Airline owner dies in plane crash en route from vacation

Millionaire was personally at the helm

The airline owner died in a plane crash on the way back from vacation

The airline owner died in plane crash on the way back from vacation

Karl-Peter, owner of the German air taxi and medical aircraft company Quick Air Grisemann died in a plane crash over the Baltic Sea.

Griesemann and his family were vacationing in Jerez on the Atlantic coast of Spain. The businessman was on vacation with his wife, two children and two dogs. They flew to the resort in their own Cessna 551. Passionate pilot Grisemann himself was at the helm.

The family often flew from Cologne, where Quick Air is based, to Jerez, where they have their own villa. Grisemann knew this route by heart. But this time, for unknown reasons, he did not indicate the end point of the journey after leaving Spain.

The journey from Jerez to Cologne takes about 3.5 hours. However, halfway through the plane turned towards Paris, and then headed east and left for the Baltic. There he crashed into the sea and sank near the coast of Latvia.

NATO fighters flew out to intercept Grisemann's plane, but did not find him. The Latvian authorities report that searches from ships were also unsuccessful – the plane disappeared on the seabed.

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