76% of Russians cope with stress through travel

About half of Russians (42%) have become more worried in recent months. According to a study* by the analytical agency A2:Research, 42% of Russians experience stress on a daily basis, and 14% of respondents experience anxiety every working day.

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Work has become the main source of stress for half of Russians (52%), 35% of respondents are worried about news. Respondents are also concerned about problems in the family (12%), relationships (11%) and domestic issues (11%). Study participants (7%) and friends (5%) cause the least anxiety among survey participants.

One ​​out of every four Russians feel depressed and apathetic. 22% of respondents lash out at their loved ones because of frequent worries, every fifth respondent takes out his irritation on his colleagues. During periods of stress, Russians begin to abuse bad habits (16%) and overeat (13%).

76% of Russians shared that travel helps them cope with stress. Among other ways to deal with emotions, respondents named listening to music (31%), reading (23%) and watching movies (16%). 16% like to relax just doing nothing, and 15% like watching entertainment shows.

For half of Russians (43%), travel is a way to escape from the routine. sees travel as an opportunity to take a break from work. To cope with stress, 38% of Russians prefer a seaside vacation, every third likes to relax in a country hotel or in the country. To relieve stress, 17% of respondents choose a trip to another city or mountains.

41% of Russians dream of going on a trip in the near future, and every sixth has already started planning a future trip.

According to current data, Yandex Travel, In the summer of 2022, the most popular among Russians are hotels in the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory – Sochi , Anapa and Gelendzhik. On average, tourists go there for 6 nights and spend about 4,500 rubles per night. The top five most popular destinations also include St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region (average price per night – 5,080 rubles), Moscow and the Moscow region (4,000 rubles), Crimea (4,900 rubles) and Tatarstan (4,800 rubles).

To get rid of worries, Russians prefer to travel with their family (31%) or with a loved one (25%). The main components of an anti-stress holiday, the survey participants called delicious food (36%), beautiful views (33%), good service (25%) and the presence of a bar in the hotel (23%). Russians also value a comfortable bed in a room (18%), a large swimming pool (16%) and fast Wi-Fi (13%).


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