A lover of traveling around Russia and part-time wife of humorist Yevgeny Petrosyan Tatyana Brukhunova went to Murmansk

Tatiana Brukhunova has repeatedly shared her patriotic sentiments with subscribers

Tatiana Brukhunova shared her patriotic sentiments with subscribers more than once, and also talked about interesting tourist destinations our country. Indeed, Tatyana, being the director of the Theater of Variety Miniatures, travels a lot around the country. The other day, the humorist's wife went to meet her old dream. Brukhunova has long dreamed of visiting Murmansk, as well as seeing the northern lights with her own eyes. Despite the cold and the almost complete lack of sleep, Murmansk fascinated Tatiana. Brukhunova was not only able to capture an amazing natural phenomenon, but also to enjoy the gastronomic delights of the Arctic. The photos that the girl shares with her subscribers on the social network fully convey the undisguised delight and the sea of ​​vivid impressions of the northern city. Do you like to travel around Russia? Would you like to see the northern lights with your own eyes?


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