Aeroflot launches a sale on air tickets within Russia

From April 4 to April 12, Aeroflot is holding a sale of air tickets within Russia.

Aeroflot launched a sale on air tickets within Russia

The flight must be completed between April 28 and May 31, 2022 on flights under the SU code of Aeroflot, Rossiya or Aurora. According to the promotion, economy class fares with baggage (Optimum) and without baggage (Light) participate in the sale. The average discount will be 30-35%.

“The offer is valid for direct flights between Moscow/St. Petersburg/Krasnoyarsk/Vladivostok/Khabarovsk and Russian cities. Also, tariffs are combined to build transit traffic between cities of the Russian Federation through Moscow/St. Petersburg/Krasnoyarsk/Vladivostok/Khabarovsk, ”the press service of Aeroflot reports. Aeroflot declares its readiness to promptly offer special conditions for registration of transportation on these routes.


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