A tasting of island wines will take place in a Moscow bar

Wednesday, July 20, a tasting dedicated to island wines will be held at the Wine Bazaar on Kuznetsky.

A tasting of island wines will take place in a Moscow bar

A tasting of island wines will be held in a Moscow bar

Vine vines and make wines of absolutely the entire palette – from light sparkling to aged and fortified. Island wines can be in the same stylistic category as mainland wines from the same country, but more often they are original and therefore interesting. Together with chief sommelier Matvey Selivanov, the guests of the evening will be able to look at the vineyards of New Zealand, Crete, Sicily and Sardinia and taste their sunny wines. During the tasting, the sommelier will tell the history of winemaking in the regions. Antipasti appetizers will complement the wine: chorizo, smoked turkey, longaniza, gorgonzola, camembert with truffle, mont, sun-dried tomato pate, olives, jam. Start at 19:30, advance booking is required, the cost is 3500 rubles. Wine tastings take place every Wednesday, check the website for the schedule.


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