Aeroflot organizes special flights from Turkey to Thailand

Aeroflot organizes special flights from Istanbul and Antalya (Turkey), as well as Phuket (Thailand) for the return of Russian tourists abroad. Russian citizens who have Aeroflot round-trip tickets with a used flight segment from Russia will be accepted for carriage.  

Aeroflot organizes special flights from Turkey to Thailand

On March 15, the following flights will be operated (local time is indicated): F7 7776 – departure from Antalya at 06:40, arrival in Vnukovo at 12:35 F7 1706 – departure from Istanbul at 21:00, arrival in Vnukovo at 02:10 the next day F7 9664 – departure from Phuket at 17:00, arrival in Vnukovo at 23:50 The flights will be operated by iFly airline. Passengers will be notified about ongoing flights via Aeroflot's automated messaging system by phone/e-mail/SMS. “We kindly ask passengers to check the correctness of the contact details specified when issuing the ticket in advance! You can check or change your contact information online in the “Manage Booking” section of the airline's website. Please note that after receiving a notification about an ongoing flight, the passenger must confirm their intention to use the carriage by calling the Aeroflot Contact Center at 24-hour telephones: +7 495 223 5555, 8-800-444-5555 (toll-free within Russia), * 555 (for mobile phones), toll-free contact center numbers around the world. Travelers are requested to be responsible when planning their return to their homeland. You can use the booking for special flights only once. A claimed but unused flight booking will be canceled and refunds will not be available,” the airline said. They also stressed that work on organizing special flights for the return of Aeroflot passengers (including from Bangkok) to the Russian Federation continues. As the schedule for special flights is agreed upon, Aeroflot will notify passengers additionally.


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