150 bloggers of the TopBLOG project will go on a cruise under the “More than a Journey” program

Participants of the “TopBLOG” project will go on a three-day blog cruise under the “More than a Journey” program. During the cruise, participants will visit the main sights of Moscow and Tver, take part in master classes, lectures from popular bloggers-mentors and celebrities.

150 bloggers of the TopBLOG project will go on a cruise under the “More than a Journey” program

The program is being implemented presidential platform “Russia – country of opportunity”, the Federal Agency for Tourism (Rostourism), the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs (Rosmolodezh), the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation and the Russian Society “Knowledge”.

The participants received an invitation to travel as a reward for winning the All-Russian contest “TOP Youth” project TopBLOG of the Presidential Platform «Russia– Land of Opportunities, dedicated to talented young people who are role models for the modern generation. According to the terms of the competition, the participants had to tell in their posts on social networks VKontakte, Yandex. Zen, OK, YAPPY, RUTUBE or Telegram about talented young people aged 14 to 35 who have any achievements in the social, scientific, cultural and volunteer fields. When selecting works, the uniqueness and creativity of the content, the ability to find a non-standard approach to the implementation of the project, as well as the quality of photo and video materials were evaluated. According to the results of the competition, 150 bloggers were selected, who managed not only to creatively reveal the stated topic, but also to apply the author's approach to completing the task.

“Especially for the participants of the second season of the TopBLOG project; there will be a cruise of bloggers. This unique event, organized in conjunction with the More than a Journey program, will be the first water blogging forum of its kind in history. We provide participants with the conditions for creating unique content, a platform for the exchange of experience, and, of course, a rich educational program. During the cruise, future Top Bloggers will improve their skills and learn all about developing a personal brand through social networks at master classes, workshops and super lectures from leading experts in the field of social networks. At the end of the trip, bloggers are waiting for a real Level UP, specialists of a completely different level will come ashore. Blogger – it is always communication and communication, we do everything possible for our participants to contribute to their comprehensive development, – told the head of the direction of development of ANO «Russia– land of opportunity Ivan Shulyupin.

“I'm really happy that in our country there is such a cool project, and I'm taking part in it! After all, the blog – this is my job, my favorite thing for several years. I live and inspire them! From the very first online lesson, I was hooked by the fact that the blog is treated here as a full-fledged job, it's very nice! Very soon, together with the TopBLOG team and other participants, we will go on a three-day cruise along the Volga, I want to get on the ship as soon as possible and get to know everyone! –  said Julia Bogozina, participant of the first season of the TopBLOG project.

“I found out about the TopBLOG project last fall, when the first season was in full swing. From that moment on, I set notifications on all social networks of the project so as not to miss the start of the second season. And now the first module is almost over, and there is the first victory  – three-day learning cruise for a post about talented youth. I wrote it on the way to the next press tour. And you know, this is the whole point of blogging: trying new things, learning, traveling, sometimes writing in very unusual conditions and moving forward. I’m looking forward to the cruise, it will definitely be a new stage in my blogging life, – said another participant of the TopBLOG project, Valeria Robustova, who will go on a cruise under the program.

Blog cruise with the participants of the program “More than a trip” will pass through the channel. Moscow and the Volga River on a comfortable four-deck motor ship “Konstantin Korotkov”. During the journey, bloggers will visit the tourist attractions of Moscow and Tver: Red Square, Morozovsky town and the Iskra Museum of Photography. On the way, travelers will meet buildings from the time of Empress Catherine II, the New Bridge, the majestic Old Volga Bridge and the City Garden, on the territory of which a moat from the Tver Kremlin once located there has been preserved. Also, participants of the TopBLOG project will be able to go on excursions in the engine room of the ship and the captain's cabin.

A rewarding cruise program will include an educational program from experienced mentors. Popular bloggers and celebrities will share up-to-date knowledge with the participants, give useful advice, and teach self-presentation skills in social media. The theme of the cruise will be: “Developing a personal brand through social networks.”
«TopBLOG» – this is a project of the platform «Russia– a land of opportunity” where everyone
can gain the knowledge necessary to create interesting and vibrant content on social networks. Experts and mentors of the “TopBLOG” Project are bloggers with millions of followers, digital marketing experts and directly social media employees.

Leading bloggers and experts will tell everyone how to develop personal accounts and communities by creating interesting and vibrant content for their social networks. The purpose of the project – creation and development of a system of social elevators in the field of new media. The project has nine tracks: six main and three special. In the new season, the emphasis is on teaching blogging in Russian social networks: VKontakte, Telegram, Odnoklassniki, Yandex. Zen, RUTUBE and Yappy. Participants choose one of them and study only in this direction.

Program “More than a trip” was created to encourage the most active and talented people from all over Russia: participants and winners of various competitions, volunteer initiatives and competitions. Each trip involves an educational and tourist part, which includes excursions to the iconic places of the region, lectures from leading speakers of the Russian society “Knowledge”; and other partners, as well as socially useful: participation in volunteer events, development of projects to improve the urban environment, meetings with the professional community, scientists and government officials. Over 50,000 people have already received an invitation to travel, in total it is planned that by 2024 more than 200,000 people will travel under the program. Of these, more than half — These are young people between the ages of 18 and 25. The geography of the project covers 79 regions of Russia, 370 programs are available for selection. the participants have already managed to: create projects in the field of urban improvement in the Murmansk region, lay new tourist eco-paths in Altai, master Korean calligraphy in Sakhalin, discuss opportunities to support youth initiatives in the Krasnodar Territory, try themselves as oil workers in the Tyumen region, learn about the development VR technologies in the technopark of Tatarstan, develop your acting skills in St. Petersburg.


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