About 1 million tourists from Russia visited Belarus in 2022

According to expert estimates, in 2022, the tourist flow from Russia to Belarus amounted to about 1 million people.

In 2022, about 1 million tourists from the Russian Federation visited Belarus

“If we take the statistics of the border committee of the republic, then in 2022 Belarus was visited by 1 million 391 thousand 800 foreign citizens. Of these, there are 459 thousand citizens of the Russian Federation. Comparing the statistics of loading accommodation facilities, exports of travel services and used transport allows us to say that about a million Russian tourists visited Belarus in 2022, , Interfax quotes the words of a board member of the republican Union of Tourism Industry Alexei Strelchenko.

In accordance with the statistics of the pro-grant committee, 120 thousand Russians arrived in Belarus by train, 80 thousand arrived by plane and about 250 thousand arrived by car. According to Alexei Strelchenko, the figure of Russians arriving by road transport is greatly underestimated, since there is no border control that could record the exact number of tourists.

The Republican Union of the Tourist Industry of Belarus predicts an increase in the tourist flow from the Russian Federation in 2023 by 25 30%.


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