Aeroflot flight failed to take off from Sri Lanka

Aeroflot canceled a flight from Sri Lanka to Russia due to the lack of appropriate permission from the country's authorities.

< img title="Aeroflot flight failed to take off from Sri Lanka" src="/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/rejs-aeroflota-ne-smog-vyletet-iz-shri-lanki-5a68258.jpg " alt="Aeroflot flight failed to take off from Sri Lanka " />

“Aeroflot flight SU289 departs from Colombo to Moscow on 02.06 .2022 delayed and further canceled due to lack of permission from the aviation authorities of Sri Lanka. A court hearing on the lifting of the arrest of the aircraft is scheduled for June 8, 2022, ”the press service of Aeroflot said, Interfax reports.

The company also reported that the passengers of the flight were accommodated in a hotel, served according to the airline's standard and will be informed by the contact center about the time of departure to Moscow.


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