A network of modular hotels will appear in Buryatia

In 2022, the Government of Buryatia received a subsidy in the amount of 300 million rubles from the reserve fund of the Russian Government for the creation of modular non-capital accommodation facilities. In total, a network of modular hotels will be created in the republic – these are 19 projects for 644 beds.

A network of modular hotels will appear in Buryatia

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According to the press service of the regional government, modular hotels will be located in areas most in demand by tourists, including Zaigraevsky, Kabansky, Barguzinsky, Zakamensky, Tunkinsky districts.

One of the participants in the program was the Dacha glamping hotel in the village of Novy Enkhaluk, Kabansky district. He is preparing to receive guests after the New Year holidays.

“This year we won a grant of 15 million rubles. With these funds, we plan to build 5 two-story modules, each with two rooms, – commented the project manager Yuri Pintaev. “We try to finish all the work in time so that we can have a rest in our houses after the New Year holidays, at the very peak of the winter season.”

In the village of Baikalsky Priboi, within walking distance from Lake Baikal, there is a recreation center “Baikal Dawns”, where the installation of 10 modular hotels ends. This will allow not only to expand the number of rooms in the base, but also to switch to a year-round operation.

Modular houses are installed along the banks of the Snezhnaya River, in the village of Vydrino.

– Separate modules with their own entrance and a small terrace, views of the relic forests on the opposite bank, as well as beautiful mountain ranges, silence and solitude will allow guests to enjoy their vacation from the bustle of the city and large crowds of people, and proximity to the shore of Lake Baikal – to admire its beauty and recharge with powerful energy, – commented Yana Shevchenko, project manager.

Tourist complex “LAGUNA” will soon appear in the village. Dry Kabansky district. It will also consist of 20 rooms and include everything you need for tourists: a spacious kitchen-living room, a bathroom and a bedroom for four people.

Also in the village of Sukhaya, the installation of prefabricated modular hotels in the Rybatskaya complex continues. Artel.

– On July 24, 2022, the second stage of the competition took place, when we defended the project with our team. We have achieved the desired results that we planned, and thus, we have fully loaded ourselves with work until the end of the year,” said project manager Roman Abramsky.

Three objects are being built in the village of Maksimikha. The installation of 10 Barnhouse-style modular houses under the Level 457 project has already been completed. Everything for a comfortable stay is located on 24 square meters – a large bed, storage space, a bathroom, heated floors.

“Level 457 is the water level in Baikal. It seemed to me that this name is perfect for a project being implemented next to this amazing lake, – commented Alexander Maladayev, project manager. – We tried to create a place where you can relax your body and soul. A place where you want to come back again and again.”

According to the Baikal Wood project, 12 triangular frames have already been installed for future two-story comfortable campsites. This style is called “A-frame”.

– Fully stained glass windows, we will have heating. Warm water floors. We will install gas heating, gas tanks with a volume of 10 cubic meters will be dug out, – said Baikal Wood contractor Bair Balzhirov.

Another project with the working title Super 8 continues the installation of two-story modular houses.

In the Selenginsky district of Buryatia, not far from the village of Gusinoye Ozero, modern modular hotels have appeared. Such houses have many advantages: they are built quickly enough, take up little space and look presentable. At the same time, it will be possible to live in them both in summer and in winter. Today the object is 70% ready and it is planned to be handed over in the near future.


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