Advisors Optimistic for Future of the Travel Industry

Advisors Optimistic for Future of the Travel Industry

A family working with a travel advisor. (photo via South_agency / getty images)

A new survey by host agency Travel Experts found that travel advisors and agents are very excited about the future of the industry.

The study found that 100 percent of advisors said they are optimistic about future business, while another 83 percent said their client base has increased in the past year. In addition, 95 percent acknowledged the travel industry has changed significantly and not always for the better.

While only around 50 percent of advisors said they specialize in any specific destinations, the majority indicated they focus on luxury travel. In addition, only 50 percent limit the number of suppliers they use, but many show they are loyal to suppliers that provide consistent service.

“We are booking more trips per year, more travel with multi-generational families, and clients spending more as they are not price conscious,” A Touch of Class Travel’s Freda Anderson said.

The host agency reported that 55 percent of agents participating in the survey have been in the business for more than 20 years, with several being advisors for more than 40 years. In addition, 25 percent have been working with clients for 10-20 years, 18 percent for 5-10 years and only two percent for under five years.

Travel Experts also discovered that 85 percent of respondents are now charging fees, but there needs to be more consistency among respondents on how those fees are applied or the cost.

Respondents were also positive about their affiliation with Travel Experts, citing staff support and 100 percent commissions paid as the two leading reasons for their positive reports.

“The support staff that Travel Experts has is incredible,” Traugot Travel’s Jeffrey Traugot said. “They are people with integrity, people that are approachable and knowledgeable.”

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