time with the whole family.

How to dress in Alanya

Alanya in February: one step before spring

For a holiday in Alanya, you will have to prepare a large suitcase, as you will need both light and demi-season things. During the day it is sometimes so warm that it is quite comfortable to walk in a T-shirt and a shirt thrown over the top. In the evenings, you can not do without a sweatshirt and a demi-season jacket. Children should also bring hats.

Even though the Mediterranean Sea remains cold for swimming, don't leave your swimwear at home — in Turkey in February, they will come in handy for you to relax in the pool or hammam.

From footwear, it is recommended to give preference to sneakers, moccasins — any convenient model at low speed. There is something to see in Alanya, so tourists often walk a lot. Take care of the comfort and health of your feet.

Recommendations for holidays with children

February is a good period for a holiday in Alanya with children, but only if you do not rely on beach relaxation. The resort has many opportunities for active and educational recreation, entertainment and recreation. At the end of winter, there is warm sunny weather, which means that you can spend the whole day outdoors, walking on the beach or in the city.

To plan your family activities more carefully, We recommend that you read the Kid Passage article “The 5 Best Activities for Children in Alanya”.

The city infrastructure is convenient for prams, so you can come here even with babies. The hotels also have amenities for families with small children, such as cots, high chairs, and sometimes a special children's menu. The temperature difference between Turkey and the countries of our tourists is not too large, so acclimatization is easy, without harm to health.

In general, if you are planning a holiday in Alanya in February, then feel free to book — great leisure time in a beautiful picturesque place will be provided to you.


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